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Gypsum Board For False Ceiling



Gypsum Board For False Ceiling – Gyptop Brand PVC gypsum ceiling tiles use new technology and processing of quality drawing materials and become, mainly reflected in strict quality control procedures, quality PVC shell material, gypsum board material, environmental protective glue.

Indoor decoration of large-scale buildings such as hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, theaters, ballrooms, cinemas, stations, auditoriums, offices, sitting rooms, business buildings, electronic workshops, detailed equipment rooms, and industrial or residential buildings.

Gypsum Board For False Ceiling

Gypsum Board For False Ceiling

Properties: The best quality pvc laminated gypsum ceiling tiles with aluminum foil backing is the best of thermal insulation, fire resistance, moisture resistance, no deflection, elegant, economical, eco-friendly and easy installation as suspended ceiling tiles and dry wall partition.

White And Blue Gypsum False Ceiling Designing Service

C. Fire resistance level A, complying with Item 204 BG50222-95 fire resistance criteria of building material interdecoration design

1, Who are we? We are Shandong Top Building Materials CO., LTD 2, What should we do? We are a professional and best manufacturer of Ceiling and Drywall Systems from China. We provide gypsum board, pvc gypsum ceiling tiles, T-Grid, steel ceiling drywall frame, gypsum access panel, pvc film, metal corner tape, corner bead, joint paper tape, fiberglass tape… 3, What is our goal? Create more value for customers. 4, Why choose Shandong Top Building Materials CO., LTD? We focus on the gypsum board industry for 30 years. We have 15 years of export business experience. We are more professional and efficient. 5, What is our website? 6, What is our brand? There are 7 Gyptop brands, why choose Gyptop brand? The Gyptop brand represents a more professional service and an efficient way of working, the most important of which is to create more value for customers. 8, How can I help you? Save time, save cost and make maximum profit for you 9, What certificates can we provide? ISO9001-2008, CE, SONCAP, COC, TVOC… 10, What are the advantages of our products? Value with the highest quality, full size and superior stability 11, What is the advantage of our talent? We have 5-10 years experience in gypsum board export. We have more information about professional products. We know our target market better. We are the best partners.

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Gypsum Ceiling ⋆ Archi Monarch

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