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How To Insert Audio Into Google Slides On Chromebook



How To Insert Audio Into Google Slides On Chromebook – Google Slides has probably saved you many times when you need to make a quick, effective and persuasive presentation. It provides an important set of tools that you can use to convey any message to your audience with a good visual presentation. It’s no secret that visuals play an important role in successfully communicating with your audience.

Therefore, you want to make your presentation as efficient as possible. However, voice plays an important role in delivering a powerful message to your audience. So you want to learn how to add audio to Google Slides to take your presentation to the next level.

How To Insert Audio Into Google Slides On Chromebook

How To Insert Audio Into Google Slides On Chromebook

Now that you know how to create high-quality audio for your presentation, it’s time to learn how to add audio to Google Slides. Once you learn this simple process, you’ll be ready to give presentations.

How To Do A Voiceover On Google Slides: Step By Step Guide

Google Drive is a cloud storage where all files and folders related to various Google projects are stored. So, to add a new file to Google Slides, you must first upload the file to Google Drive.

Click the New button on the left side of the Google Drive account page. Then, select the Upload File button and upload your audio from your phone to Google Drive.

If you plan to share your Google Slides presentation with others and they want to access your audio, give them exclusive access to your files from Google Drive. You can do this in file settings.

In the Google Slides window, click the Insert button from the top menu options and select the Audio option.

How To Insert And Edit Audio Files In Google Slides (updated 2020)

Then, select the audio you have uploaded to Google Drive. When your voice is on the slide, adjust the audio image to be more consistent with the display.

Google Slides provides basic editing for your audio. Basically, you can control the focus, shadow, volume and other important aspects of the audio file by clicking on the audio and editing the displayed menu options. on the right side of the screen.

3) Click the “Insert” button on the Google Slides menu, select “Audio” and select the music you downloaded.

How To Insert Audio Into Google Slides On Chromebook

4) Fix the slide with slides to run.

How To Embed Music In Your Google Slides Presentation

Before you learn how to add your audio files to Google Slides, your voice must be clear, without background noise, at the appropriate volume level, and professional and understandable. .

To enjoy an immersive audio experience, you’ll want to choose the right recording software. There are two tools that will help you create good audio. You can use a voice recorder that allows you to record at any time from your computer or phone. After recording the audio, you can directly edit your account and export it as an MP3 or WAV file.

Another recording tool, the Voice Recorder, is designed to record professional audio. When you’re done recording, you can remove extra noise with the Magic Dust feature. The recorder automatically creates a separate track for each sound. That way, if someone accidentally cancels your reservation, you don’t have to start over; You can open a separate panel for extra sound.

Finally, no matter which tool you choose to output audio, you can convert audio files into text with an audio converter tool and add subtitles to your videos. As a result, your SEO content will be better and you will have a better position in the organic ranking in the search engines.

How To Add Music To Google Slides: A Step By Step Guide

Now that we’ve covered the technical side, let’s talk about the benefits of adding audio to your presentation.

During the presentation, your audience should follow your oral presentation and the text included in the presentation. This requires a lot of thought. Adding voice to your presentation will draw your audience’s full attention to your message.

Also remember that listening is much less than reading. You read quickly what you hear. Therefore, adding audio to your presentation will help your audience better understand your content.

How To Insert Audio Into Google Slides On Chromebook

You can be an amazing speaker at a presentation. But let’s be careful, all the shows we hear are sometimes boring. Every time, you want to win your presentation by making it original and unique. There is a sound

How To Record Video Presentations With Google Slides

The voice carries the anxiety and stress of the physical expression. If you add sound to your presentation, the sound will be different and create an emotional atmosphere. Even if you’re doing the audio yourself, your listeners will notice it differently because it’s more accurate, well-filtered, listenable, quiet, and most importantly, more reliable.

Choosing the right background music or soundtrack can enhance your presentation and set the mood. For example, if you are offering a discount plan for the Christmas season, you can include Christmas music to engage your audience and get them in the holiday spirit.

Adding audio to a Google Slides presentation is a simple 3-step process: upload your audio to Google Drive, import it, and edit it in Google Slides. The hardest part is recording high volume and having a professional sound. You can use voice or audio tools for this.

Remember that adding audio to your presentation can enhance your content, give your presentation a unique tone and an interesting atmosphere.

How To Add Audio To A Google Slides Presentation From Google Drive Or Spotify

A multimedia platform that allows you to create high-quality audio interviews and provide AI-powered audio editors.

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How To Insert Audio Into Google Slides On Chromebook

For years, teachers have asked me how to add audio — usually narration or background music — to Google Slides.

Audio In Google Slides

There are many ways to use this feature in curriculum and student projects.

If you’re looking for project ideas, check out my previous post: 25 Ways to Use Audio in Google Slides.

How to add audio to Google Slides! HAVE BEEN! Finally, we can add the story, the background music or the sounds we want! Click to Tweet #gsuiteedu #

Below is a YouTube video tutorial. Keep reading to see all the steps (and tips) in the blog post.

How To Do A Voice Over On Google Slides: Everything You Need To Know

If you own the file and have the rights to use it, you can include audio, sound effects or music.

(Remember to respect copyright and fair use policies when using audio files created by others, and use this as an opportunity to discuss good digital citizenship with your students!)

Since Google Slides doesn’t allow you to record, you’ll need to use a separate program to record the audio file and save it to Google Drive.

How To Insert Audio Into Google Slides On Chromebook

There are many applications to try recording: Online Voice Recorder (online, no login required), AdaCity (Mac or PC), or GarageBand (Apple only).

How To Add Audio To Google Slides? Step By Step Guide

If you have an audio or music file that you want to use, save it to your Google Drive.

To upload or save files to a drive, go to the drive, click the New button, and select File Upload.

Don’t forget! If you are sharing this slideshow with your readers or someone who wants to play the audio file, the audio must be shared from Google Drive.

Share this file so that others can see it with a link. Learn more about sharing in the Google Drive sharing guide.

Tutorial Guide Of Add A Voice Memo To Google Slides

After pressing the SELECT button, a comment button will appear on the slide. Click the icon to play the sound or move to the desired position on the slide.

After inserting an audio file into a slide, you can edit it.

It’s similar to the options you see with videos. (Click here to learn more about video options in Google Slides.)

How To Insert Audio Into Google Slides On Chromebook

Once the promoter icon is selected (it has blue bars), you can click and drag it to where you want it.

How To Record Audio On Google Slides: 5 Recording Tools

You can click the FORMAT OPTIONS button on the toolbar. (This context menu appears when an item is selected.)

You can choose to “click” it to play or have it play automatically when you show the slide.

If you decide to play easily, you can hide the icon because you don’t need to see it on the screen.

And last but not least, you can check the “Stop Slide Change” box and this will keep the audio playing while you change slides.

How To Convert Google Slides To A Powerpoint In 4 Steps

You can preview the audio and play it by turning it on the speakers in edit mode.

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