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How To Get Microsoft Word For Ipad



How To Get Microsoft Word For Ipad – Whether we like it or not, the Microsoft Office suite does its job for most of our lives. You may decide to use it for work, or you may just enjoy using it, but either way, it’s out. What do you think about the move to Office 365, but it has improved the Office suite in every way, while being available on more platforms.

Today we’re going to take a look at Microsoft Word, one of the Office 365 packages. More specifically, take a look at the iPad version to see how it compares to other versions of Word in 2019 and how well it plays with iOS in general.

How To Get Microsoft Word For Ipad

How To Get Microsoft Word For Ipad

We spend a lot of time to find the best. Our team at Sweet Setup has come up with a short list of the most used apps we need to have in 2022.

Microsoft Word Productivity Tips For Ipad Users

These apps work on iPad, iPhone and Mac. And they are in different categories, but they focus more on the product. They help you improve your programs and your day.

Microsoft Word for iPad is a well-designed advanced word processing program that most people need to do their office work on their favorite tablet. As we’ll discuss later, it’s not a carbon copy of the desktop version, but a very rich program that lets you perform many of the documents you’ve worked on individually or together in a Word document. .

That is, especially if you want to embed yourself in the Microsoft ecosystem. For example, if you store your files on OneDrive, the collaboration and auto-save features make the app useful. If you’re managing your files using devices like iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc., these features are missing. Many consider it a hack, and for this reason alone, it has a low rating on the App Store. If you plan to use Word for iPad, I recommend storing your files on OneDrive for the best experience.

Another thing to check first is that the app is free to download and you can view Word documents without paying a single penny, but if you want to edit or create documents, you must have an Office 365 subscription. The plans start at $5.99 per person per month and get all Office apps and 1DB of OneDrive storage, so that’s great, but again, not necessary. Some people re-register so it can be closed. . Also.

Word For Ipad (or The App I’ve Been Waiting My Whole Ipad Life For)

All in all, this machine from Microsoft has some great features, and it offers free editing for users on iPads smaller than 10 inches. So if you have an iPad mini or iPad mini you can get it repaired for free. Currently, only iPad Pro users need an Office 365 subscription to get full functionality.

If you want to jump through those hoops, Word for iPad is a fun experience. As a regular web writer, Word isn’t my writing style, but this article was written entirely in Word for iPad, and it’s awesome. I don’t recommend that people write for the web, but I can see people needing long-term writing or print content. They want to share.

This may or may not be a good thing, depending on who you ask, but what I like about Word for iPad is that it feels like you have a lot of features that are visible on the desktop. Direction. Check it out in full. One of the things that has made many people dislike Word over the years is the lack of features that the app offers. As we’ll discuss in the next section, not everything has changed for the iPad, but many of the key features are here and in a very simple way.

How To Get Microsoft Word For Ipad

Fonts: You can do basic things like text styles, and Microsoft has included all the fonts associated with the desktop apps, so you don’t have to worry about “fixing fonts”. Chances of dating are low. dialog box. You can view them in the font list, and each font will be downloaded instantly. Note that some iOS fonts are not recognized by the system, so fonts such as Helvetica and Avenir are not recognized. Not even the usual text messages you send. This is important for those who have a variety of documents for work that use standard fonts. Those files don’t work well in the iPad version of Word. (Though we expect many of these plugins to disappear once iOS 13 and iPadOS launch with standard font support.)

Installing Office 365 On An Ipad

Editing: In addition to pasting text, you can add the usual things like tables, images, shapes, text boxes, embedded math equations, comments, and titles. They all work fine, which means they work just like on desktop. Images are more difficult to manage than in an app like Pages, but if you understand Word’s logic, you can.

Drawing: Then there’s the drawing mode, where you can draw on your documents, and it’s really built around the Apple Pencil. In fact, you can’t do anything with that Apple Pencil.

Bookmark your documents. While it can be used for user interaction, you cannot use it to scroll through a file. I don’t really like this because I like to use the Apple Pencil for a lot of non-drawing stuff on the iPad, but Word isn’t designed to do that. Touching the document with the pen will change the drawing mode. Ideally, the app would require you to tap Image mode before saving all your pencils as images, but there’s no way to adjust this mode.

Data loss: Finally, I haven’t noticed this in the weeks I’ve been using the app extensively, but most of the one-star reviews in the App Store are about the app’s changes to non-OneDrive services. Don’t care and don’t lose. Your changes will not change. How to return them. Data loss is a serious problem and once it gets you frustrated and quits the app completely. It seems like a small number of users are having this issue, but it’s worth mentioning here.

Word Documents On An Ipad

While it’s great that companies like Microsoft and Google are bringing their entire operating system to iOS, they’re not doing much to ensure their devices are good citizens. Google is notorious for this, and sometimes it takes a year or more for iOS to fully utilize normal operation. Microsoft is doing better here, but as mentioned above, they want you to do things the Microsoft way, not the iOS way.

Large, drag-and-drop, and more: On the plus side, Word supports things like multitasking and the new iPad Pro screen size. You can use Word in a window on the side of the iPad, or use it in the largest 12.9-inch iPad Pro, which is a good size. It supports presentation and download in iOS 11.

Merge files: Another good reason is that Word is compatible with real file formats, so if you have a file stored in iCloud but want to open it in Word, it’s easy to do. Likewise, all Office documents open their respective Office apps in the Documents app.

How To Get Microsoft Word For Ipad

Bad file integration: On the downside, file integration is very cheap because you can delete files from every service you add them to. But you have to convert the file manually from Word. Like many other forms of writing, the line was accepted.

Smartcite For Word

This information works differently for OneDrive users and those who use something like Dropbox for file storage. Also, if you want to get the full Microsoft experience, this app is better.

Keyboard shortcuts: Another limitation has to do with keyboard support. Shortcut keys in desktop applications can make you look like a productivity god, and they’re all the rage these days

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