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Modern Three Storey House Design



Modern Three Storey House Design – This modern 3-storey house in Brighton East, Australia takes advantage of the smallest lot available. Based on the client’s instructions, Finnis Architects designed a three-bedroom home focused on living and entertaining. Although the dimensions of the site are small, they managed to create outdoor spaces that are highly appreciated by the owners and create a natural flow between the interior and exterior. The house has three floors, one of them underground, and the other two above ground. The basement contains the garage and service areas, while the upper floors are for day and night areas. The day area is strategically located on the first floor, to be able to join the outdoor spaces on the same level. This smooth transition is made possible by the floor-to-ceiling glass doors, thus eliminating all visual barriers between the inside and the outside. Facades are treated differently depending on the level of privacy required. On the first floor, the concrete walls are replaced with transparent glass, while on the second floor it remains less opaque with opaque glass and wood and aluminum cladding.

The exterior space is very important in design and consists of more than one focal point. One of them is the manicured lawn. Socially, it’s a wooden deck with organically shaped seating around a dining table and a mushroom-shaped gas stove. The third space is the swimming pool, a 12 meter long pool that covers the back wall of the garden.

Modern Three Storey House Design

Modern Three Storey House Design

In the open space of the first floor, a large stone kitchen island dominates the entire floor. The living room is furnished with timeless design pieces such as Le Corbusier sofas and an Arco floor lamp.

Cutom Built Luxury Luxury Three Storey Home Como

The horizontal motif of the wooden stairs is echoed in the black and white stripes on the wall of the staircase leading from the garage level. On the bedroom wall we can find the same striped pattern, but mixed with black, gray and gold. Our client bought an old house and wanted to change it to a modern house. They commissioned the engineering of a modern three-story residence. Our intention was to design a clean and simple house with lots of glass and a flat roof with minimal decorations. Of course, our client wanted to preserve the foundations of the old house and use it as much as possible. We designed a 3-story house with a theater, garage, office and bathroom on the first floor. We also designed a one-story and two-story living room especially for children. The master bedroom is above the garage and away from the children’s area.

Simple and elegant lines perfectly match the modern lifestyle. Horizontal wood paneling adds texture to the white walls, while large windows let in natural daylight and create a spacious and airy space.

The contemporary villa’s outdoor patio seating area and floor-to-ceiling windows open up a view of the landscape and allow natural daylight into the interior spaces, creating a warm and welcoming home.

– SAN DIMAS DUPLEXES, SAN DIMAS, CA – Project update provided a complete set of structural, civil and EPP designs.

House Design 9×11 Meter 30×36 Feet 4 Beds

Engineering documents for a 3,520 SF modular construction single family building in Yucca Valley.

4036 dr. Studio City, CA 91604. New lights are intense life. This tiny house is a study in space, a compact house plan that is not crowded to provide. It is often dark between the long narrow houses. This can be especially true on upper floors where bedrooms are pushed to the outer edge, which usually results in very small and impractical rooms. Not so our Modern Floor Plan #12. This house has abundant natural light plus a balcony that provides deep light throughout the house. And if that’s not enough, there’s also a rooftop patio.

Open and flexible, this contemporary home design supports spontaneous urban living. With an extremely modular small floor plan, anywhere from two to seven bedrooms can be accommodated. Spaces can be used for many purposes and can change like life. Also, this home design can be used to reverse both plans. Alternatively, if you are looking for a small place to stay, a duplex would be it.

Modern Three Storey House Design

Large bedroom Large floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the front or back yard A five-piece bathroom overlooking the courtyard Built-in wardrobe or built-in wardrobe options |

Three Storey Houses Are Under Construction In Thailand, Modern House Design. Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 136170161

Large second bedroom Large floor-to-ceiling windows Options for a private suite or a shared bathroom Spacious wardrobes

The most common problem with narrow house designs is that during the day only the front and back rooms are lit, leaving all the interior spaces in darkness. Incorporating a patio into this compact floor plan turns this old idea upside down and offers many lifestyle benefits not available in regular cramped homes.

With this new light, you can now move your traditional living room or front kitchen to the center of the house, with plenty of daylight, but now with a more intimate and private setting that opens onto the patio. This allows the actual input to be entered. Instead of welcoming guests straight into your living room or kitchen, you can now have the space and separation to welcome your guests and control access to your home – twice as much as a standard closet.

The living room, kitchen and dining room are well proportioned, with the right balance of communication, privacy and traffic flow. Extend your floor to ceiling to expand these rooms to a back deck or patio.

A Very Big Realistic Modern Three Storey House With Very Big Panoramic Windows, With Beautiful Architecture, A Tower Made Of Glass,there Is A Maze Of Green Bushes And Green Grass. There Is A

The kitchen layout extends into the kitchen, with a rare amount of storage for this compact floor plan. With room for a large family-style table, this plan offers ample space for entertaining. You will have enough space for several people to work without bumping into each other, and daily tasks such as setting the table will be easy and accessible.

The upper floors also take advantage of the possibilities offered by the yard. No more front and back bedroom windows. Today, almost every room has floor-to-ceiling windows that let in daylight and offer a view. Also, you can now have bedrooms in the middle of the floor plan (where not possible with typical narrow floor plans). The result is a modern design that does not feel the need to store everything, but has bright and spacious spaces that breathe, while having all the conveniences on the wish list: furnished rooms, home office. , a gym or a private roof terrace.

The third floor also increases the utility of the inner courtyard. There is a level of openness that allows the flexible floor plan to be programmed freely. Whether it’s a home office, gym, art studio, bedroom or family room, the flexibility and comfort are the same.

Modern Three Storey House Design

This is our most flexible floor plan to date, with multiple living options to support the diverse needs of each family. Choose to have all the bedrooms on the second floor, and use the third floor for a home office, gym or studio. Instead, the bedrooms can be moved to the third floor, so that the semi-shared areas are closer to the main floor. We offer custom modifications to make modifications and your dream home a reality.

Modern Narrow House Design 3.5 X 18 Meter

Our plans include everything you need to make your dream home a reality: kitchen and pantry.

/ Floor plans / Roof plans / Exterior elevations / Sections of buildings / Lighting plans / Floor and roof plans / Window plans / Wall collections /

Your lot may be compact, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for a tight layout. At My Modern House, our architects are happy to accept this challenge. In fact, they order. Enter a small, modern home that makes a big impact with a small footprint and hides its size.

You don’t need a big house to live a big life. This is a proven philosophy in every smart inch of small modern home design. With a compact floor plan that maximizes outdoor living space, you get more for less.

Seabreeze Double Storey House Design With 4 Bedrooms

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