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How To Wash Kitchen Walls



How To Wash Kitchen Walls – It is one of the most important parts of a home’s structure, but is almost always neglected when it comes to house cleaning; Of course, we’re talking about your interior walls!

As important as all the conditions of your home’s walls are, their appearance is also important. In fact, the combination of these two factors can benefit your entire home.

How To Wash Kitchen Walls

How To Wash Kitchen Walls

So, when was the last time you thought about cleaning your walls, let alone went through the process? If it’s been long enough (or not), there’s a good chance your otherwise flawless walls have succumbed to scuffs and random stains over the years.

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Dust, dirt, and even black mold can make your walls look beautiful; Fortunately, safety and cleaning will leave your interior walls looking like new!

To make it easier for you, here is an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide to cleaning your walls in the best and safest ways.

To properly clean interior walls from top to bottom, you will have access to them all. This means that furniture and wall decorations should not clutter the space. So, first remove picture frames and other wall decorations, then move the furniture away from the walls to clean it better.

The last thing you need to do before you’re ready to clean the walls is lay out a cloth or rug to catch the cleaning solution. At this point, you need to know whether you are using household cleaners or commercial products. In the latter case, it is important to place plastic because you do not want the solution to drip onto the floor (which could damage the product). The safest way to do this is to anchor the plastic to the foundation so that excess water from the wall falls into the plastic instead of underneath it.

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Before you start “cleaning” the walls, you must first remove dust and dirt. It is important to do this as often as possible so that debris does not spread to the surface when cleaning the walls. Clean the walls from top to bottom using a brush or vacuum cleaner. Remember to use the correct brush when vacuuming to avoid scratching or damaging the paint.

Don’t ignore the corners as they tend to collect dust and be a place for cobwebs to form. To be completely clean, wipe the vacuumed wall with a dust cloth to make sure there is no dust on the surface before (after) wetting it.

Although there are products in the industry that are specifically designed to clean different types of wall finishes, painted walls can be easily cleaned with a DIY wall cleaner. You can use dish soap or vinegar as the main agent; Here’s how to implement both solutions:

How To Wash Kitchen Walls

Regardless of the cleaner in question, it is a good idea to do a “spot test” by applying the cleaner to an inconspicuous area of ​​the wall to ensure it will not damage or discolor it. To do this, you need to use a sponge moistened in the solution to gently clean the walls; Allow it to dry completely before checking for damage. If necessary, try another cleaning solution before continuing with the wall cleaning process.

Man Cleaning Kitchen Wall Tiles With Sponge Stock Image

To remove stains from painted walls from dirty hands or discoloration over time, you will need detergents; However, if necessary, it is recommended that you try to remove the stain from the wall using the same solution for the rest of the area before installing it (the solution).

For this step, the protector must be a towel or soft cloth. Simply dip it in the cleaning solution, squeeze it well so it doesn’t fall out, then gently rub the stain in a circle. Remember that there are special products for different types of wall paint, so if you are dealing with tough/large stains, you may want to purchase one of these special paints.

When we talk about cleaning, we don’t mean spraying water, we just mean wiping the wall with a wet sponge. Before you start, set some fabric aside so you get a few drops during this step.

Start by dipping the sponge into the bucket and squeeze out all the excess water; Avoid saturating the wall by making sure the sponge is not wet. Gently wipe the walls from top to bottom, one section at a time. Clean the sponge regularly to keep dirt off the surface.

How To Wash Walls

Tip: If water spills on the wall somewhere, quickly absorb it with a towel or cloth to avoid stains (due to dirt on the surface). Step 6: Absorb moisture

It’s best not to leave too much moisture on the walls, because not only will it take longer to dry, but long periods of moisture can damage the paint finish. Therefore, as a precaution, we advise you to wipe all walls with a white towel or absorbent cloth to absorb as much water as possible. Remember to replace the towel/cloth with a dry towel when the product is wet.

After completing these steps, turn on the ceiling fan in the room and open the window to let air in; This will help the walls dry quickly. Leave the fans running overnight so that all the walls dry as quickly as possible.

How To Wash Kitchen Walls

If you don’t want your interior walls to be dirty or discolored, you just have to be more careful and aware of some of the activities you do near the walls. In the same way, household members should remember to touch the walls with dirty hands. In fact, sometimes you may think your hands are clean, but even if you wash them and run your fingers through your hair, there will still be oil on them which will rub off the side wall behind them. With this in mind, keeping your hands away from the walls of the house can be a good rule for everyone in the house to follow!

Tips To Maintain Freshly Painted Walls

When it comes to activities, whether it’s a painting or a DIY project, try to place your station away from the wall so nothing sticks out of it. If this is not possible, use plastic sheets or large sheets of cardboard to create a barrier between the work area and the walls. Do not place plastic or cardboard directly on the wall, as this will cause the adhesive to stick to the paint. Instead, look for other places that are easy to remove such as keyboards, cabinets, doors, etc. Stains and stains are inevitable in the kitchen, so if you like to cook and eat, some walls will be dirty. Once built, you may want to extend the backsplash tiles throughout the room.

When you clean your interior walls, you’ll want it that way. Well, the best way to do this is through regular cleaning and maintenance.

To keep your interior walls clean and beautiful, make sure to focus on the area around high points like light switches, doors, etc. These are places where your hands can touch the wall and transfer dirt, oils, and germs to the surface. Dab a clean sponge or soft cloth with mild soap and water and wipe these areas weekly to prevent permanent stains.

Once or twice a month, clean the walls and remove cobwebs from the corners. Leaving dust and dirt on the walls may cause stains if they are wet or there is moisture on the surface. It is important to act quickly when new spots or marks appear. The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to remove them.

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Remember, the more you clean your interior walls, the less permanent and boring stains they will have. The above wall cleaning guide is the best way to make the interior walls of your home look like new again. Plus, if you do it every few months, it will be good for years!

If you use soft, damp tools only, a mild detergent, and low pressure when mopping, you can clean the painted wall without damage. If the paint is peeling or bubbling, washing will cause further damage.

Yes, a magic eraser can be used to clean walls by wetting the tool, squeezing out water, and then scrubbing the surface. However, it is not 100% effective in removing all types of wall stains, especially old ones. If you are planning to buy a magic eraser to clean walls, first make sure that the product is effective in removing various stains.

How To Wash Kitchen Walls

Because it’s acidic, full-strength white vinegar can damage painted walls

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