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Split Level House Interior Design



Split Level House Interior Design – I’m so excited to share my entryway transformation with you today! I officially finished it yesterday and can’t wait to share it… so I spent all morning on it. Now that everything is finished, functional and beautiful, I can’t believe what a difference such a small space makes. Living in the cathedral entrance (interlevel entrance) we can see this entrance from our kitchen and living room. He is at the center of the action and was previously overlooked. Like everything else, we worked on it in stages until recently.

Shall we look at the previous ones? You’ll see we did new tiling, wooden stairs, railings, shoe drawers, new doors and windows, lighting…everything guys!

Split Level House Interior Design

Split Level House Interior Design

Not much different from the previous ones? I barely remember him. If you are interested, you can view our entire house here before the photos. So I have a lot to talk about here. Before we get into that, let’s start with what has changed. Those are the floors.

Beautiful Blackpool House Blends Split Level Design With An Open Interior

If you’ve ever had your floors refinished, you know that it takes a toll on your home. In particular, wooden floors are everywhere. We sanded and cleaned those babies and you can read all about it here.

We also tore up the carpet on the stairs to install wooden stair caps. But they were weird climbs and the eyelets didn’t work (we tried several types), so we tore up the ropes and rebuilt the stairs.

It sounds like a lot of work, but it helped us a lot and was done in one weekend. The hardest part was that these old walls were quite bowed and we had to cut each stair (walkway) from different angles.

We decided to stain the oak boards to match our hardwood floors and used high quality white painted plywood for the risers. I really like the white/wood effect on the new grips when I do it later this year.

Split Level House Exterior Ideas

We also tore out the old tan tile flooring and lived with a plywood floor for a few months. When our tub started leaking, we put in a new one (and lined the perimeter!) and lined the entryway at the same time. This tile is 12 x 24 inches from Home Depot with DeLorean Gray Grout. I love finding affordable tile like this – would totally do it again!

We did this for about a year to live here while we finished the basement (you can see the suite and our side). We had planned to make them into shoe racks, but the dirt would be deadly, so we made them into shoe drawers this year.

Having all the shoes inside and out of sight makes such a difference in how clean this space is! It’s never been this clean, guys. I’ll talk more about how much I love them and how they’re made (so you can make your own!) in my DIY post here .

Split Level House Interior Design

There was a lot about this post that needed changing, not really aesthetically. One of them was our door. It didn’t close properly and if we didn’t turn the latches it would feel open. It got leaked too guys. Just like if there was a storm our entrance would be flooded. worst. It doesn’t mention how old the blocks/chips and glass are (checked?).

Split Level Home Project Remodel Ideas

This fall we decided it was time to save and let the baby go. I like the contemporary door. I thought it would look weird at this time of life, it’s oversized, but instead of having such a huge window over the door, it connects the levels. If you are in Kamloops, by the way…I am happy to recommend a door company (great service).

We went with wood-textured fiberglass doors (you knew we had those), rain glass sidelights, and skylights. I know clear glass is an “in” thing, something they put in new houses… but I like my privacy, thanks. We painted it “Direct Goods” with a light silver charcoal silver finish and finished it off with a modern peasant trim. Speaking of painting… the wall color was custom but we found an exact match (by sheer luck) called ‘Dreaming in the Clouds’ by Para Paint.

I also made a simple hoop wreath to add to the inside of the door. We had a paper wreath here that Aubrey made for the holidays and I loved having the wreaths outside the door. Since we often see these doors from our main living space, it’s nice to add some life to them. I’ll post a DIY video for this guy next weekend!

Another big issue in this space was the handle. It wasn’t safe before. The miles are wide enough for our kids to sit between (emphasis on mom!). We built this wooden stair railing with materials from Home Depot and wrote a whole post about the process if you’re interested. I love that we decided to do white shafts with a wood rail and a new post. Combines stairs well.

Split Level Ranch

We wanted to carry the white/wood theme into the entryway, so I made a slim floating key and coffee shelf a while ago. I set it up with L brackets, but when we moved it (we changed how the doors opened when we bought new ones) we changed how we installed it. I’ve updated the post with an actual swim tutorial (it’s awesome).

We moved the same wood tone wood shoe rack I made from the stairs and railing (the rubber ones are gone guys, I put them in the shoe drawer, never went through them.) and the cubby to the other side of the entryway. wall flower pots. These two projects were done in one day using two 8 1×4’s. If you think you’ve #won, it’s only $8.

I won’t be posting DIY instructions for them – you can check out this post for the planters (it’s in German but google translate is awesome – I used nails) and this post for the mats but I used 3. /4″ square pieces of wood instead cut from a 1×4 with a table saw (I sealed it with Varathane Crystal Clear Satin).

Split Level House Interior Design

Honestly…most of those projects involved painting and sealing them. Tip – if you want to stain and seal yourself… do it before fitting and save time. Oh thank you.

Mechanicsburg 70’s Split Level Renovation

Aren’t these planters amazing? I love how they work in the space to bring the wood tones to the wall and add life, but they add such a beautiful shape around the light switches. For all you grow lovers out there, these are (top) aloe vera, (left) pomade, and (right) jade.

I originally planned to keep the lighting we had in the house when we bought it and paint the various parts (except the glass – one fixture was silver, gold, white and black), but when we started moving. We knew together that a big light would make such a difference, and it really does.

We also went from one bulb to four so the space was very bright in the evening. We got it at Home Depot (can you tell we’re always there?) and I love how the length complements this overhead space.

We have pendant lights with Edison bulbs in the kitchen (at the top of the stairs), so I want to display them here for continuity. But the bulbs we picked up at Home Depot have a champagne type coating that gives off a pale yellow color. We ordered some LEDs from a lighting store (we tested them first) and will replace them when they arrive. Thanks to neighbors with really tall ladders 😉

Plans For Split Level Homes Design With Apartments

I’ve stopped being active in the past, but as I’ve blogged about it more (and experienced it in my own home), I’ve realized how satisfying it is to have a decorated space. – Not just finished space. Every time I walk this ramp (100 times a day I swear) I feel happy.

Some of the final touches we added were a round mirror, a tassel rug, and a vase of eucalyptus flowers. The round mirror is from Ikea and I’m so glad we decided to get it. We do everything for our decorations

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