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Small Space Living Room Furniture Ideas



Small Space Living Room Furniture Ideas – Just because you have a small living room doesn’t mean it works any differently than a large one. Regardless of size, your family room should be able to accommodate movie nights, sleepovers, big games, and gatherings of all kinds. How can you optimally use the space in your living room? We share our top living room design tips for adding more seating in a small space and other great ideas for a small living room.

The most important thing about a small space is to start with a plan. Use the room planner to play around with floor plans. You want to leave the right space between furniture pieces and pay special attention to the paths from room to room. Here are two helpful resources:

Small Space Living Room Furniture Ideas

Small Space Living Room Furniture Ideas

Some rooms (especially small spaces) have multiple points of interest, which can be confusing when coming up with a floor plan. If you have a small space that is used for both entertaining and watching TV, figuring out how to place the chairs towards the TV and also how to seat a lot of people will probably be even more difficult. In these cases, we strongly recommend one or even a pair of swivel chairs.

Tips & Tricks For Small Space Living

Swivel chairs are the unsung hero of the room with a dual focus. If you are entertaining and the TV is off, the seats can be turned to other seating options. If there is a large crowd watching the game, they can turn around and watch the TV. Swivel chairs are all about flexibility, which is why they work well in small living rooms.

If you’re really tight but trying to squeeze as much space into the room as possible, consider adding two slippers. They are great because they don’t have hands. It may seem insignificant, but the back of a chair can be 3 to 6 inches wide. Multiply that by two chair arms and two stools and you save your room 12 to 24 inches! It can make a big difference in a small living room.

Another advantage is that slippers are often small and easy to move around, making them suitable for entertaining. When guests are at home, they can easily be pulled into the seating area, but can also be placed to the side for everyday use.

Having a variety of seating options is important when entertaining. Not every chair has to be a big, comfortable chair. Make sure there are multiple places for people to stop as your audience grows.

Utilize What You’ve Got With These 20 Small Living Room Decorating Ideas!

Here’s an idea for a small living room: place an ottoman, stools or a purse under the console or side table. You can pull it out when guests come over, but it’s hidden from everyday life.

If you have a small living room, it can be difficult to choose which focal point to direct your room towards. Are you placing the furniture towards the TV, fireplace or a large row of windows? It’s a challenge and there really isn’t a right answer. Embrace multiple focal points in your room and arrange the space so that seating options face each focal point.

Use the furniture above (swivel chairs are your friend!) to make your small space flexible and fit all your needs.

Small Space Living Room Furniture Ideas

By definition, an occasional chair is meant to be used only when you need it, not for every day. They’re usually lightweight, so they’re easy to carry around the room, and often have fun patterns and colors. This is an opportunity to use a vibrant pattern or accent color, as side chairs often have long legs and won’t make a big visual statement.

Beautiful Design Tips & Ideas For Small Space Living

Side chairs are useful for small living rooms as they can be pulled into the living area as needed, moved to the dining room if you are hosting a large dinner party, or pulled into the work area. Everyone needs a few at home.

Bad lighting can turn even the most comfortable, beautifully decorated space into an unpleasant cave. Multiple light sources – a combination of overhead, task and ambient light – will make your room feel larger and more open. In addition to ceiling lighting, you need 2 to 4 light sources at eye level that cast the most beautiful glow throughout the room.

The challenge when working with a small living room is having enough surface area for table lamps. In these cases, floor lamps and sconces are your best friend. Place several candlesticks around the room to create light falling at eye level (when standing).

Nothing emphasizes the lack of size in a small living room better than a rug that is too small. It may sound counterintuitive, but in a small space, you want your rug to be big! An area rug that runs almost wall-to-wall will make the room appear larger, so look for a size that leaves about 4 to 12 inches around the edge of the room. You want almost all of your furniture to fit on the carpet.

Small Living Room Ideas To Maximize Space And Style

If you’re working on a budget, consider an oversized natural fiber rug. You can then add a smaller, more expensive option on top.

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Small Space Living Room Furniture Ideas

Sacha Strebe is a former editor-in-chief and has been writing about home and interior design for eight years. She is currently the editorial director of Create & Cultivate.

Five Small Space Design Ideas That Balance Style & Function

Call us crazy, but we’d rather style a small living room than a large one any day. There’s something incredibly exciting about setting the scope of a challenge that really forces you to be creative. Yes, you will make mistakes when arranging furniture in a small living room, but with the right arrangement, small rooms can look very stylish (small bathrooms are proof of this). Just because there’s less space to work with doesn’t mean you have to compromise on taste. If you’re looking for ideas for a small living room, follow these decorating tips.

When it comes to small living room ideas, designer Tom Stringers says planning is essential when space is so limited. “The first step is to make sure the layout is functional for your needs,” he says. “

If you’re not sure how to plan your layout, answer a simple question from renowned interior designer Max Humphrey: What will the room be most often used for? “Even if you always plan to have friends over for movie nights, it’s likely that you and your family will use it the most, so keep that in mind when designing it,” says Humphrey.

Since you don’t have the luxury of a large space, you can’t just put a bunch of pretty things in a pile and hope it works. Australian interior designer and author of The Tailored Interior, Greg Natale, believes it’s important to first think about all the pieces of furniture you’ll need to create a ‘living space’. Ask yourself questions like:

The Perfect Casual Seating Solution For Small Space Decorating

Would stools or ottomans suit the space better than armchairs? Would a side table be an option to match the size of the coffee table?

So you have a small living room, but does that mean you have to compromise on the big furniture you love? Humphrey doesn’t think so. “I always recommend buying the absolute largest sofa that will fit in the space, because if you’re like me, chances are that’s where you’ll spend most of your time.”

Natale believes that small furniture is a better option if you want “more options to fit all the pieces you like.” Think about what is more important to you: comfort and great style or more variety?

Small Space Living Room Furniture Ideas

If you decide that bigger is better when it comes to furniture, Natale recommends pieces with an elegant silhouette, such as “a low, narrow sofa with slim arms; chairs with or without narrow armrests; tables with glass tops and narrow armrests. legs. “

Modular Furniture For Small Spaces: 4 Fun Ideas

When it comes to small space living room ideas, you really can’t go wrong by sticking to neutral and natural tones. You can also transfer this to your furniture. “Use furniture that looks bright or fades, like a piece of glass or acrylic,” says designer Trip Haenisch.

If it’s just the color, you’re out of luck. Designer Jeff Andrews believes that there is definitely a place for it in a small living room. “Go dark and big,” she says. Speaking of which, we have some favorite dark colors, including Benjamin Moore Black Beauty, Clare Prince, and Sherwin-Williams Charcoal Blue if you’re feeling adventurous.

When in doubt, go back to the mirrors. For a small living space, Australian design firm Cordony opted for mirror panels across the entire wall, doubling the space. Mirrors can act as clever optical illusions.

This trick is one of yours

Modern Living Room Decor Ideas

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