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Kitchen Design Outside The House



Kitchen Design Outside The House – Whether you’re reheating last night’s takeout order or cooking from scratch, there’s nothing like your kitchen. Although the kitchen is the heart of your home, when the temperature rises and the weather gets undeniably nice, you may not want to spend your free time indoors. If you have a backyard and want to amp up your culinary abode, consider adding an outdoor kitchen to the mix.

It’s true that an open kitchen can seem a bit redundant. After all, it is not necessary, for example, like an oven or a dishwasher in your main space. However, it’s a feature that hobbyist entertainers, home cooks, and grill enthusiasts will enjoy in the spring, summer, and beyond. (And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good, tasty meal outdoors?). With good flooring, great accessories, and strategic planning, an outdoor kitchen has the power to look as good as the rest of your home’s interior.

Kitchen Design Outside The House

Kitchen Design Outside The House

If you want to create unity in your property, consider taking inspiration from your interior design when designing your outdoor kitchen. “I like to think of an outdoor kitchen like yours when designing a conventional indoor kitchen,” says Linda Hayslett of LH.Designs. “Cabinets and storage are important, so you don’t have to throw things in and out. If you plan your outdoor kitchen as your indoor kitchen, you’ll love spending a lot of time there—and it’ll become a second. heart. home for you and your family.”

Outdoor Grill Ideas For Summer Entertaining

You can’t go wrong with a tile backsplash for an open kitchen that bridges the gap between form and function. This feature doesn’t just protect the rest of your outdoor kitchen

Backsplash, but it can also take your space’s style factor up a few notches. Let this beautiful repeating mosaic space by Marie Flannigan inspire you.

From grilling up a fresh batch of burgers to putting out the final product and mingling with guests, cooking takes a lot of work. Simplify the process with a long surface. “Design the entire outdoor kitchen and living area as part of a functional layout and consider traffic flow as part of the design,” says landscape architect Robert Bell. “Be careful not to isolate the outside cook from the rest of the party.”

Anyone with an aesthetic more than L’Atelier Paris Haute Design will find a lot to love in this open kitchen. Here, the bold hood and green cabinet act as a visual exclamation point.

How To Plan An Outdoor Kitchen

Set up your culinary residence in your backyard for an outdoor kitchen that speaks to your surroundings. “Secretly integrated into the hillside with a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean and the tranquility of the water feature, this outdoor kitchen makes for a relaxing meal on summer nights,” says Mary Ann Schicketanz, founder of Studio Schicketanz. The oceanfront orientation quickly blurs the lines between landscape and rugged landscape—bringing California’s easygoing, sparse aesthetic to the fore.

Another way to integrate your outdoor kitchen with the rest of your landscaping is to use natural materials. This stacked stone range from Mindy Gayer blends in with the rest of the property while hiding often awkward kitchen fixtures. A design idea that can do double duty? Yes, please

Whether you’re hosting a few friends over for a barbecue or hoping to make the most of your outdoor gathering, having a comfortable place to sit is important. Turn your outdoor kitchen into a destination by adding a peninsula and some stools, like Geyer did here. Not only is this setup perfect for entertaining, but it will also give you a little extra space for cooking.

Kitchen Design Outside The House

Since moving melamine plates and glasses from your indoor kitchen to your outdoor space can be a bit tedious, create storage where it counts. In this outdoor oasis by Andrew Mann Architecture, storage and sliding doors protect pots, lanterns and other cooking essentials from the elements. Christa Monet’s lush landscaping perfectly offsets the space’s modern construction.

Outside Kitchen Design Ideas

Want to enjoy your outdoor kitchen, rain or shine? Consider a protective cover like the one made here by New Jersey designer Christina Kim. “When designing your outdoor entertaining space, consider the space you have, the climate and the environment,” he says. “A porch or deck allows for year-round outdoor entertaining. Just remember to keep your grill and fire outside.”

If you have an outdoor kitchen that is in dire need of a refresh, invest in well-equipped accessories. Here, Destiny Alfonso of Just Destiny decorated her bistro space with a striped umbrella, giving her space a distinctly European charm.

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The Best Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

By clicking “Accept all cookies”, you consent to the storage of cookies on your device to improve site navigation, analyze site usage and assist our marketing efforts. Dine outside in the warm, sunny rain or under the twinkling stars with your family and the Musketeer family as you dine on succulent gourmet and food from the outdoor grill and strips are delicious and comfortable.

Depending on your preferences and taste for the design of your outdoor kitchen and kitchen island, you can combine several ideas, from sharp and fuzzy designs to mid-century, and fill the gaps of the outdoor dining area with an aesthetic appeal. happily. .

At Neo, we bring you open kitchen designs to make your dreams come true. We offer outdoor kitchen ideas and outdoor design tips for outdoor kitchens, fireplaces and outdoor living. The luxury and convenience of indoor kitchens and outdoor cooking are available to homeowners.

Kitchen Design Outside The House

A well-designed and well-equipped backyard kitchen should be your top priority as a homeowner planning to host parties and barbecues. You can start with a portable coffee bar while moving on to easy-to-assemble Regal island furniture that reflects your choice of materials and style.

Out Of The Box Kitchen Design

However, like any other building design, you need to consider your budget, kitchen cabinets, dining area, seating area, counter area, kitchen island, bar area kitchen cabinets, bar stools, bar stools, dining area, size, repetition. Location, position, entertainment space, grill station, accessories, location, design ideas and frequency of operation.

Also consider outdoor fixtures and appliances for rooms, such as gas grills, ovens, pizza ovens, refrigerators, and wine cellars for small spaces. Kitchen design ideas, design ideas and kitchen designs for an ultra-modern outdoor kitchen area should consider other types of energy such as gas or electricity. Laws and regulations, protection, lighting and changes due to climate change should be the main focus.

Some devices require protection from harsh climates and extreme temperatures. For the best outdoor kitchen around, additional features like a patio heater, string lights, smoker, ice maker and brewer should be checked out when choosing kitchen appliances that include all your sinks and fire pits.

You can design your cozy outdoor kitchen with communal indoor connectivity, outdoor fireplace, outdoor entertaining, outdoor kitchen features, outdoor living area and double door deck area.

Creating An Indoor Outdoor Kitchen

Gas house, dining room and recreation area can be decidedly covered. For stylish ideas and open kitchens and designs, a special surface and custom-made cabinets can be suitable. An outdoor kitchen modern sun deck can be made of large hardwood for your landscape design.

To create a playful mood, you can enhance surfaces with soft blue tones that reflect the sky. You can enhance your coffee shop and counter tops with a blue color palette on tiled walls or backsplashes.

You can include a dark wooden roof design in your tombstone preparation surfaces. Darker red columns for kitchen features outside your door can create your countertops to show a pop of color. Natural stone is a classic outdoor kitchen staple, especially for outdoor fireplaces, outdoor living areas and landscaping.

Kitchen Design Outside The House

You can design your building base for coffee shop, coffee shop and mini fridge in your outdoor kitchen. Your desk can round off the color of the headstone

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas & Design

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