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How To Make Bench Cushion Covers



How To Make Bench Cushion Covers – , it’s not just for us, but to DIY a unique job for our home. It is equally about celebrating skilled artisans and creating a conscious home based on spirit and purpose. Today we’re combining the best of both worlds – I’m working on a bench cushion project with KUFRI Life Fabrics.

Let’s start with the outfit, shall we? KUFRI creates the most luxurious handwoven fabrics that expertly balance earthy textures and delicate emotions. Each strand of yarn is woven by Indian artisans and is as unique as the craftsman who created it.

How To Make Bench Cushion Covers

How To Make Bench Cushion Covers

The bench seat cushion was inspired by my frustration with unstructured design details. Like this, this and this. I added some of this flavor to a DIY bench I made last year to tone down the strong clean lines. (Go here for a DIY workbench tutorial).

Indoor Bench Cushion Custom

The bottom of the pillow has an envelope closure, so there’s no need to put on any crazy zippers, but it’s welded, making it a central sewing project. I love that wheat creates a casual, cushiony vibe. However, if you don’t want to involve welding, leave it as is and I promise, your pillow will still look great.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sitting down with KUFRI founder and designer Mili Suleman to talk all things love, life, and of course, clothes, so stay tuned! Meanwhile, scroll down to the bottom of this article to watch the video and learn more about the magic of KUFRI.

Cut 2 pieces of gingham around the dimensions of the loom (or shorter if you want the ends of the loom open). In this case, the bench measurements were 12 inches wide x 52 inches long, so I cut two fabric rectangles that were 13 inches wide x 49 inches long. Normally for a nice pillow you want the pillow core to be an inch or two larger than the pillow case, but for this project we’re going with a thinner, flatter pillow style.

Create rounded corners by tracing the glass at each corner and cutting two layers of fabric on the guide.

Diy Modern Bench Cushion With Leather Straps

Sew the two layers of fabric together with a 1/4-1/2 inch seam allowance, leaving an 8 inch gap (so you can tuck your pillow).

Turn the pillow right side out and fill with feathers from the previous pillow shape. (It can get a little messy!) Since it’s a matte plugin, I don’t see anything fancy when I turn it off. I turned the edges of the opening, pinned the two pieces of fabric together and sewed on my sewing machine.

Good welding starts with bias tape. I used this tutorial to create a 2 inch wide piece of continuous bias tape. You can also cut 2-inch strips of fabric at a 45-degree angle and join them end to end to make one long strip of fabric.

How To Make Bench Cushion Covers

Cut out the front and back of the pillow cover. To make a finished pillow that is 12 inches wide x 48 inches long, I cut the KUFRI fabric to the following measurements:

Easy No Sew Window Seat Cushion Cover

Starting with the 13″ x 27″ back panel, fold one of the short sides 1/4″ and iron to secure the seam. Fold the fabric another 1/4″ (to hide the raw edges) and iron to define the fold. Fasten the clip to hold in place. sew along the left edge and repeat with the second back panel.

Next, use the cup guides to create a fillet on the three pieces of fabric, just like you did for the pillowcase. Only the two unstitched corners of the back panel piece need to be rounded. The 4 corners of the front panel should be rounded.

Begin pushing the first few feet of weld to the front or “right side” of the long backing board, joining the raw edge of the rock to the edge of the backing board. I started climbing 1/2 way up one of the long sides. I started pinching only the first few feet of the weld and then set the rest of the weld as I went.

Go to the front of your sewing machine and replace the standard sewing foot with a zipper foot. Move the sewing needle to the furthest position. This will help you sew as close to your source as possible.

Easy To Sew Removable Cushion Covers

Leave a 2″-3″ tail of the welt and start sewing on the right side of the welt, making sure the original edge of the welt lines up with the edge of the fabric as you sew. When you get to the corner, make a few cuts in the welded fabric to wrap the fillet nicely. Weld all the way around the fabric panel.

When you return to the starting point, cut the thread so that the ends meet. Place one of the fabric seams inside the other fabric seam, then fold the outer edge of the seam slightly to hide the raw edges. Then completely wrap the outer weld to the other side and pin in place. Take it to the sewing machine to complete the welding.

Then place the front panel “right” side up (welds should be showing) and place the two small back panel pieces face down. The back panel part overlaps a bit. Join the front and back pieces and sew the entire edge to the right side of the seam. You won’t see a tail, but you can feel it. Use the seam allowance as a guide for the zipper foot. A quick and easy tutorial on how to make a DIY bench cushion with a removable cover. It has a simple envelope closure and ties that add a fun personality.

How To Make Bench Cushion Covers

I made this window seat cushion for banquet seating at my restaurant. It is built completely together and does not require plywood.

Build A Bench Seat For The Kitchen Table

Another plus is that the lid is removable so you can throw it in the washing machine.

I made a dining room bench for my dining room a while back and we wanted to add pillows from the beginning.

I knew that buying a custom mattress can be very expensive, so I decided to make my own removable mattress to make it easy to clean.

After adding this window seat cushion to our dining room, our lives have gotten so much better. The seat was so comfortable that I started spending more time reading or working in the window seat.

How To Make A Bench Cushion

One of the best things about this DIY bench cushion is that it has a removable cover so you can throw it in the washing machine.

Follow this tutorial to make your own banquette seat cushions for a fraction of the price of custom ones.

Material. I used pure linen from Target. It has a beautiful natural linen texture and color and is reasonably priced.

How To Make Bench Cushion Covers

Add foam. I bought 3 inches of high density foam from Joann. I recommend choosing a pad that is at least 2 inches thick.

Jazz Up Your Seats: How To Sew A Cushion Cover For A Bench

A sewing machine. I have used this Singer Stylist sewing machine for years because it has so many great features.

I cut the canvas into three pieces to assemble. I cut out a large rectangle to cover the top and sides of the pillow. I then cut two small pieces to create an opening in the envelope and cover the bottom of the pillow.

When I cut out the two smaller pieces, I intentionally left the raw edge of the board as an edge so I could use it as an envelope opening. Just to save some time!

1 Top fabric: (bead width + mat thickness x 2 + 1 inch) x (bead length + mat thickness x 2 + 1 inch).

Thick Custom Bench Cushion With 100% Polyester

2 below: (bead width + 1 inch) x (bead length / 2 + 1 inch). Note that you will need to add a 1 inch seam allowance as we want the bottom two pieces to overlap slightly to create the envelope seal.

To make the edges of the flap, I measured 3 inches from each edge, then drew a straight line with my sewing machine to create the side seams and sewed.

Note: I sewed 3 inches for the foam I chose 3 inches. If you choose a different pillow height, this will need to be adjusted.

How To Make Bench Cushion Covers

Then I turned it right side out, made sure the corners looked good, and cut off the excess fabric, leaving a half inch at the seam line.

Diy Sewn Bench Cushion

I finished the edges with a zigzag stitch. If you have a chain, you can also sew just the edges.

I placed the two bottom pieces on top of the large fabric, right sides facing each other

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