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How To Make Jewelry With 3d Printer



How To Make Jewelry With 3d Printer – After experimenting with 3D printing on tulle, I wanted to move on. While I was trying to figure out the earring patterns, I decided to use cord instead of tulle to see what would happen and it turned out well. 3D printing cable is very easy and has really fun results.

I can’t find an example, but I feel like I saw an anime or cartoon character that had earrings that looked like they were coming out of their ears, and this would be a good way to achieve this effect for cosplay.

How To Make Jewelry With 3d Printer

How To Make Jewelry With 3d Printer

Supplies will vary depending on exactly what you’re creating (I’m making earrings), your design, and the type of cord you’re using.

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I’ll be doing a lot of things during this Guide, but I also wanted to try to collect some tips in one place, so here they are:

I actually started experimenting with this idea a long time ago, right after I finished 3D printing the tulle, but problems with the printer and then waiting for the new printer to arrive, my husband put off finishing it (and, let’s be honest, laziness).

Here are some of the first pieces when I first figured out what I needed to do to make this work. On the left and above you can see what I did with the tulle before I moved on to the cord. Tulle works well, but you can see through it more easily than lace and it restricts your movement. Without twisting the tulle piece.

The white one on the right is when I tried to knit 3 pieces of nylon together. This didn’t work, but I’m not sure if a looser braid or a tighter one would work better. I have to do more experiments.

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Since these were just proofs, after taking them out of the printer I started turning them around to see how easily they would move. With enough effort, you could get them all to move, but using knots and fibers worked best.

You should start by designing your jewelry (or anything you want to print on thread, I’ll keep talking about earrings, but these tips can be applied to anything you do).

First, consider the size of the earring. You don’t want it too wide to hit your face (unless you don’t mind) and you don’t want it too long because the longer the piece, the more likely the string will slip out of place during printing. Finally, when it comes to size, you need to think about how thick you want the piece to be. All my designs so far are 1.6mm thick which comes out in 8 layers when I cut it out. This seems to work well as the 4 layers just cover the string. This is also a good lightweight thickness for earrings.

How To Make Jewelry With 3d Printer

When it comes to design, think about how big each part of the design is. This is important because the more there is, the more plastic there is to adhere to the design (we print at 100% infill, but if the part is still thin there will be problems). For example, my “Wind Spinner” earrings (inspired by TheCarmichaelWorkshop’s amazing Wind Spinner) started out pretty thin going up and down, but they slid around so much that I froze them after a few repetitions.

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Finally, you should consider angles when designing your piece to avoid the need for a backing. My Wind Spinner earrings were straight pieces so there was no problem, but the 8 sided diamond earrings were angled up and down. Since I wanted that dimension in it, I made sure my corners were 45 degrees to avoid braces. However, if you can design a piece that requires a backing material that won’t get in the way of the string, go for it.

If you’re going to be making jewelry, you’ll need a loop or hole to use to attach your 3D printed piece to the jewelry. I put 2mm holes where I needed them, but if a hole doesn’t make sense, you can also design a loop that comes out from the edge of the piece.

I’ll mention them later where necessary, but I wanted to put them in their place so I hope they’re easy to find when you need them.

Pause: – below it will stop after level 4, the head will move to X0Y0 and continue to level 5 when you restart the 3d printer, you can replace the level with any level, just remember it will stop BEFORE the level.

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Color change: – below it will stop after layer 4, allows you to change thread and continue with layer 5

You may be able to do this directly on your 3D printer, but it would be nice if you could put it in a script so you don’t have to remember to stop printing, change the color and start again manually. You can replace the layer with any layer, just remember that it will stop before that layer.

I have yet to find a clean wire that isn’t smooth, so anything you print on smooth wire will slide off very easily. I’ve experimented with different ways to combat this and the best method seems to be a string knot where the 3D print and string intersect.

How To Make Jewelry With 3d Printer

For example, I decided to print my 8-sided diamond earrings on clear cord, so I measured the design from top to bottom and found all the places where the design would intersect with the cord and measured it on a piece of paper. Now I had to connect all these areas. If you can only make 1 knot in each section then so be it, but if you can make 2 or more. I made 2 knots per section.

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If you are going to use my diamond earring, you must string them (counting from bottom to top):

I found it easier to do this if I tied the strands together and then loosely put the knot on a pin or needle. I then carefully pushed the knot into the desired area and slipped it off the needle while tightening it tightly.

After you have placed all your knots, place a piece of tape on each of them far enough away from the knots that they will not interfere with the print when they are placed. This is mainly to avoid losing the wire before you need it and to remember which end is up or down.

Now it’s time to cut and then print. You will need to stop the script before generating the gcode to print so that the head moves away from your drawing and allows you to place the array. It’s the same script I used to 3D print the tulle fabric. Below I’ve changed it to a layer that works if your piece is 8 layers thick.

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When you are done with layer 4, the head should come off and allow you to place the wire. Apply the tape as close to the print as possible without disturbing the print. In my previous prints, as shown above, I glued the bottom after only 1 layer went up. For later prints I decided a hem might be useful and went up to 5 layers and only had to glue the outside of the hem.

When it’s done, carefully remove it from the bed. Hopefully the knots will hold the piece tight enough on the rope, but again it’s best not to be too tight with it.

(If I were to reprint this design, I would probably try to make the design narrower. I think there was too much space between the top and bottom, and too much space between the middle diamond and the outer ring diamond.)

How To Make Jewelry With 3d Printer

I’m not sure this is the best way to describe it, but another type of string you could use would be fibrous like polyester or cotton.

Guide To Jewelry 3d Printing

Using this is very easy compared to fancy string as all you have to do is line it up on the print and tape it down. Of course, you still need to add a pause or color change to the g-code before you can add a sequence.

The third image above shows exactly the evolution of the wind turbine model. As you can see, it started out longer and the pieces were smaller, but the string moved a lot during printing and didn’t hold the string very well. So I moved the pieces closer together and made them a little bigger.

I ended up changing the pattern above a bit by making the top of the pattern longer so there is more plastic for the ropes to grab. The hole I had to add was removed

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