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Mid Century Modern Mansion Floor Plans



Mid Century Modern Mansion Floor Plans – Originally built for cartoonist Irwin Kaplan, this early 1950s Pacific Northwest home has been renovated by American firm SHED.

The home is located on a hillside in Seattle’s Laurelhurst neighborhood with quick access to public transportation and the Burke-Gilman Trail. The house dates to 1951 and may have been designed by architect Sidney Kohn, but records are unclear. In 1959, Cohen oversaw housing reconstruction efforts.

Mid Century Modern Mansion Floor Plans

Mid Century Modern Mansion Floor Plans

The home was built for Irwin Kaplan, an illustrator best known for his famous “Last Words” cartoons, which appeared in The Saturday Evening Post magazine . Kaplan also designed posters for the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair.

Vintage 50s House Plans Used To Build Millions Of Mid Century Homes We Still Live In Today

The new owners purchased the home directly from Kaplan Estates and began updating it to meet the needs of their growing family. Development of the redevelopment was entrusted to local SHED architecture and design studio.

“While the house has strong bones and a clear floor plan, it shows signs of deferred maintenance, inefficient and outdated systems, and numerous design flaws,” the team said.

The house is L-shaped in plan and is divided into the main floor and the lower floor. The original house’s main floor lacked a proper foyer and mudroom, and some rooms felt cramped and awkward. The rooms on the lower level were “worn and worn from years of use and were locked from the outside.”

The architects decided to create a more fluid and open layout while retaining the house’s original character. The team’s design adds about 250 square feet (23 square meters) to the home.

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A subtle addition was added to the north side of the home, providing more space for the main-floor master suite and guest suite below. On the first floor, the wall separating the kitchen, dining room and living room has been removed to create better flow in the common spaces.

In the kitchen, the team installed a white tile backsplash and spruce cabinet fronts, as well as a Caesarstone-topped peninsula surrounded by bar stools by Danish designer Simon Legald. Skylights have been installed overhead to let in natural light.

The living room features a tufted gray sofa from Gus Modern, a leather armchair from Brazilian designer Paulo Mendes da Rocha, and a custom steel coffee table. Paintings by the client’s Brazilian friends hang on the walls, and Argentinian cowhide rugs are spread under the feet.

Mid Century Modern Mansion Floor Plans

Also at ground level, the L-shaped deck that wraps around the east corner of the house has been extended and transformed into a rectangular shape. This modification made it possible to expand the restaurant while providing more space for outdoor seating and landscaping.

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“This generous flexible space is accessed through large sliding doors and extends the main floor to the outdoor rooms,” said the team.

A central staircase connects the main and lower levels. To improve the connection between the two floors, the architects removed the wall around the staircase and inserted a skylight that lets light in while allowing hot air to escape.

“The vertical wooden screen is another functional and aesthetic element that doubles as a railing and light filter to enhance your daily experience of light and shadow as you move around the house,” said the team.

The team carried out significant modifications to the lower level, transforming it from a series of “utility and work spaces into a multifunctional level for media, entertainment and hospitality”.

Mid Century Modern Custom Home Design

The updated lower level includes a family room and kitchenette, two bedrooms, shared bathroom, laundry room and storage. The social area opens onto a spacious outdoor terrace.

“Given that both parties’ families live abroad, it was vital to create a cellar that would be convenient for long-term accommodation,” the team said.

In addition to the interior renovations, the team replaced mechanical systems, upgraded the building’s cladding, and enhanced the entrance with a frosted cedar ceiling. Wiring for photovoltaic panels is also installed.

Mid Century Modern Mansion Floor Plans

The overall result is a modern home that “pays homage to its rich history while preparing it for a new era of family living”.

What Is A Split Level House? All About This Mid Century Style

Founded in 1998, SHED Architecture and Design has completed several remodeling projects in Seattle, including renovating a 1957 home for a young family and converting a stable into an artist studio and guest house. The pandemic has given us all time. In our case, this allows us to delve into creative areas that have long been relegated to the bottom of the list.

We’ve moved beyond our longstanding love affair with midcentury modern style—and for us, this is one of the most optimistic housing moments in architecture.

2020—the year of the plague—made me think about optimism; his lack, his need.

Postwar modernism did not face a situation or domestic problem that could not be thoughtfully solved, and often in the most cheerful and fashionable way.

One Story Homes Over 2000 Sq. Ft. Mid Century Modern House

Floor plans, like societies, are becoming more open and fluid—albeit imperfect—as they seek to break away from the constraints of architecture and home culture that box them into wallpapered rooms and predetermined roles.

This inner spirit of modernism may be more important to us than ever before. Innovation will solve many of our problems and force us back to the optimism of Eichler and other like-minded mid-century developers who brought open living and modern materials to a wide range of consumers.

The model here, the Surveyor, is the first of our six projects with an average size of 2,500 square feet or less. (More coming soon.) They use old-school post and beam designs with the hardware required in today’s market.

Mid Century Modern Mansion Floor Plans

At the moment. These models have a less pitched roof and will be suitable for northern climates if grooved as shown.

Home Reno: Basement Design Details

Restored sheds are replacing America’s garages as alternative spaces for digging into and creating a culture of active consumerism. Clayton & Little Architects beautifully renovated this mid-century modern home nestled around an impressive live oak tree in downtown Austin, Texas. Originally designed by renowned University of Texas professor and modern residential architect Roland Rosner, this 1950s home is known for its dramatic cantilevered concrete balconies that sit atop the long On the hillside, in the backyard is Camp Mabry.

Although the new owners were not previously familiar with the period, they were already immersed in all things mid-century modern. The scope of the project includes new brickwork, mahogany paneling and a new guest casino. The project team was tasked with bringing the home into the 21st century while retaining the classic architectural details of the home’s original design.

Project Team: Architecture: Clayton & Little | Interior Design: Ashby Collective | Landscape Architect: Word and Carr | Vendors: Polishing and Plumbing | Kitchen Design: Chef’s Kitchen | Civil Engineer: Duffy Engineering

The architects sought to retain the home’s original character by increasing the square footage, updating finishes and improving energy efficiency. Some rooms have been renovated, while others remain original. The entrance to the house has been changed. Add a brick wall to create an open-air garden, creating a more formal entry sequence.

Modernization Of The Ranch House Plan

The remodel will be completed at 2,680 square feet and include a one-bedroom, one-and-a-half-bathroom main house and a two-bedroom guest house.

Hall windows were added to the family room and living room, which were part of Rosner’s original design.

What We Like: This mid-century modern home offers residents light-filled living spaces with fresh, modern updates. The striking façade benefits from the surrounding natural surroundings, particularly the massive live oak trees, giving it a warm and welcoming feel. Brick walls and wood paneling give the interior a sense of authenticity while adding to the cozy atmosphere. Overall, we think the project team did a great job transforming this home into a haven of mid-century design.

Mid Century Modern Mansion Floor Plans

Tell us: What do you think of the overall design of this renovation project? What details do you find most fascinating? Why in the comments below, we’d love to hear your feedback!

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NOTE: Check out another great home tour we have on One Kindesign from the architect duo behind the project, Clayton & Little: A Beautiful Spanish Colonial Revival Home Restoration in Texas.

To improve the home’s energy performance, the team upgraded the building’s envelope by installing new insulation and double glazing. Photovoltaic panels were added above the canopy and guest house.

New features in the kitchen include frosted quartz countertops, white cabinets and cork flooring. Original features such as wood paneling and a bay window between the kitchen and dining room have been retained.

The added office and technical space on the north side and guest rooms on the south side are deliberately set back from the original house and are virtually unrecognizable from the street. JWT Associates was responsible for the complete renovation of this 1951 mid-century modern home in Los Angeles, California. The original house sits on a large plot of land and has an irregularly shaped swimming pool. The preserved vaulted ceiling becomes the highlight of the interior. Previous renovations of the house did not respect the character of its medieval roots and therefore needed renovation. The owner of the house also wanted to make the interior more open

This 1950s Mid Century Modern Home Was Given A Contemporary Remodel

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