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What Colors Go With Red Brick Exterior



What Colors Go With Red Brick Exterior – You love your red brick home and its timeless look, but if you’re ready to change the overall look of your home without sacrificing its valuable brick functionality, it’s important to know what colors complement red brick.

Before you bring home tons of paint samples or learn how to paint walls, check out these inspiring color combinations from some of the best paint brands to help you add the perfect color to your brick home.

What Colors Go With Red Brick Exterior

What Colors Go With Red Brick Exterior

Nothing says it like this dynamic duo. Whether it’s brown accents or even a brown roof, this color pairs perfectly with red brick, bringing out streaks of brown from your brick, turning that beauty straight into the perfect border.

Best Exterior Paint Color Combinations

A dark brown will help define the boundaries of your red brick home, while a lighter brown or beige can help draw attention to your windows if you paint your windows this color.

Gray is a versatile color that has a way of making red brick pop. This neutral color comes in many shades, giving you multiple options that work well with your unique red brick shade.

There are several shades of gray that make the possibilities seem endless. Limit your color options to shades of blue-gray, gray, and gray with warm purple undertones to accentuate the red brick without contrasting with its natural warm appearance. For a darker look, consider a matte charcoal gray.

When it comes to the best colors for red brick, sage may be your local interior painter’s biggest design secret. Whether you choose a darker or lighter shade of sage, it creates a strong contrast with the darker shades of red brick.

Exterior Colors To Pair With Brick In Arvada

You can reap the benefits of sage paint by using sage paint for an unforgettable front door, window trim, siding, and more. Combine sage walls with white accents to add dimension to your home’s look.

If you are looking for a stylish and modern look for your red brick, black and brick are like two peas in a pod. Again, neutral colors have a way of accentuating red brick without taking away from the brick’s stunning natural beauty. Black will cast darker shades on your bricks for a darker and moodier look.

For a modern gothic or chic feel, go for glossy colors with more emphasis on black moldings on exterior windows, siding, soffits, and facades. For a royal colonial-style home, use black on your shutters and white on trim, columns, and siding.

What Colors Go With Red Brick Exterior

Yellow might not be the first color that comes to mind when you think of colors to pair with red brick, but don’t let this seemingly incongruous duo stop you from thinking outside the box.

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Dark yellow with orange can bring out the warm undertones of your bricks and make you feel like you’re walking down the yellow brick road straight to the Wizard of Oz. A bright, creamy yellow can also give your red bricks a softer feel that still has the wow factor.

For another unconventional spin on a red brick home, consider using blue for a breath of fresh air. While blue is a cool shade on the color wheel, you can pull off a deeper blue—or with a hint of green—for a stunning color combination that won’t disappoint.

When choosing a siding color to complement your home’s red brick exterior, start by checking the shade and undertone of the brick. Some have a rust color that pairs well with light or dark gray, while red-colored bricks look best against light neutrals like white or beige.

There are many exterior colors that make red brick homes shine from across the street. For pops of color, try shades of blue or green, and for a more neutral look, use shades of cream, gray, and white.

How To Choose Roof Color For A Red Brick House

The best decorative color for a red brick exterior is probably white. But for best results, look for a white shade with a warm, soft yellow undertone. We also recommend shades of off-white, satin or light gray to make the red bricks shine. Today we bring you the best exterior colors for red brick houses and how to use them. Red brick is muted and earthy, so whatever color we choose should be muted and not clean and fresh.

There are many exterior colors that pair well with brick red, but we’ll focus on the most understated versions.

For example, if you want a white look, instead of pure or cold white, choose cream colors that look rough with brick red.

What Colors Go With Red Brick Exterior

Choose black shutters for red brick walls or light siding and cream shutters for dark colors.

Paint Colors That Complement Red Brick

This updated home was built in 1968. The doorman chose a dark blue color for the exterior and the garage door color (Sherwin Williams Cyberspace) for a fresh look. Since the colors look three shades lighter than the exterior, we chose cream instead of white (Sherwin Williams Westhighland White) for the finish. Although it reads white, the creamy color prevents it from looking harsh like a primer. The shutters on the second floor were removed and moldings were added to the windows. The Painters, New Morning, Inc. Great job done!

The front door to the SW Cyberspace was painted to match the family’s paneling and stained glass. Shutters, porch roof and trim in SW Westhighland cream white were used to update and brighten the porch.

Warm beige looks timeless and harmonious, creamy and perfect in this palette. Although mid-tone wool looks dark on paper, when used outdoors it appears creamy and highlights the undertones of the brickwork.

Black shutters and front doors are a classic choice and look crisp with a brick or cream exterior.

The Best Exterior Brick And Paint Color Combinations For Curb Appeal

Instead of white, choose cream-colored trim, columns, and garages to avoid looking like a primer. Cream colors look brighter from the outside and coordinate better with earthy red brick. Paint the door and shutter black.

Pure whites look unnaturally bright with brick, which is a muted finish. Reds can look good, but most people don’t get it right. Just stay away from red doors, accents or decorations.

Fresh colors look bad next to earthy red brick. Use muted and earthy versions of colors instead. That’s why it’s best to work with a professional exterior paint consultant.

What Colors Go With Red Brick Exterior

OK! Now you own it! Our no-fail colors for red brick homes. Don’t forget to always experiment with your paint colors. Find out here what are your favorite colors with red brick?

Choosing Our Exterior Trim Color

If you still need help with colors, check out our online color consultation packages or an in-person color consultation in the Denver metro area.

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What Colors Go With Red Brick Exterior

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