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Small Tv Room Design Ideas



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As anyone who has lived in a one-bedroom apartment will tell you, small spaces come with their share of sacrifices, no matter how beautiful your pre-war home is. And when you want to watch like the rest of us, one of the most surprising things is where to put the TV—especially, where to put it without sacrificing (and space).

Small Tv Room Design Ideas

Small Tv Room Design Ideas

Fortunately, the idea of ​​a small living room with a TV is a skill for the interior design team. There are many ways to make your art feel like an extension of your space, whether it’s designed through an open shell or it’s among your favorites. All it takes is a little creativity and smart strategy to avoid sticking out like a sore thumb. Read on for designer-favorite small living room ideas that will make your TV feel right at home.

Modern Home Theater Design Ideas

Choose a minimalist look and use vertical wall space by mounting the TV. It helps keep a small living room tight and provides furniture to breathe (shown at A: two cozy chairs above).

Instead of a traditional console, try mounting the TV on an open table top. This provides some much-needed space for decorative baskets and open shelves filled with your favorite things, so your TV goes right into the living room instead of sitting outside.

We love bookshelves that double as media consoles. Here, a visual door reveals a stack of books and beautiful vases, making your TV set look more purposefully designed (and less of an eyesore).

When it comes to small living rooms, you can never have too much storage space. Here, the TV easily fits books, items and trash in this open shelving unit. Pro tip: try not to mix your rooms—with a TV, the display will look crowded.

Easy Media Room Ideas

When a small space becomes a living room and dining room, this sleek console provides the perfect frame for your TV without sacrificing style and space. Round out the look with area rugs and patterned rugs to help separate the party-looking area from the dining area.

If you put your imagination and creativity, even the smallest space can become a TV area. Here, two wooden shelves replace the soft bed or sectional, while still providing enough space to put your feet up and enjoy the screen.

In a small room with many windows, sometimes the most suitable place for the TV is above the fireplace. In this case, use it as a focal point to place the chair. Matching sofas complement the room, while two Airy accent chairs complete the space.

Small Tv Room Design Ideas

If you’re lucky enough to have enough light in a small space, play with a statement sofa in front of the window. And long light-filtering curtains easily block the light when you turn on the tube. Complete the look with two side chairs that are light and airy compared to this large Chesterfield sofa.

Floor Planning A Small Living Room

Want to entertain? We love that this console is also a great bar (and less media setup). Thoughtful decorations like soothing lighting and tall plants also draw the eye away from the TV, creating a small space perfect for a party.

Just because there’s a TV in the mix, doesn’t mean you can’t have plenty of seating in the mix. Place a talking chair (or in this case, a reclining chair) in front of the chair to help set the scene for your conversation. This way, your TV is less of a focal point in your space and guests have more places to sit.

Having a small space does not mean that you have to say no to the department. In fact, it is actually part of the scam because of the sweet pursuit of the backless back. We love how this style provides the seating you need for viewing, while keeping the room open.

Don’t be afraid to move furniture away from the wall in small spaces, especially in the name of conversation and utility. Here, the designer has created a comfortable conversation piece and a suitable TV space by tilting the media unit with matching chairs. This layout makes the space incredibly functional without making any sacrifices.

Irresistibly Stylish Midcentury Modern Living Room Idea

Want expert advice on your home, right from an interior designer? Take our fashion quiz to work with a design professional one-on-one. Decorating a small room with a TV can be a challenge. The living room should be very functional without looking dull. It is important in a small room to minimize the furniture and use the space properly. The ten small bedroom decorations detailed below will help you decorate your room and keep the TV from becoming an eyesore.

Some living rooms can be very tight. Even placing the TV on the wall can be claustrophobic in a small living room. To create more space, you can create a corner on the wall where the television can sit. If the tv is not attached to the wall, your living room will look better and more attractive.

Having a built-in unit built into the entire wall will give you valuable storage space while the main focus is on the TV. This makes the television part of the overall look rather than the eyes. Colorful artworks and collections in the surrounding rooms provide more visual energy. The object draws the eye away from the television.

Small Tv Room Design Ideas

Every square meter is important in a small room. Sometimes the only space is to put the TV in the corner. Placing the TV on a wall mount allows you to tilt the TV in a small room.

Tips For Creating A Media Room, Big Or Small

The small living room may need to be a place to store your wallet or keys since the house does not have a proper entrance. A small drawer can store things like keys and sunglasses out of sight. The side table can be used as a television while everything is smooth.

If there is no place to put the TV, you can put it on the wall. A flat TV allows you more floor space and better mobility. Hide the cord behind the wall to create a minimal look.

Many decorating ideas for small rooms include hanging a TV on the wall. If you have multiple media systems that need to be connected to your TV, you have to deal with multiple cables. A rope hanging on the wall can look unattractive. However, it is better to use a media outlet to hide the cable.

To accommodate media storage, you need to make sure that other furniture doesn’t overrun the room. A small chair or sectional may need to appear in the room.

Bonus Room Ideas: 17 Ways To Maximize An Extra Room

Try using a desk next to your television. You can hide the keyboard on the desktop. Keeping a desk without a desk will help the room feel more efficient.

Most small rooms will benefit from more light. If natural light is limited, you can add pot lights or lamps to the room. A simple bedroom will make a small room brighter. If your room isn’t just a TV room, you might want to stick with bright colors for the walls. Choosing to add more lighting such as mirrors will help reflect light in the room.

Private TV rooms may be dark. Dark gray can give your room a beautiful look. If the living room is different from the rest of the house, a dark color can work well. Conversely, open spaces with light walls look better.

Small Tv Room Design Ideas

A large television can easily overwhelm a small room. You can cover your TV display by placing it on a shelf with sliding panels. Keep the door closed when televisions and other media equipment are not in use.

Designer Small Living Room Ideas With Tv

A small room should have furniture in proportion. A large television is the center of the room. A small TV that doesn’t mount to the wall has a better chance of appearing as part of the living room than as the main focus.

Placing the television on the wall and surrounding it with bookshelves or artwork can help make the room more cohesive. Choosing a monochromatic color palette for your living room helps your TV blend in.

When it comes to decorating, it’s all about making the most of the space you have. With the right equipment, decor, and layout, you can create a functional TV room that will make your guests feel right at home. But what if you also want to include a TV in the mix? Here, we take a look at some creative TV ideas for small rooms that will make a big impact.


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