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The latest data for most of the world’s largest economies show that food and energy prices will fall, rising in 2022.

Trending News Around The World

Trending News Around The World

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What’s Trending Today: Jan. 30, 2023

It contains economists’ views on the future, showing that forecasts of economic expansion are stable for now. Installed in the USA, France and Germany, according to forecasts selected by Consensus Economics.

Rising energy prices were the main cause of inflation in many countries before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Daily figures show that the pressure has increased due to the conflict, which has forced Europe to find other sources of gas.

However, wholesale prices are still falling due to weak global demand and European gas reserves are close to full.

But the price of energy remains high by historical standards in many countries, especially in Europe, where the crisis is more intense.

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Inflation is not only in energy, but in many other goods, and the increase in food prices is particularly difficult for poor consumers. However, food inflation is showing signs of slowing down in most countries.

Rising prices limit household spending on goods and services. For the less fortunate, this can make it difficult for people to buy basic things like food and housing.

Daily data on important factors such as the wholesale price of breakfast foods is a good indicator of the problems that consumers are facing. Although they have decreased in recent months, they remain at a high level.

Trending News Around The World

In developing countries, the wholesale price of these foods has a greater impact on final food prices; Food also accounts for most of the household’s expenses.

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During the pandemic, they have increased in many countries due to ultra-loose monetary policy, homeowners’ desire for more space, and financial support programs. However, high mortgage rates are leading to a significant slowdown in house price growth in many countries. People gather in Myanmar against the coup on February 1, 2021. (Photo: Stringer/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Global freedom faces a serious threat. All over the world, the enemies of liberal democracy – a form of self-government in which human rights are recognized and all receive equal treatment before the law – are strengthening the their attack.

Global freedom faces a serious threat. All over the world, the enemies of liberal democracy – a form of self-government in which human rights are recognized and all receive equal treatment before the law – are strengthening the their attacks. Authoritarian governments are better at selecting or blocking policies and institutions designed to support basic liberties and help others who want to do the same. In long-standing democracies, local forces have exploited the weaknesses of their systems, manipulating national politics to promote hatred, violence, and instability. Those countries that have struggled between democracy and authoritarianism are now leaning more towards the latter. The world system is approaching a tipping point, and unless the defenders of democracy work together to guarantee freedom for all, the model will fail.

The current threat to democracy is the result of 16 years of global decline in freedom. 60 countries saw a decline last year, while only 25 saw an improvement. About 38 percent of the world’s population lives in non-free countries, the highest number since 1997. Currently, only 20 percent live in free countries.

The Global Expansion Of Authoritarian Rule

During this period of democratic decline, there has been less attention paid to abuses of power and human civil rights. In the decades after World War II, the United Nations and other international organizations promoted the concept of fundamental rights, and democracies gave support, albeit inconsistently, to their domestic and foreign policies in an attempt to create a comprehensive system based on commonality. against the experiment. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the leaders of the countries felt the need to embrace the common ideas in order to gain acceptance in the international community, even if their performance is low. Governments that rely on foreign economic or military support must hold credible elections, at least in the face, and maintain some formal limits on their power, among other concessions, in order to maintain their good standing.

However, for most of the 21st century, anti-democracy activists have worked hard to destroy this world order and the limits it has placed on their interests. Now the fruits of their efforts are clear. The leaders of China, Russia, and other dictatorships have been able to change global dynamics by undermining the acceptance that democracy is the only path to prosperity and security. the strengthening of national power ideas.

In recent years, countries all over the world have been taken over by powerful rulers. It wasn’t until 2021 that Nicaragua’s president won another term in elections that were held after his military arrested opposition candidates and shut down civil society organizations. Sudan’s government has regained power, reversing democratic progress since the ouster of former dictator Omar al-Bashir in 2019. And when the United States suddenly withdrew its forces from Afghanistan, the elected government in Kabul has fallen and given way to the Taliban, returning the country to a system opposed to democracy, pluralism, and equality.

Trending News Around The World

At the same time, democracies are being attacked from within by illiberal forces, including unscrupulous politicians bent on violence and destroying the institutions that brought them to power. This was perhaps most evident last year in the United States, where rioters stormed the Capitol on January 6 in an organized attempt to overturn the results of the presidential election. But freely elected leaders from Brazil to India have engaged in or threatened to engage in anti-democratic practices, and as a result, the breakdown of shared values ​​among democracies has led to weakening of those values ​​at the global level.

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The damage done to the cause and effect of democracy cannot be underestimated. Governments in China, Russia and other powerful countries have gained enormous influence in the world system, and free countries have seen their traditions suppressed and criticized. The current state of global freedom is a concern to all who value their rights and the rights of their fellow human beings. To prevent decline, democracies must strengthen domestic laws and institutions while acting boldly and organized to support the struggle for democracy around the world. In less independent countries, democrats must unite against unbridled government intervention and work to increase freedom for all. Only the international unity of the defenders of democracy can succeed in the united struggle of its opponents.

The demand for democracy is on the rise. From Sudan to Myanmar, people continue to risk their lives to seek freedom in their countries. Many others make dangerous journeys to live freely in other places. Governments and democratic societies must recognize and support this common desire for basic rights and build a world where they can be fulfilled.

The purpose of restoring democracy is to understand exactly what it means. The term democracy has been applied, rightly or wrongly, to states of all kinds, from the “People’s Democratic Republic” of North Korea to the most independent states of Scandinavia. In a joint article by the ambassadors of Russia and China to the United States from December 2021, the two dictatorships were called “democratic.” The misunderstanding of language is a sign of the spread of democracy. However, this disastrous practice has created confusion, allowing opponents to both claim that it is democracy and to claim that the current democracy is unethical or hypocritical.

Also, it gave the false impression that all democracies require universal suffrage. However, democracy is more than majority rule. In its ideal form, it is a government system based on the will and consent of the governed, institutions that are responsible to all citizens, the law and respect for human rights. It is a network of institutions where those who exercise power within the state and abroad are monitored, for example, by independent courts, an independent press and civil society. There is a need for openness in the transition of power, where candidates or competing parties compete for the government for the benefit of the entire population, not just for themselves or the electorate. to them. It creates a level playing field where all people, regardless of the status of their birth or birth, can enjoy all the human rights to which they are entitled and participate in the politics and government.

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Democracy is more than ideal. It is an effective process of self-correction and improvement that allows people to constantly and peacefully strive for this ideal. When one part of the system fails, others can be used as tools to repair and strengthen it. This is unique and special

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