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Home Based Chat Support Jobs Philippines



Home Based Chat Support Jobs Philippines – If you’re ready to build a great team for some of the fastest-growing brands in the world, check out our current openings.

We are the first partner for talent outsourcing. We hire the best agents in the industry and are committed to building the best company culture in the world. We’re the highest-rated company in the outsourcing industry on Glassdoor, and we’re always working to improve the employee experience.

Home Based Chat Support Jobs Philippines

Home Based Chat Support Jobs Philippines

Today, we offer remote and physical call center options. But we started as a remote company, so we offer the best work-from-home experience in the industry. Since our founding, our culture and communication processes have been built for the remote model. If you want to build a long-lasting career, build real relationships with your colleagues, and enjoy the comfort and convenience of working from home, check out our open positions today.

Remote Customer Support Jobs

Our Creator Support team increases creator satisfaction, engagement and value by delivering exceptional support across multiple platforms and interactions. As a Creator Support Agent, we trust you to deliver exceptional results and…

Communication Skills: Good command of spoken and written English (minimum C1) At least one year of professional customer service experience or equivalent position working with customers Customer support experience via phone, email, chat, and/or in-person Enthusiastic…

Primary Purpose: The Customer Service Associate will be responsible for retaining current customers and growing our customer base, maintaining accurate records of correspondence, meeting with management regularly, updating customer information, making recommendations for process improvements,…

Leverage the collective knowledge and skills of managers and colleagues to support and develop the entire Peak Support Workforce Management department to define, document and implement best practice and strategy…

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Essential Responsibilities: Responsible for overseeing capacity issues on each company project. Provide guidance on how to create different business models for each potential client Work closely with various departments…

Peak Support, a rapidly growing outsourcing company serving some of today’s most innovative companies, is seeking a Sales Director to build, launch and grow our outside sales function. Peak Support Manage Customer Service…

Job Overview: We are seeking a highly skilled Payroll and Benefits Director to join our team. As the Director of Compensation and Compensation, you will be responsible for overseeing compensation analysis…

Home Based Chat Support Jobs Philippines

Essential Responsibilities: Coordinate with team leaders to manage the daily operational activities of a large account or multiple accounts. Lead a team by allocating resources, assigning responsibilities, coordinating, communicating and engaging… Create a free profile to show employers your experience and skills. Select your desired hourly rate in USD.

Customer Service Representative Job Description

Hourly Wage Guarantee: Rest assured, we have your back. Pay with confidence. learn more.

Chat support communicates with consumers through live chat to answer questions or resolve issues. The primary role is to serve as the first customer support representative and satisfy customers by providing solutions to their product, service, or technical issues.

Providing customers with chat capabilities and support for chat while working from home has the greatest impact on customer satisfaction. Therefore, various companies are constantly looking for candidates to fill this position.

Every day, companies from all over the world are looking for opportunities to recruit chat support staff in the Philippines.

Top 11 Bpo Companies In The Philippines

In fact, our work-from-home market has not only some of the world’s largest companies posting jobs, but also thousands of small and medium-sized employers.

There is a huge demand for hiring chat support staff in the Philippines, so there are many opportunities to apply for chat support jobs in the country.

The Philippines is the best place in the world for companies to hire remote chat support staff as English is the common official language in the country.

Home Based Chat Support Jobs Philippines

Because of this, there are many opportunities for Filipinos to apply for chat support jobs from home and enjoy working remotely for companies around the world.

Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots Threaten Call Center Industry, Human Operators

Companies hire chat support staff because chat support is one of the most proactive ways to interact with customers in a fast and user-friendly manner.

Businesses with website visitors will have a better experience and build a stronger connection with their brand if they have the option to interact with live chat customer support agents.

The average salary for a live chat support job in the Philippines ranges from $2.00 per hour for an entry-level customer service agent to $10.00 per hour for a lead or senior customer support manager.

Of course, actual salary depends on the candidate’s experience, the salary requested, and how much the employer is willing to pay.

Virtual Assistant Jobs,work From Home In Philippines

When you register and create a candidate account on , you’ll be asked to set a target hourly rate (in USD). Don’t sell yourself short, but at the same time don’t set your salary at an unrealistic level, as this will create challenges in getting hired.

When an employer posts a chat support position on , there are likely to be many applicants for the position. The key is to build a good profile and apply for jobs you think you’re suited for.

This depends on the individual employer and the job you are applying for. However, here are some basic guidelines.

Home Based Chat Support Jobs Philippines

Technical requirements include a stable internet connection (5 Mbps and above) and a backup prepaid broadband connection if you’re in an area prone to any kind of power outage.

Work Hours, Jobs, And Rates In The Philippines

You should also have a laptop or computer, a webcam, and headphones (in case you are asked to attend a meeting).

Has helped thousands of Filipinos find jobs online, including chat support jobs, with employers around the world. is the world’s safest platform helping Filipinos find jobs online.

As mentioned before, to find an employer or a job online, you need to register and open a free account at. Include as much information as possible about your skills, experience, work experience (if applicable), hobbies and interests. The more information you have, the more likely an employer is to hire you.

After completing your profile, you can apply for jobs in the Philippines online (which is a better option) or wait for the employer to contact you.

Apple Work From Home Jobs

Offering you a real opportunity to work from home and earn a regular salary through part-time or full-time employment.

On this site, you should follow these three simple steps to start searching for remote jobs in the Philippines and find a job that perfectly matches your skills and qualifications.

Step 1: First, sign up for a completely free account. Once you register, you will be able to edit your profile to better showcase your skills, qualifications and work experience.

Home Based Chat Support Jobs Philippines

Step 3: Apply for a job. If your employer likes your profile and resume, then they can contact you and invite you for an interview.

Companies That Hire For Remote Chat Support Jobs

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