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Wall Sconces Living Room Fireplace



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The outer ring and center sphere of the canopy, lamp base and sconce arms have a rust-resistant electrophoretic brass finish, adding a touch of shine to your interior. The small inner canopy ring is finished in black for a refined touch. The mix of finishes includes mid-century modern qualities and classic features, but maintains an industrial edge. The faded white linen cones create a magical aura of elegance. Light pours through the shade of the soft fabric, filling the room without any glare. Add these attractive pieces to your bedroom, hallway, children’s room, kitchen, living room and staircase.

Wall Sconces Living Room Fireplace

Wall Sconces Living Room Fireplace

Each gold wall lamp has 1 E26 socket and is compatible with different types of bulbs: LED, incandescent, CFL.

The Easiest Way To Hang Sconces Without Wiring

1. If the product is non-standard, the customer can return the product within 30 days of receiving the goods, and the return postage is borne by the customer.

3. After you receive the problematic product, please contact us for confirmation. You can choose to send a new product or get a refund.

These work great! It took me less than an hour to put them together and hang them. I didn’t connect them. I bought rechargeable bulbs on these. Great buy and even better price!

These wall sconces are wirelessly set using a remote control pocket light. They give a nice touch to the wall and provide adequate lighting.

Fabulous Living Room Wall Lighting Ideas

At first I was apprehensive about ordering lights from Amazon. I would say these lights changed my mind! Choosing is hard, especially when you can’t see or feel the product in person, but these wall sconces are better than advertised. I rarely have experiences like this, but this was definitely different. They were very well packed and I was surprised (in a good way) that there was no damage in transit. As long as I keep it at 100, I get a lot of stuff and the damage rate is around 15%. The finish is perfect, brushed brass, and looks much more expensive than it is. The instructions are clear, understandable and straightforward. No math is applied here! Every detail on these wall lights is amazing and I still can’t believe how tall they are. I’m sure you’ll be as pleasantly surprised as I was!

1. Return the goods within 30 days of receiving the goods, and the return postage is borne by the buyer.

When the cold weather sets in, no room is cozier than a fireplace. Whether you have a beautiful built-in fireplace (lucky you!) or have mastered the art of DIY, the right fireplace decor will make this feature an even more inviting centerpiece. For example, a candlestick for a fireplace will help you frame the fireplace and create a pleasant living atmosphere.

Wall Sconces Living Room Fireplace

Design lovers know how much the right lighting can have an impact on a space. By choosing lamps (large and small) and wall sconces, you can create a warm indoor feeling that will be welcome during the darkest months of the year. Wall sconces come in a variety of styles, so you can always find the right choice to suit your personal taste. Placed above or across from your fireplace, these lights can easily set the mood.

How To Install Wall Sconces Without Wiring

Think of sconces as accessories that elevate your space with just the flick of a switch (or, in some cases, the light of a candle). Here, designer Kasee ​​Smith describes how you can incorporate this fireplace decorating idea into your home and shares the products you can add to your cart now.

If you like clean lines, neutral colors and matte metals, you may gravitate towards contemporary styles. With a simple built-in fireplace—like this glass-fronted option—a minimal sconce is the best choice. If you like an ultra-modern look, try linear recessed sconces like Wayfair’s recessed models; if you want a modern look with a timeless feel, choose from CB2 and Wayfair’s real and fake candles.

Scenes are also a great way to enjoy a sense of style. They’re a small feature so they won’t take up a lot of your space, so consider decorating them boldly. If you want to make your interior modern and exciting, look for sconces that are more rounded and make a statement, such as the AllModern Dome and Perigold Round Dish sconces. If you want a touch of mid-century glam, you might also consider a CB2 swivel.

Love the historic color palette, canopy and rich wooden furniture? Your style may be on the traditional side. In this case, consider decorating the fireplace with sconces to evoke a classic feel with the essence of old and new. These wall sconces from Arlo Home, Rejuvenation and Perigold come in drum colors that are perfect for older homes without looking too vintage.

Modern Led Wall Sconce Lamp Indoor Lighting For Home Bedroom Bedside Living Room Hotel Bed Corridor Decoration Nordic Wall Light

Natural materials and whimsical details are an integral part of the charm of bohemian style. These wall sconces from Anthropologie and Wayfair not only serve a functional purpose, they’re also works of art. Even if your style is not exactly bohemian, elements of this style can make your space more fun and relaxed. Everything is in the balance!

Want expert advice on your physical space directly from an interior designer? Check out our design packages to work one-on-one with professional designs. Hello! I’m Suzannah, a serious DIY enthusiast and mother of two young children. Follow my best DIY home improvements, sewing and craft projects, real food recipes and anti-stress goals.

I believe you can love your home the way it is and have the ability to design and make significant changes to make it better.

Wall Sconces Living Room Fireplace

I’ve updated our fireplace little by little over the past two years we’ve lived here. It’s original to our house and I wasn’t expecting any drastic changes (see all of its iterations here), but it seemed a little plain for the big, long living room wall it’s on.

Standout Décor Ideas For Above Your Fireplace

I debated wall sconces for a long time, but I finally put some up (fully functional, no wiring required!) and I’m so happy with them!

I was thinking about a more modern version because I love our modern dining room lights and a little modernization could be nice, but I haven’t found anything that fits. We then installed this chandelier for the room which really added to its charm and I also got some simple sconces in a similar style. Then I just have to commit and decide where to put them!

It costs $70 for a two-piece set and is quite difficult to assemble. Instead of wiring them through the batten and drywall, I did a magic trick (LED swivel lights with remotes that stuck inside the sconces). Very similar wall lights are also available in plug-in versions.

I debated a lot about where to put them – I was convinced to put them right above the fireplace, about 6 inches from the edge, but that seemed like it would limit the size we could put on the fireplace. Also, I don’t plan on hanging curtains on the window next to the fireplace, and since this wall space is a bit white, I think putting sconces outside the fireplace on the wall would look more magical too! , expanding the fireplace is also a nice moment.

Vintage Battery Operated Wall Sconces Set Of 2, Black Barn Light, 2700

This wall also has additional accent lighting which is really nice. We used to have this little lamp on the mantel, but the symmetrical light is better. The intensity of the light emitted by the flashlight is adjustable.

Unfortunately, these colors have a narrow base and don’t offer much light in the pocket. They are quite large, and to make them work (and not have the light above the shade), I turned them around and glued them in place. works!

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Wall Sconces Living Room Fireplace

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