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Small House Plans With Photos In India



Small House Plans With Photos In India – What sets floor plans in India apart are our cultures, values ​​and lifestyles. The way we build our homes and make them shelters really sets us apart from the rest of the world. It is important to understand the unique styles and architecture that we implement in our home designs and floor plans.

Floor plans play an important role in the design and functionality of Indian homes. They serve as a blueprint for creating spaces that meet the unique needs and lifestyles of Indian families. India’s diverse cultural heritage and regional influences contribute to a range of floor plan styles to suit the unique needs and lifestyles of residents. In this blog post we explore the intricacies of Indian floor plans, explore different architectural styles, space arrangements, cultural considerations and the changing trends that shape the way we design our homes.

Small House Plans With Photos In India

Small House Plans With Photos In India

One. Traditional Indian Architecture: India has a rich architectural heritage with various regional styles. From the intricate carvings of Rajasthani havelis to the courtyard-centric design of South Indian homes, traditional architecture has had a profound influence on floor plans across the country.

Sq Ft Small Double Storied House Plan

B. Modern Architecture in India: Modern and Contemporary Floor Plans India embodies a blend of traditional elements with innovative design concepts. Open floor plans, clean lines and sustainable design principles are becoming increasingly popular in urban areas.

One. Vastu Shastra and room placement: Vastu Shastra, the ancient Indian science of architecture, emphasizes the placement of rooms and their orientation to ensure positive energy flow. According to Vastu principles, specific rooms like puja room, kitchen and bedroom are carefully considered in the floor plan.

B. Living and Dining Areas: Indian homes often have a large living and dining area for family gatherings and entertaining guests. These areas are designed to accommodate large groups while developing a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

C. Kitchen design: The kitchen is of great importance in Indian homes, where cooking is seen as a central activity. The floor plans include a well-organized kitchen space with storage, preparation areas and easy access to the dining room.

Office Furniture: House Plan And Elevation

D. Bedrooms and private spaces: Indian families value privacy and floor plans allocate separate rooms for family members. The master bedroom usually has an attached bathroom, while the children’s bedrooms may have shared or individual bathrooms.

E. Utility and storage area: Indian homes usually include utilities, such as separate laundry rooms, storage rooms and balconies, to efficiently manage daily activities and maximize the use of space.

One. Open Floor Plans: Inspired by modern design concepts, open floor plans have become popular in Indian homes. They promote a sense of spaciousness, enhance natural light and encourage smooth interaction between family members.

Small House Plans With Photos In India

B. Modular kitchens: Modular kitchens are revolutionizing Indian homes, offering efficient storage solutions, optimized workspaces and stylish designs. These custom kitchens cater to the diverse needs of Indian culinary traditions.

Small House Plan

C. Smart Home Integration: As technology advances, integrating smart home features into floor plans has become a sought-after trend. Home automation systems, energy-efficient lighting and security systems are seamlessly integrated into the design.

One. Climate Responsive Design: Considering India’s diverse climate, sustainable floor plans emphasize natural ventilation, shading devices and efficient use of natural light to reduce energy consumption and create comfortable living spaces.

B. Rainwater collection and waste management: Sustainable floor plans often include provisions for rainwater collection, waste separation and recycling systems to minimize the home’s environmental impact

C. Integration of solar energy: Due to India’s abundance of sunlight, integration of solar panels into the floor plan can provide renewable energy and reduce dependence on conventional power sources.

Stunning 2 Bedroom House Plan

Designing Indian floor plans involves a careful blend of cultural traditions, regional influences, functional areas and sustainable design principles. By understanding the unique needs and aspirations of Indian families, architects and homeowners can create homes that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional, sustainable and suitable for a variety of needs, lifestyles and cultural preferences across the country.

Build My House is an online architecture service platform that has completed thousands of home design projects in India as well as abroad. Our projects in India are known for their functionality and suit Indian culture and lifestyle. Below we have collected some floor plan designs in India from our extensive collection for you to explore.

It is important to remember that the layout of the floor plan can vary based on the size of the house, regional architectural styles and individual preferences. Most houses in India are built according to the principles of Vastu Shastra, which is considered to be designed to promote positive energy and harmony in the home.

Small House Plans With Photos In India

Our bungalow floor plan has it all. Starting from a drawing and puja area to an area large enough to create a recreational zone, the house accommodates all aspects of an Indian home. The entrance leads you to the drawing room, which opens onto a living room. The house has 3 bedrooms, kitchen, space for guest rooms and even a family lounge on the first floor. This is nothing short of a luxury! Our bungalow floor plan India is ideal for a large family as it has enough space for comfort, luxury and privacy.

D Floor Plans

The single-storey design is aimed at individuals and families who prioritize comfort, accessibility and a compact layout. This Indian design floor plan option allows for a seamless integration of the living room, dining room and kitchen, creating a spacious and spacious atmosphere. It promotes social interaction and family togetherness and maximizes natural light throughout the space. The image below shows a 3d front elevation and floor plan of a simplex house plan. It probably contains 3 bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, dining room and also garden space. The exterior facade is a fitting example of modern and excellent elevation design.

Three-story house plans are designed to maximize living space by incorporating three levels of functional and versatile spaces. These multi-story designs cater to individuals or families looking for enough space for different activities, more privacy and the flexibility to accommodate different lifestyles. The ground floor usually includes common areas such as the living room, dining room and kitchen, creating an open and inviting space for family gatherings and entertaining guests. The upper floor has bedrooms, bathrooms and private rooms that provide comfort and peace. The extra floor allows for the creation of dedicated spaces for home offices, study areas, libraries or play areas. These spaces can be adapted as the family’s needs evolve over time. These Indian floor plans are common among upper class Indian families who can afford the cost to build large spaces.

A 4 BHK luxury floor plan with pool embodies elegance, grandeur and the perfect blend of indoor and outdoor living. This architectural design caters to those seeking a luxurious and sophisticated lifestyle, combining spacious living areas, luxurious bedrooms and a beautiful pool for relaxation and recreation. The floor plan begins with a grand entrance with an impressive foyer or lobby that sets the tone for the luxurious experience within. The living space in this floor plan is designed to provide plenty of space for socializing and entertaining. One of the highlights of this luxury home plan is the inclusion of a pool and outdoor living area. This Indian floor plan is designed for those looking for the ultimate in comfort, style and sophistication.

An Indian floor plan usually includes the dimensions of rooms, lounges, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, utility rooms and outdoor areas. It may also include elements such as entrances, balconies, staircases and any specific features unique to Indian architectural styles, such as puja (prayer) rooms or courtyards.

Bedroom House Plans Pdf Download

When designing a floor plan in India, many factors must be considered including cultural preferences, functional requirements, lifestyle requirements, available space, natural light, ventilation, privacy and adherence to Vastu Shastra principles if desired. It is also important to consider the future needs of the residents and any specific regional climate conditions or architectural influences.

To optimize space in an Indian floor plan, consider open layouts that allow flexibility and smooth flow between areas. Use multifunctional spaces, such as combining living and dining areas or integrated storage solutions. Choose smart furniture arrangements and use vertical areas with mezzanines or loft areas. Effectively plan the placement of doors, windows and partitions to maximize natural light and create a sense of space.

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian architectural system that promotes harmony and positive energy flow in a building. When designing a Vastu-compliant floor plan, consider guidelines such as the location of the main entrance, the orientation of the rooms, the location of the kitchen and bedrooms, and the use of specific colors or materials. Consulting a Vastu expert can provide detailed guidance for creating a Vastu compliant floor plan. To get a better experience of our home design, please download other browsers for free. Just click the icon!

Small House Plans With Photos In India

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