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Skinny Want To Gain Muscle



Skinny Want To Gain Muscle – May 2010 is the month when two skinny guys decided they were tired of being skinny. Can we lift weights? Do we know how to follow a meat diet? No, we didn’t know anything about building muscle mass. All we knew was that we were underweight, weak and tired of feeling so thin. This is how Muscle May began. That’s how this whole story with Bony to Beastly began.

On that first day of May, we made a pact: for thirty days, of course, we would do everything to build muscle mass. It’s not like we’re getting steroids or anything like that. Heck, we were even afraid to take creatine. But skinny genes be damned, we’ve grown out of our skinny jeans.

Skinny Want To Gain Muscle

Skinny Want To Gain Muscle

By the end of thirty days we had lost over thirty pounds, which was good.

Bony To Beastly—how A Skinny Guy Gained 10 Pounds In 5 Weeks

But it worked. We’ve finally gained weight! That is why we have redoubled our efforts and extended the expansion agreement for another three months. And by the end of those three months, we had built enough muscle and were no longer skinny. And we never lost weight again.

My biggest loss as a skinny guy was looking at “muscle building” transformation photos and seeing guys who already looked pretty muscular in their previous photos. From time to time there were photos of a slightly overweight guy who had gained a lot of fat and looked fit. And it’s super cool. Greet them. But it is not

The more I learned, the more skeptical I became. During many of these volume changes, guys would lose weight for some reason—travel, illness, stress—and then take a photo of themselves at their lowest point and use that as a “before” photo. They then restore the lost muscle and call it muscle growth transformation. It was actually muscles

A famous example is Tim Ferriss losing muscle while traveling and gaining it back in a month:

A Skinny Guy’s Guide To Bulking Up

This is not always deceptive. Tim Ferriss clearly described the history of training. He was always open about the fact that he had just regained lost muscle mass. This is good. And I like Tim Ferriss. He seems like a good guy. But as a skinny guy looking at this before and after makeover, I couldn’t do it. it wasn’t for me.

Another trick popular in the fitness industry is manipulating before and after photos to make changes look more impressive. It’s not always unfair. There have been a few photoshop scandals, but mostly people take awkward before and after photos with better-lit muscles. This in itself is not dishonest, they just want their progress to look as good as possible.

We’re tired of all this. We wanted to see what would happen if two regular, skinny guys—graphic designers working behind a desk—decided to document their progress as they grew older. We decided to make our photographs clinical:

Skinny Want To Gain Muscle

So before we talk about our massive four-month transformation, let’s get some background. Here I am, 21 years old, in a small T-shirt:

Week Guide To Body Recomposition: How To Lose Fat And Gain Muscle

I was 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighed between 120 and 130 pounds. On my best days, my BMI rose to 16.7, which is considered clinically underweight. If you’re interested in your own BMI, you can check it here.

I wasn’t just skinny in the sense that I wasn’t muscular. When I was 18, I was diagnosed with high risk of heart disease and was encouraged by my family doctor and cardiologist to exercise and eat better.

At the age of 21, I bought the ectomorph muscle building program and gained 20 kg of muscle in three months. This brought me from 130 pounds to 150 pounds. BMI from 16.7 to 19.3. I was no longer clinically underweight! I was still losing weight, but not dangerously so. I was no longer “thin”, just

Another great thing about having already gained 20 pounds was that I kind of knew how to get my things together. I promised my roommate Jared that I would teach him how to build muscle. She lived with me while I gained the first twenty pounds and believed that I could help her with it.

Skinny Fat Fix Program 2023 — Outlive

Here are our official before photos. I weighed 150 kilograms. Jared weighed 130 pounds. It was the heaviest we had ever weighed and the best shape we had ever been in. And we were already grown men.

Remember, I’ve already gained twenty pounds. At 130 pounds, my neck was just under 14 inches, my biceps were just under 10 inches, and my shoulders were just under 39 inches. As you can see, I spent more time on the shoulders, chest and arms than on the legs. I tried squats and deadlifts, but my technique was terrible… so I gave up.

Jared’s measurements were the same as mine the year before, except his arms and legs were slightly larger. (We later discovered that my torso grows easier, making me a “trunk dominant,” while Jared’s arms grip more easily, making him “limb dominant.” Once we figured that out, we were able to adjust our isolation lifts to make them more balanced and muscle growth.)

Skinny Want To Gain Muscle

Now that we had the before photos, we needed to figure out how to get the after photos. We needed to follow a muscle building program. We needed to find an exercise program designed to stimulate muscle growth and a good bulking diet designed to do so.

Foods That Will Help Skinny Guys Put On Muscle Mass

It was a little discouraging at first because at the time, all the information on the internet was geared towards overweight people who wanted to lose weight, not skinny guys trying to build muscle. It took me a long time to figure out what our body type was. Of course, I knew we were skinny, but in the fitness industry, naturally skinny guys are called “ectomorphs.” I also knew that it was difficult for us so-called “sick” people to gain weight. The type of training that is supposed to help people increase muscle mass is called “hypertrophy training.”

Some guys don’t need a smart plan. In every muscle building study you will see “over-reactors.” These are the guys who flap their wings in the gym and

. But there are naturally thin, ectomorphic and brave guys like us. We are people who have to act more methodically to make consistent progress. We are kids who need more exercise to build muscle.

In this context, let’s talk about “non-respondents” for a moment. Most studies comparing exercise regimens do not standardize diets. This presents a problem because many naturally thin guys intuitively don’t consume enough calories to build muscle. As a result, many skinny guys are unable to gain weight and thus build muscle, so they think they have poor muscle structure. This is wrong. We just need to combine a good exercise program with a good voluminous diet. We must focus on both aspects at the same time.

The Essential Skinny Fat Workout & Diet Guide For 2023

The genetic component of muscle growth, as you probably understand. For example, the normal range for testosterone in men is 170 to 780 ng/dL. One guy can produce 4.6 times more testosterone than another guy and both are still within the healthy range. There are also differences in bone structure. The thicker a person’s bones, the more muscle they can build. Someone with thicker arm bones can develop larger biceps and triceps. And the taller and wider a person is, the longer his muscles are. Someone with longer collarbones can build a wider chest.

So here’s the takeaway from eating: Some people gain muscle more easily than others, and everyone will end up looking a little different, but

It can look great. And you won’t look like your target body. You will look like a muscular version of yourself. And it will look and feel amazing.

Skinny Want To Gain Muscle

We took it all as an experience. Partly because it gave us an excuse to look at everything and take pictures. But mostly because we were too embarrassed to tell our friends and family that we

Skinny Guy Series: The Best Time Of Day To Train For Muscle Growth

I’m trying to build muscle. We thought that “we are conducting an experiment” is not so shameful, especially if we fail. But to our surprise, we didn’t. We built muscle pretty quickly.

As we built more and more muscle, we started getting a lot of attention on YouTube and fitness forums. Lots of people have put on muscle mass, but it’s rare to see such skinny guys gain weight and build muscle mass so quickly.

Some of the attention was good, some was bad. On the other hand, I realized that wearing “daisies” (cut-off jean shorts) in my progress photos is not a masculine choice for bodybuilders and powerlifters. But on the other hand, we were also (falsely) accused of using steroids and we proved it.

Masculinization took place. And other skinny guys started emailing us and following them.

Skinny Fat? Want To Build Muscle?

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