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Things Happening In Pittsburgh This Weekend



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Looking for the best events in Pittsburgh and Southwestern Pennsylvania? Check out our Pittsburgh events calendar for great ideas!

Things Happening In Pittsburgh This Weekend

Things Happening In Pittsburgh This Weekend

Our calendar features our favorite annual events, recurring events (such as quarterly events), and events you’ll want to check out. I’ve personally been to many of these in the past, and some are promotional lists for our friends in the community.

Awesome Fall Activities In Pittsburgh: Fall 2023

So whether you’re looking to get out and see a big festival or a special event, we hope you’ll find it in our calendar below!

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Below are the events taking place in Pittsburgh today. On days when we don’t have any events, this section will appear empty.

Things To Do In Pittsburgh You’ve Gotta Try

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Things Happening In Pittsburgh This Weekend

Below are upcoming events in Pittsburgh organized by calendar. Days with events show a golden circle. Click on a calendar day to add a list of events for that day.

Things To Do In Pittsburgh

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Looking for something fun and free to do in Pittsburgh this weekend? After years of researching the Pittsburgh area, we’ve compiled a list of the best free things to do in Pittsburgh. While many of the best things to do in Pittsburgh, such as top museums, the zoo, and Phipps Conservatory, are expensive, there are plenty of cheap and free things to do in Pittsburgh for people who love everything.

Best Things To Do In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

We’ll start this post by first talking about some places you can do in Pittsburgh. Although sightseeing is often reserved for tourists or people who don’t visit the city often, there are many interesting things to see around the city that are not tourist or sightseeing spots. instead, there are many hidden corners of the city that behind them meet history and really interesting stories.

Interestingly, it is home to the steepest public road in the country. Canton Avenue next to the road is a 37% curved road. Pittsburgh is known for its Hui, so the city hosts a dirt bike race, which features 12 of the city’s steepest hills for cyclists to tackle. Canton Avenue is one such mountain.

In the spring, the Three River Heritage Trail along the North Shore is a hot spot for biking and walking. As you travel along the North Shore, stop at some of these places to have fun, learn about Pittsburgh’s history, and see what the city is like.

Things Happening In Pittsburgh This Weekend

In the spring, cherry blossoms bloom along the Three Rivers Heritage Trail! The cherry trees are in front of the Alcoa building.

Things To Do In Pittsburgh With Kids After Christmas

North Shore Water Steps is a public fountain designed to get your feet wet! During the summer, the Steps attract many families and children!

Father. Roger was born in our hometown of Latrobe, Pennsylvania and lived in the Pittsburgh area all his life. Father. Rogers is a hometown hero to the locals and is honored with a beautiful statue along the North Shore. His statue is displayed overlooking the city, and the surroundings are playing music from Mr. roger

As you hike the North Shore’s Three Rivers Heritage Trail, you’ll find plenty of souvenirs. Stop by the Pittsburgh Law Enforcement Memorial, World War Memorial, Korean War Memorial, Vietnam War Memorial, Bill Mazeroski Statue and United Steel Statue to remember these men!

On December 23, 1972, the Pittsburgh Steelers had their first game in franchise history. On fourth down with seconds left in the fourth quarter, one of the most famous and controversial plays in American sports history took place right here in Pittsburgh!

Pittsburgh Christmas Events 2023

Quarterback Terry Bradshaw threw a pass to John “Frenchy” Fuqua and either the pass was intercepted by Raiders Safety Jack Tatum or the ball was hit by him and Franco Harris caught it early. Harris ran the ball in for a touchdown and the Steelers’ victory as the clock expired.

A flawless reception is remembered for the one held at Three Rivers Stadium, between present-day Heinz Field and Pittsburgh’s PNC Park.

Washington’s Landing, or Herr Island, is one of Pittsburgh’s islands along the Allegheny River. At the eastern end of the island, along the road that runs past the tennis courts, you will find the river. Here you can see the 40th Street Bridge (also called Washington’s Landing). When George Washington was in Pittsburgh in the mid-1700s during the French and Indian War, his small riverboat capsized while crossing the Allegheny River! This area is believed to be where the event took place.

Things Happening In Pittsburgh This Weekend

When you drive down Fort Pitt Blvd, you may not have seen a row of short row houses that look old and empty. Although most of these are empty today, these buildings were in the heart of Pittsburgh! These buildings (now known as the First Side Historic District) housed businesses that sold merchandise along the Monongahela River. The next time you walk or drive along Fort Pitt Blvd, take a look at the amazing architecture! and

Downtown Pittsburgh For The Holidays

Although it’s a tourist attraction, enjoying the city views from Mount Washington is always a fun and unique thing to do in Pittsburgh. We always love going to Mt Washington and walking around with beautiful views!

Built by a Pittsburgh carpenter, this doghouse keeps plumbing and electrical wiring out of the way in an homage to the classic artist. At the corner of Avenue of the Allies and Stanwix Street in downtown Pittsburgh, you can find Snoopy sleeping in his little house.

Like Canton Ave., Pittsburgh is home to another interesting residential street. It is located on the Squirrelhill Roslyn site, with a wooden brick road. Roslyn please is one of the last wooden roads in the country! This property is on the Pittsburgh Historic Register because of its historical significance and the preservation of the boardwalk.

Many of the unique things to do in Pittsburgh are free! Randy’s Land on the north side of Pittsburgh is the most beautiful and fun part of town. Designed by artist Randy, Randy land is an outdoor space where you can come and be yourself. Using recycled materials and his creativity, artist Randy has created flexible outdoor art for everyone to come and enjoy. Randyland has received local and national recognition for his creativity and work. and

Three Days In Pittsburgh

If you’re looking for something fun and free to do this summer in Pittsburgh, don’t miss Movies in the Park! The Pittsburgh Park System is offering free movies at the park this summer! Google Pittsburgh in the Park videos for more weather updates.

Open Streets is another free summer event where city blocks are closed off for people to walk, bike and enjoy summer days without the hustle and bustle of traffic! Food trucks and local businesses are participating to make this event even more fun!

Bicycle Heaven in Pittsburgh is the largest bicycle storage facility in the world! The museum has 6,000 bikes, from rare and historic to brand new! One of the most popular bikes at Bike Paradise is the Bowden Spacelander, the first fiberglass bike

Things Happening In Pittsburgh This Weekend

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