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Paint Colors For Interior Doors



Paint Colors For Interior Doors – An interesting trend over the past few years has been to paint interior doors in colors other than white. Learn more about this trend, how to implement it in your home, and get inspired for some beautiful interior door colors you’re sure to love.

In the past, the standard interior doors were wooden or painted white. And it doesn’t matter whether it is wooden or white, the important thing is that it is decorative

Paint Colors For Interior Doors

Paint Colors For Interior Doors

But recently, the new trend of painting interior doors in non-white colors has become increasingly popular.

How To Paint An Interior Door

You’ve probably seen it (or tried it!), but if you haven’t, now’s the time to check it out. These gorgeous options are just the tip of the iceberg of this fun trend.

I recently tried different paint colors on the kitchen doors. I was nervous about not painting all the doors in my house white, but after using them for a few months, I want to do more!

I also painted the inside of the exterior doors Hale Navy on my old house. So, if you’re worried about painting doors, try it on a few doors first and see how it goes!

Currently, the trend is white walls or other neutral (often light) colors such as gray, gray or beige. Apart from the color of the wall paint, interior decoration is often very neutral.

Black Interior Doors

I personally love a good taste of neutrals, but I think they’re meant to be enjoyed with personality (read that as color). There are situations where all this neutrality seems monotonous and boring.

That’s what I love about this interior door paint color trend – it’s a fun new way to add another layer of color!

I got the neutral walls and decor I loved, but I also enjoyed the pops of color and personality I craved.

Paint Colors For Interior Doors

My favorite part about this trend is that it’s an easy fix if you get bored with the color. Plus, it’s easier than painting your furniture if you want a fresh look without a big commitment.

White Trim, Dark Paint > Why I’m Going Dark With My Doors

And there is something more interesting – this norm-defying white door seems very rebellious. 😉

Your interior doors can add variety to your decor. Especially if applied to the color of the front door. Over time, variations in front door colors and styles have become more common.

If you are updating interior doors, you don’t have to paint them all the same color, but keep them consistent throughout the house to maintain consistency and consistency.

For example, you might choose to have all the doors leading to a room a certain color, but you want to keep the closet doors white or a completely different color. If you choose different colors, you may want to keep the same style or design.

Best Warm Benjamin Moore Door Color

If you plan to paint all the doors in your home, I would leave them the same color unless you have a special accent door (like a cupboard door or kitchen door) or you don’t want to paint the exterior doors differently.

Whether the doors and trim match is completely up to you depending on your current decor, personal preference, and whether you’re willing to invest the money and energy to match.

Lauren from Blesser House painted a beautiful shade of gray around the doors and trim, but she didn’t use that color in the room’s decor.

Paint Colors For Interior Doors

Rather than expressing someone’s opinion about how a home should be decorated, let your home decor reflect your personality. This means that whether your interior door paint color matches the decor and contrasts or stands out from the rest of the room with a rich, bright color is completely up to you.

Best Colors And Paints To Use On Your Front Door

In short, this is your home and you are the one who sees it all day, so make it look aesthetically pleasing!

Seeing how good interior doors look if they are not painted white is one thing, but seeing them with your own eyes is another. That’s why I’ve put together 9 examples of amazing interior door paint colors that will give your home instant personality.

Muted shades of blue make excellent accent colors, and a fun way to use accent colors is to paint interior doors. The interior front door of this faux-hollow cottage appears (not too loudly) in Benjamin Moore’s Wythe Blue. The calm blue/aqua color allows you to play around with the decoration.

If you want a fun pop of color, check out Benjamin Moore Yellow Highlighter. This door from Pretty Handy Girl provides a bright, fresh air and can be slightly muted with the surrounding decor if you want to balance it out!

Black Interior Doors: A Lookbook Of Ideas And Diy Expertise

This Milano Red interior door has a bright, refreshing color that is suitable for a child’s room. Young House Love nails the door with a cheerful and bold poppy color that is also reflected in the teardrops on the walls.

How about a pretty pink one? Take a colorful rug or piece of art and pull out the colors and use it on your door. It brings everything together in a very fun and enjoyable way, like Maggie Overby’s studio entrance.

This navy door from Addicted 2 Decorating is stunning. I love the color and its bold, calm look.

Paint Colors For Interior Doors

It can maintain and highlight the contrast between neutral walls and decorative elements and dark wooden floors at the same time – amazing!

Design Experts Share Their Favorite Colors For Interior Doors

If you want a soft touch, this Oyster Bay interior door color from Southern Hospitality is for you. It offers a bit of personality, but isn’t bold enough to challenge the surrounding decor.

I was seriously thinking about painting all my Oyster Bay doors, so I dipped my toe in the door paint water in a slightly lighter color: Comfort Grey.

There’s nothing more classic than black and white. Interior doors painted black provide a bold impression that is clean, simple and calming.

This Kendall Charcoal Door from The Inspired Room is a great example of keeping the decor dark but neutral. The pop of color provided by the door remains within the color scheme, but becomes several shades darker.

Interior Door Paint

Bright green interior doors are a bold color choice, but navy walls and white trim work just fine. The strong color palette of A Turtle’s Life for Me works well in the space and creates a fun atmosphere.

From bold to subtle, I’ve tried to highlight a variety of color options to show just how stunning off-white interior door paint can be! Painting your interior doors can give you a sleek, designer-inspired look. Use bold colors to add drama or muted colors for a more understated style.

This post is sponsored by Valspar Canada. As always, all opinions are our own. For our full disclosure policy, click here.

Paint Colors For Interior Doors

Bloggers and designers have been painting interior doors for years. It’s a look that can add a pop of color or a subtle clean look to your home. Like an accent wall from the past. Painting interior doors is a more economical and fun way!

Painting Doors My Favorite Sage

One way to get a designer look is to use doors (interior and exterior) in dramatic colors. One that I have used in the past in several of our homes.

The front door of our white bungalow was bright red on the outside, a bold statement for such a small house. (Looking back, I still can’t believe there were five of us living in that tiny house!)

The front and side doors with split back are greyish blue on the outside and pale aqua on the inside to match the red brick. (You can see the backsplit color scheme here.)

Many bloggers paint their interior doors black. Using dark or bold colors like black can add dramatic color to your home. Of course it will be amazing if it matches your style.

Dark Gray Doors

I decided to make it easier to use more color in our home and painted our interior doors (only on the main floor for now) Valspar Gallery Gray 2006-10B a beautiful milk mushroom color. I decided to use spare lines on the interior of the flat because I don’t like the glare on my interior doors. However, if you want your door to stand out more, you can choose “bright light”. 😉

Valspar Reserve Interior Latex Based Paint and Primer Stain-removing paint and primer. It’s perfect for our interior doors that have seen better days due to kids’ fingerprints

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