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How Do I Find Out What Career I Want



How Do I Find Out What Career I Want – There is a saying that young people often hear when starting their career. It’s like “Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” This useless wisdom is usually “What do you want to do with the rest of your life?” No pressure.

A seemingly innocuous question left me and many others searching for an answer. Everyone seems to have a plan except me. It takes 4 years of college and 5 years in the workforce to realize that finding a meaningful career isn’t created out of the blue, like a new favorite ice cream flavor or a lottery ticket.

How Do I Find Out What Career I Want

How Do I Find Out What Career I Want

It is a journey of self-discovery. The trip worked, but here are some tips I learned along the way.

Eb Sanders — Find The Right Career Path For You

You won’t like your first job. First jobs are usually boring. That’s why they hired you. Just like relationships, you never know if this will work for you or not. Expecting to fall in love on the first date or the first day at work is unrealistic, not to mention the enormous pressure it puts on everyone. Stacey has been apologizing since first grade.

The best way is to try what you like. It gives you time to explore and discover your niche. Some things don’t work, but it tells you to go in a different direction. It’s good to learn to hate something.

I had many jobs before I got into media and entertainment, but I always tended to pursue my personal interests. I studied politics and power structures, so I volunteered for political campaigns. I caught the travel bug, so I taught English, which gave me the freedom to explore while receiving financial support. I wanted to party cheaply in Spain, so I became a club organizer (besides: lust is not necessarily noble).

During my final year at university, the choice to choose a career was impossible. Hundreds of informational interviews were required to narrow my focus. The final decision was made because I was very interested in people and media activities. As businesses get bigger and faster, people become more alive and personal.

Ways To Future Proof Your Career

Thoughts that drive interest are productive and liberating. You don’t have to find instant love in a career. Cultivate curiosity around you with people, places and things that interest you. By following your passion, you unleash your strengths while discovering what you enjoy along the way. No pressure.

I did not enjoy my first job in entertainment. Bright and enthusiastic, my interest in becoming a talent agent quickly faded when I realized that I shared few interests with talent agents and was not culturally inspired. Apologies agents and CFO WME.

However, I tried to learn as much as I could, even though I didn’t get much joy in my first stop. You always have the opportunity to learn from situations you don’t like. So when I was looking for my next job, I jumped at the chance to work a few desks and talk to as many people as I could. Even if it’s not the right place for you, any company you join has value. Do not take it easy. You get paid to learn.

How Do I Find Out What Career I Want

At WME I learned the language of business, entertainment deals, buyers and sellers in the industry, the value of the media dollar and creativity should be an important part of my career. That lesson led me to my next job at a branded entertainment company. There I discovered marketing as a career path, discovered that I excelled in customer service and learned to love research. It brought me closer to my natural, personal talent, pouring hour after hour into entertainment and media.

How To Answer The

Curiosity is a powerful human drive. Embrace it. All experiences, good or bad, are opportunities to understand where your talents and interests lie. A job mismatch is not a failure. It is an opportunity to grow.

You will not be good at everything. But following your passion is the best way to discover and develop the natural talent you have. Career satisfaction is about finding that sweet spot between what you love and what you master.

For example, I love soccer and have been playing the beautiful game for almost 18 years. As much as I loved the game, I was never good enough to make it a career. I don’t have the natural talent or discipline to put in the time it takes to master it. So even though it’s a hobby, it’s not a career. Sorry Dad and Coach G.

As you learn more about your interests, you will find natural options for interests. Pursue this interest continuously. Spend enough time on these interests and skills and you will master them.

Careers: The Graphic Guide To Planning Your Future 9781465429735

Mastering your passions is very satisfying. Eat at any Michelin star and say you’re not satisfied with what the chef in front of you prepares. Messi dribbling past defenders to slot the ball neatly into the back of the net is impressive. A balanced, organized and clean financial plan has a special elegance.

Mastering your passion is very rewarding, but people are willing to pay for it. Bill Gates started by founding a computer club in his high school. The passion and talent behind what you do will shine through in all areas. The iPhone does not. Stock market timing. To nail the sail field.

The journey of life is a lifelong journey with twists and turns. But these three things—pursuing interests, learning, and identifying strengths—provide a unique blueprint for moving toward a career you love. I have built a career in entertainment, media and marketing. There will always be more to learn, new interests to pursue and skills to master. I get paid to master things that interest me. If you do the same, I promise you will love what you do.

How Do I Find Out What Career I Want

Wes Morton is the CEO and founder of Creative Strategies, a creative consultancy and studio for entertainment, media and technology brands.

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Can you talk business? Business language will change depending on your industry. Being “fluent” in your field is key to being accepted in your field.

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Of time”? “He broke the record for the number of career jumps in a 10-year period”? Of course not. You want the day to be a fulfilling and rewarding career celebration for you.

But in the meantime, how do you achieve long-term life satisfaction? Lifehacker’s staff has a system for determining which types of jobs match your career personality or your own skills, abilities, values ​​and preferences. This is important for several reasons.

How Do I Find Out What Career I Want

Basically, knowing your career personality will not only help you settle on a certain path, but also help you set goals. If you’re having trouble visualizing a five-year plan for yourself, it’s probably because you’re on an uncomfortable career path. If you studied accounting in college, it seemed like the right thing to do at the time, but now you want to scream after spending hours on a spreadsheet.

An Automotive Technology Career: Is It Right For You?

Thinking about your career personality can help you avoid that sprawl by narrowing down what you like and what challenges you. Maybe you and your accounting degree are better suited to a different kind of financial environment, or maybe you should be on cable news about the economy. There are ways to match skills and interests to different career paths, but you won’t know how to use them until you spend time thinking about what you can do and where to do it.

Yes, of course you want a job that pays your bills and also allows you to save for that dude ranch vacation you’ve been eyeing on Groupon. But if that salary comes at the expense of a job that drains you or an intense office environment that leads to epic crying sessions in the bathroom, it doesn’t seem like a big deal.

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