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How To Sew Jeans Hole



How To Sew Jeans Hole – Home » Sewing Tips and Tricks » Tutorials » How to Sew Distressed Jeans – No Sewing Machine Needed

Learn how to mend ripped jeans – no sewing machine required with easy-to-see stylish ways to add character to hole in your jeans.

How To Sew Jeans Hole

How To Sew Jeans Hole

Hey, this month I’m going to focus on sustainable sewing, including things like repairing existing clothes. Today I’m sharing how you can fix ripped jeans with buttons and buttons. Denim fabric is very durable, but if you wear tight pants, you will tear it.

How To Fix A Hole In Your Pants Without Sewing » Little House On Laurel

Ever since I shared the photo above on Instagram, I’ve been getting requests to show you how to make the hand-sewn cuffs I added to these jeans. This article covers machine patching, and if your jeans have holes on the inside or inside of the thigh, I recommend this method for repair. Today I will share how to sew patches Sashiko style.

When you use different threads and patterns to repair the holes in your jeans, you add character to your jeans and make them look unique.

I have a video below where you can see how I sew these patches, if it’s not attached below or you can watch it on YouTube if you wants it.

The first step in adding a denim patch to a pair of jeans is cutting the patch. You can buy denim from the yard or turn denim into something else to make pillows. I saved a few pairs of my kids’ pants and used them to make denim patches. Using sharp fabric scissors, cut a piece larger than the size of the tear you want to repair.

How To Patch Jeans With A Small Hole Or Rip

The denim patch can be placed in or over the hole for repair, depending on the final look you want. These jeans have a dark leather topstitching and other markings below the tears. I usually use Stitch Witcher, fabric glue, or something similar to hold the patch in place after the design is done. You can also use a water-based baby glue to hold your pillow in place if needed; Elmer’s glue will come off. However, your needle may come loose while working.

In the video above I show additional signs, X’s, and a pattern design. All this is done with straight punches. You can easily thread your needle through multiple stitches to create patterns. Make sure your stitches are tight enough to completely cover the hole.

I prepared the picture below to help you understand the geometric stitch pattern I showed in the video. To begin, you sew horizontal lines, two of which are equal to the third split/stitch. This is shown by the blue/black stitching on the left side. Then you repeat the same pattern with vertical patterns showing red/green in the middle. The parallel lines of the vertical and horizontal seams are the third dimension.

How To Sew Jeans Hole

I used pearl cotton thread for my visual adjustments. You can also use sashiko thread or hand embroidery thread.

Smart N Snazzy: How To Fix Ripped Jeans Without Sewing

When I made all the stitches white, you can choose a different thread color to make it more interesting. Let your gender express your creativity!

So straighten your jeans; Wear it long and enjoy the meaning of jeans that have been worn over and over again for years. This post may contain sponsored links and/or affiliates. Click here to read our full review and learn more about it.

What do you do when you knock your knees in your best shoes? Why fix it?

Yes, ripped jeans can be repaired. I call this a “job attachment” because it won’t be invisible in the long run. Everyone can say that these jeans are a must have. So it’s not cool, it’s useful.

Fix A Hole In Jeans Between The Legs

By doing this repair, you can extend the life of your product through more wear and tear, avoid replacement costs and be “green” at the same time. Instead of wearing your “good” pants to run errands, you can take off your clothes to garden, take pictures, hike in the woods, or go snowshoeing. . . However!

Yankee Bill really blew out the knees of these jeans. The side I showed you in this tutorial looks like a lowercase letter L; the large triangular cover is hanging and the fabric is so frayed that the edges don’t match. HOLE was there.

This is the main idea of ​​the treatment. You take another piece of denim and put it behind the hole and press and sew and sew a reinforcement to reinforce it. Even with your trusty sewing machine, it takes a while to get everything set up, and working with thick fabric and a tight foot takes time. However, with a little patience and without wasting much time, you can achieve this!

How To Sew Jeans Hole

Let’s start with the sticker. I like to save old tires from kids who are too beat up to “give them away” to their cousins. Here you see a pair of Buddy jeans that I’ve had in my closet since I was 4 years old. Ah. I chose a pair wearing a similar shade of navy blue (you can use anything). Both pairs were 100% cotton and felt equally “heavy” to the touch. Since the knees are a problem, I wanted to use a strong and thick denim fabric!

Denim Repair: How To Patch Jeans With Holes

The back of the shoe leg is usually a little wider than the front (seam), so I cut off the entire back leg and trimmed the seam. . This is why the denim was enough for a big hole. I put it on the hole to check that it will cover the whole area. Then I did the same thing for the small hole on my other leg.

I turned the jeans inside out and attached the patch to the inside of the jeans with two staples. This is the inside part and I will sew it on the outside, the purpose of these stitches is to hold the fabric in place while the other stitches are sewn on the outside. (confused yet?).

I turned the jeans right side out and checked for something behind the entire hole. I carefully cut off any large threads near the hole. If you put them on, they stick to all kinds of weird and impossible to remove! Be careful not to stick the legs together – I just stuck them around the hole. Then I removed the “inside” of the two clips so that if I put my hand there I would not accidentally stab myself, poke myself with a sewing needle, or get caught by puppies.

Now it’s time to choose my class. Coats & Clark has a “sister” color that goes well with black jeans. But in this case, I decided that the light blue belt was better. I attached the coil and attached it to my machine.

How To Patch A Hole In Pants Tutorials

My sewing machine has a “free arm”, where you can put a piece of fabric down and slide it off the front of the sewing machine. Therefore, it was quite easy to put the whole leg of the jeans into the sewing machine.

Then you sew the patch. I like to use zigzag stitches. I won’t lie to you, there are a lot of fabrics that are struggling here, you just have to check under the needle for a piece of patchwork and jeans – a few times I almost got another piece of the i.e. my leg or my pocket. I also had to pull the other leg of the jeans between the needle and the rest of the machine 🙂 but it worked. I removed the pins while sewing because they came off me. Note that in the close-up image on the top right, the light blue thread is very tight and difficult to see.

There were places where I couldn’t grab the hem of the pant and had to go back. This is not new. The repair can be stopped there if you feel like you are stuck with the traditional fabric, but I thought we had already “tried” and not “see”.

How To Sew Jeans Hole

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