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Find My Perfect Foundation Shade



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Join makeup artist Moody Sister Witt as she explains how to find your foundation match between your foundation and under your skin.

Find My Perfect Foundation Shade

Find My Perfect Foundation Shade

How to find your skin tone How to find out what’s underneath your skin How to check foundation for best results

How To Choose The Best Maybelline Fit Me Foundation For Your Skin

You will find that it is usually one of three basic tones. Ivory, beige or bronze. Your foundation tone is the first step to finding the perfect foundation match for your skin tone. Most beauty products are categorized according to your skin tone from fair to dark.

While your skin tone varies depending on your race, where you live, and the season of the year – if your ethnicity is Caucasian, you’ll find that ivory shades, Hispanic or American Americans usually look your best in beige tones. African Americans would be bronze.

To determine your skin tone, look at basic makeup swatches and see which shades go best with your skin tone.

What is less? Do I have cool or warm skin? You need to know because skin color never changes.

Finding Your Foundation Match Lies In This Weird Part Of Your Face

The color of your skin is the color of your skin. It is most visible on the skin of your face. You will have one of the following:

When we paint match customers we look for signs like rosy cheeks. If you find that you have red or pink cheeks, you have a soft pink complexion. Do you get a nice golden glow when you’re cold? You may have a warm yellow floor. These simple tips will help you decide which shade is right under your skin.

To match your foundation at home, choose a shade that you think suits you best, then go one shade lighter and darker than that. Make sure your skin is properly prepped before trying your foundation samples.

Find My Perfect Foundation Shade

For best results you’ll want to match and test foundation shades on your face – not your arm. Make sure your face is washed and moisturized.

How To Find Your Perfect Foundation Shade. — Giselle Dozier Artistry

The goal is to find a shade that balances your low tone and complements your face and neck for a natural look.

. The color should complement both or strike a balance between the two. Don’t let it stay on your face and neck. We recommend trying at least three shades to make sure you have the perfect color.

Once you’ve found your perfect shade, you can now prepare for another season. Most people have 1 shade in the winter and spring and another shade in the spring and fall, and your skin tone goes from definition to sun-kissed. It goes up a shade in the summer and usually goes down a shade in the winter.

The easiest way to get your best game is to go pro. Email us makeup selfies – standing outside in direct sunlight – near a window. Moody Sister Vit matches your skin tone with a moody foundation shade. This gives you the confidence to get a perfect match the first time.

How To Find The Best Foundation Color Shade For You: 10 Steps

If you are sure that you know your shade, you can pick up a foundation sample pack and try out the shades at home. Pick up an ivory, beige or bronze sample pack with a variety of bottoms to find your perfect match.

What is the underlying principle and how does it help your creative process? Learn more about face primer and why it’s so important for a flawless makeup look!

Check out these top wear tips for flawless coverage all day, even when you’re sweating. Skin tone theory and my approach to finding the right base color for you is easy to understand. How important it is to wear the right base color. The wrong color will ruin your entire look and muddy all your makeup options. But don’t worry, I’ll help you avoid all that with simple ways to check your skin and choose the perfect foundation.

Find My Perfect Foundation Shade

What I’ve found over the years of working with every skin tone is that there are four main categories: warm, cool, olive, and neutral. All four can vary the shades (light or dark color) from fair to deep. Here are some characteristics of each shade that will help you understand who you are.

How To Find (or Mix) Your Perfect Foundation Shade ∙ Elementalcolour

Warmth: Warm skin has more yellow undertones, which creates a golden hue to the skin. It will be red on your tone, especially if you are red, and will add a rich golden glow. You look beautiful in gold jewellery.

Cool: Cool skin has a strong red color with a touch of blue, which appears pale and appears as a pink tone on pale skin. Cool deep tones with a true chocolate red tone. You look beautiful in gold or silver jewellery.

Olive: The most important thing about olive tones that separates you from the rest of the category is that you don’t have red undertones in warm, cool and neutral skin – so the yellow and blue undertones of your skin are olive undertones. . Except for the red tone to tone it down. You’re not usually toxic, so you can be confused or described as warm. You look beautiful in silver jewellery.

Neutrals: Medium skin has a balance of yellows, blues, and reds that give you a tone that’s hard to distinguish. You’ll find that most colors flatter you in both warm and cool regions and look great with any metallic jewel tone. Many are not true neutrals as you may fall somewhere on the spectrum, warm, cool or near olive, but if you have a hard time finding base colors that complement each other, neutral tones may be a better choice. your

How To Find Your Drugstore Foundation Shade

Now that you have a good idea of ​​what your skin tone is, here’s the method I use to find your base color:

Lighting can change your skin tone significantly, so the light you have should be as clean as possible. The best way to achieve this is to avoid any artificial light, usually gold or green, and stand in front of a window with indirect natural light. Misty days are perfect for getting soft white filtered light, and you’ll want to avoid direct sunlight, which can wash you out and make your skin tones look off.

The clothes you wear when trying to see your skin can interfere with an accurate examination. Neutral colors like white or gray are best because they don’t create any color from the light reflecting off the face.

Find My Perfect Foundation Shade

Well…I sound crazy, but hear me out. The presence of skin conditions such as rosacea, acne, or pigmentation on the cheeks, chin, or nose is often present on the face, negating your skin diagnosis. To get an accurate analysis, you need to look at the tone of your neck, chest and arms, which will result in a color selection that matches the natural look.

How To Choose Foundation Shade?

In your shadow lies the light or darkness of your voice. This category can be based on your preferences, especially since your skin may have many shades and you may have a preference for a certain tone or look. Again, this changes from season to season as you get more sunlight.

A good rule of thumb is to find a happy medium between the darkest shade on your body (usually the most sun-exposed areas like the arms, chest, and forehead) and the lightest shade (usually the cheeks, neck, or inner arms. . ) However, if your neck is lighter or darker, You may want to match your shadow closely to it so you can create that floating face effect if you don’t have a visible jaw line…no one likes that. !

Now it’s time for the fun part! You’ll want to try a few base colors on your skin. Using three different tones, I like to create a light line of foundation on the lower part of the cheekbones, above the jawline and below the neck. This way I can check the color of different parts of my skin tones.

But don’t make up your own mind! Foundations darken to varying degrees as they dry, so you’ll want to wait five to ten minutes for them to fully “brush” in front of you.

How To Choose The Right Foundation For Your Skin?

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