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Small Cottage In The Woods



Small Cottage In The Woods – A haunting Alabama ghost story about two young women who uncover a dark secret in a Civil War-era backyard.

I want to share with you the story of two of my best friends. Fourteen-year-old Cathy and her sister, Nan, went with their parents to their grandparents’ farm outside of Montgomery, Alabama. It was a long, hot, and exciting trip from Atlanta, and they arrived at their grandparents’ farm, where they couldn’t do anything but watch Mom and Dad work to get something to eat.

Small Cottage In The Woods

Small Cottage In The Woods

They wandered through the winter forest picking wild flowers and came to another place. There, in the middle of the space, there is a small house, which runs so fast that even the shutters hang on one side – they no longer cover the windows, which have lost most of the windows – and there is long grass on the balcony, yes. they grow where they are. no tablets.

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The girls ran home upset. When they reached the front door of the house, Katie asked, “Is anyone home?” Then they laughed, of course there was no one there.

When they entered the room, which may have been beautiful once, it was full of sand and jewels and full of couches. They quickly entered another room and saw a kitchen with a dining table, as if someone hurried out of the room, a chair moved to the side of the table.

The girls were surprised. They locked the house.

When they reached the stairs, their enthusiasm overcame their fears and they climbed to the second floor. Cathy opened the door on the left side of the hallway. “What!” He said looking at the beautiful metal bed that had turned into another kind of creature, covered in dirt and grime.

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Closing the door, Cathy stepped into the trembling hall and opened it. Then he looked over his shoulder and saw a room as neat as a pin, where there was no dust – the floor was shiny with old clothes, and tattered curtains hung over the open window. There was a quivering horse in the room, running like a jumping child.

They watched with interest as the horse slowly stopped. Looking around the room, there was a cot and a rocking chair next to it, and an old box on the wall on the other side of the room. The girls quickly went to the corpse, knelt down next to it and opened the door. Cathy goes inside and finds a letter giving her information about the people who live in the tiny house. This letter is from the husband of a soldier who fought in Virginia. She wrote: “I miss you and our little boy. It scares me to think that I won’t be able to come home to be with you.”

Returning the letter, Katie took out another page and began to read it aloud. Suddenly she fell silent and he saw tears running down her cheeks. Taking the letter, Nan found it in his mother’s hand and wrote: “My dear, our dear son has caught a cold, because without a soldier there is no doctor, there is no one to save him.”

Small Cottage In The Woods

He put the letter back in the box and as he did so his hand touched the paper. Taking it out of the box, careful not to let any pieces fall out, he read a telegram to a soldier in Virginia: “We regret to inform you of the loss of your wife.”

Tour Of Our Cabin In The Woods

The girls were sitting looking at each other with tears in their eyes, when suddenly a sign appeared in the room and the sound of bees was heard. They quickly and carefully put the book in the box, closed the lid and hurried into the room. Then he passed by the house, he felt it in his hand. He switched to music and the rocking chair slowly began to spin and a soft sound was heard.

The girls left the stairs and the yard and entered the forest. When they returned to look at the small old house, they saw a blond boy looking at them from the window. They were scared, they ran into the forest, they fell on their broken legs, their hooks were broken.

When they reached the farm, they ran to tell their father what they had seen. The father listened and said, “Girls, they say that the soldier returned home in anger and sadness and set the house on fire. A bush had already grown in the yard where a small house once stood. There is no house. “This material, wood and steel small retreat was designed by Olson Kundig Architects, located in the woods of Skykomish, Washington. Located in the woods near the Tye River, the design idea is to create a return to the idea. On the first floor of this small house there is only 600 square feet of living space (25 square by 25 square feet) Under the structure there is a laundry room, parking space and storage.

The foundation of this two-level structure is laid, with a large central fire acting as the centerpiece and anchor of the building. Bridging the boundary between indoor and outdoor space, the architects created custom, glass doors to open up the room (one in each bedroom and five in the living area). Heavy rusted metal siding covers the windowless exterior. A deep canopy protects the building from the wind. A spacious living room extends the outdoor living space as it wraps around the property to the river.

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This little retreat in the woods is perfect for a quiet weekend getaway. It’s sheltered from the wind, but you feel like you’re living outside. There are two rooms and one bathroom, which is only useful for doing their work. The wood used in this house is for rafters, floors, windows and doors

The wood is reclaimed from an old barn in this room, including the floor, doors, frames and windows. Different wood tones reveal its history and use. Over time, the appearance of this room deteriorates – eventually it dissolves into the atmosphere of the forest.

What we love: Blurring the line between style and form, this minimalist design inspires a sense of calm. The footprint is small, but it has everything you need – a living room, a kitchen, two bedrooms (if you want to bring a friend) and a bathroom. We love that the bathroom has glass doors that open to the outside, so you feel like you’re sleeping outside…but don’t forget the bugs!

Small Cottage In The Woods

Tell us: What do you think about the design of this small structure in the forest? Will this be your last move? Let us know why in the comments below!

A Cabin In The Woods

Note: Check out some of our favorite homes that we at One Kindesign have featured from Olsen Kundig Architects’ portfolio: Small Residences/Residences on Spain’s Catalan Coast and Waterfront Retreats for a Holiday in the Sand. Juan Islands. Let’s face it: it can get a little dark during the winter months. From the smooth roads, salty roads and air that helps you cool down, to the laid-back social atmosphere that comes with the festival. Bottoms parking lot – next time you need to shoot. .

Fortunately, there are many beautiful cottages in the woods or remote villages that are perfect for a quick getaway or weekend getaway. Here are several apartments or condos for rent in Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, and other areas of Illinois that are within a four-hour drive of the city.

There’s a long story behind this hidden home on the shores of Mirror Lake near Wisconsin Dells. But in short – yes – you can rent a house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright for the weekend. At 900 square feet, it may be the smallest living room in the building, but it’s no less impressive (“It has more structure per square foot than any house Wright ever built,” says assistant Wright William Wesley Peters). Sleeps up to four for $300 a night.

Inspired by lighthouse keepers and hunting lodges, this stunning home is just a stone’s throw from everything. It is located in a white pine forest on a 65-acre farm southwest of Kalamazoo. You can warm yourself from the cold weather by burning in the fireplace

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