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Where To Meet Rich Men



Where To Meet Rich Men – Luckily it was well received and people are interested in what my topics have to say – but it’s by far the most asked question

A system you can use to make your “impossible” connections, whether they’re employees, investors, customers, or any other big profit.

Where To Meet Rich Men

Where To Meet Rich Men

Most highlighters work great. Every day they receive numerous requests for questions, interviews, new business opportunities, charitable works, not to mention the responsibilities they have in their work, family and life. It’s hard to understand that there aren’t enough hours in the day to say yes to everything. And that’s definitely not the case.

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If you’re not a big name or have nothing to offer, accept that you won’t be at the top of anyone’s priority list –

Know that you can lead a horse to water, but the bigger issue is making sure the horse knows the water is in front of its face.

Here’s how I contacted Leslie Moonves, Chairman and CEO of CBS (CBS): My special friend’s husband has a friend who worked at CBS and was willing to put me in touch with Moonves’ assistant. The assistant, who works with him on a daily basis, made sure he saw my application.

If you don’t have a connection (and I usually don’t), here are some ways to get your request out there:

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Make yourself as human as possible: the less human you seem, the easier it is to be rejected.

Asking in person is the best way; so it is clear that you are human. (It’s easier to say no to a face-to-face email or tweet.) If you can find a way to reach your target in a non-intrusive way, try doing so, like when a party or event. But don’t be boring and take a lot of time for what you want. I usually introduce myself, give an overview of a sentence or two, and then ask the contact person for more details. The lamp tells me the name of the speaker; I contacted the person as soon as possible.

Example: I sent several requests to artist Jeff Koons’ office with no response. Then I came across Koos at an art conference in New York. I went straight to him, told him about my book, and had already contacted his office to no avail – so I needed to know exactly who to contact. Koons gave me a name and the next morning I texted the guy like, “Jeff and I met last night. We had a little chat about how he was involved in my upcoming book and he asked me to contact you for more details.

Where To Meet Rich Men

I also met CEO Daniel Boulud and Warren Buffett in the same way. See this article for a detailed explanation of how I asked Buffett.

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If you can’t ask in person – and often you can’t – try connecting with someone you can contact (reporters, assistant, etc.).

Always use the name of the person you are talking to as it creates more of a connection. If you don’t have the person’s name, ask them. An email addressed to a specific person rather than an email sent to “who cares” is a little harder for the recipient to ignore.

Here’s how I dealt with Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus: One day I had lunch with a friend of Yunus’s daughter. She tried to contact her office on my behalf to introduce herself, but was refused. When I reached her to come up with a plan B, she told me that Yunus was in town to give a speech at a hotel. I snuck into the lobby until he was finished, left him behind to take a taxi, and took a picture of him if he agreed to go inside.

(He lives in Bangladesh, after all.) I spent over a year and a half calling him for phone interviews, all between five different assistants in different offices. I know the names of all these assistants and they know mine.

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My friend (Steve Cohen!) told me this very early on and it stuck with me. The point is not that “no” worker killed him. If the front door is locked, try the back door; if the rear door is locked, try the side door; If the side door is locked, try to climb through the window. If that doesn’t work, wait a bit and try opening the front door again. Maybe someone will respond this time!

What does this front door/side door/window bit actually mean? I’m talking about a journalist, an agent, an employee, someone who did business with this person, a friend of a friend of a friend…

I hardly had to deal with a single employee and a single door. When someone repeatedly ignores or rejects me, I go back to the other person and act like nothing happened – I never mention that I was ignored or rejected. (Often, your target doesn’t even see your request – the employer rejects it instead.)

Where To Meet Rich Men

If you don’t get a firm “no” from someone, try again. For example, if you get “Unfortunately it can’t connect now”, take “now” literally and move on.

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No one reacted well to the “attitudes” of strangers. Such behavior will make you ignore him even more – or better yet condemn him. (It can also give you a bad reputation.)

If you receive what you consider to be a definitive rejection, it’s best to turn around and thank the person for considering your application.

For example, don’t complain that you’ve called five times already. If you send a follow-up email to someone who ignored you, don’t forward the old email. Send a new email (or send your previous email) like never before.

This allows your contacts to save face if they decide to respond – and allows them to respond without apologizing for ignoring you earlier.

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Arrive quickly. Remember how busy everyone is; No one has time to go through paragraphs to find out what your email is.

I learned this lesson in the summer of 1993, while working as a real estate agent. When clients decide to rent the house I show them, I’m told not to take my eyes off them until they make a reservation. For what? It’s simple: if I let them go and “come back to me tomorrow,” they might reconsider. So I accompany my clients to the bank when they withdraw money for deposits. It’s the same with communication. If someone responds to your request, be quick and respond immediately. You need to get the ball rolling before they forget about you and move on.

My interview with Warren Buffett was scheduled for 10 minutes and I traveled from New York to Omaha for it.

Where To Meet Rich Men

Before we met, Warren said he didn’t want me to take his picture. I told him I had to take it, but assured him it wouldn’t cut into my time with him, and joked in an email, “…even if it ends up being a photo like You were avoiding me.”

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I ended up taking a photo of Warren as soon as I walked through his office door and our conversation lasted about an hour. Read his full article here.

The case for me is that of the architect Frank Gehry. I sent several blinds to the email address listed on his company website. The good news is that I haven’t been completely ignored; the bad news is that I was rejected twice.

A few months later, I discovered my boyfriend’s father’s new girlfriend (read the relationship twice and you’ll understand

The connection may be a good connection) knows Frank and is willing to accede to my request. She sent her my request twice and it was completely ignored both times!

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After a few months, I thought I’d try again (after all, email is free and you never know!), so I sent another email to the company email address and a miracle happened: I received a response! I can assume the new assistant is on duty that day.

I immediately emailed him, got his name and asked if I could send him samples of my work to show Gehry. Again, strike while the iron is hot: I wasn’t there at the time, so I let my cat wet her clothes all night.

I called the office to follow up and make sure she received it; remember that talking on the phone keeps the connection private. She showed Gehry my things, he said yes and we set up a meeting!

Where To Meet Rich Men

But he is

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