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Faux Stone For Exterior Walls



Faux Stone For Exterior Walls – Your One Stop Source for the most durable and authentic stone, brick and wood composite panels on the market. Urestone is lightweight, weather resistant, cost effective and ideal for any type of remodeling project.

Watch our video on the key features of our cornice panels and how they can help you create the beautiful look of stone without the high cost and hassle of installation!

Faux Stone For Exterior Walls

Faux Stone For Exterior Walls

Check out our new and updated book design guides for all the latest design trends and Urestone guides! Whether residential or commercial, find the right guide to make your project stand out!

Antico Elements Faux Stone Panels 5.9 Sq Ft Beach Faux Stone Veneer At

We offer a variety of clear and aged faux bricks to give you the classic brick look – without the need to hire a mason.

Our faux wood panels offer the same rustic look of weathered wood, without the splinters, insect problems and warping issues.

Our smaller version of our faux panels come in many of the same colors and styles as our larger designer designs, but are ideal for smaller projects.

Prefab stucco panels are designed to complement exterior stone, brick and CMU designs for both new and remodels.

Daniel’s Faux Stone Concrete Cover Up

New improvements to the trash and material boxes. Alternative enclosures feature a ready-to-install modular system that provides a variety of outer track texture options.

Newly produced furniture enlivens any exterior with classic graphic lines and practical functionality – which is light and adaptable. Check out some of the benefits of URESTONE curtain rods and a simple installation guide.

New patented mixer technology surpasses anything currently on the market. Check out our FAQ and video for more information.

Faux Stone For Exterior Walls

By manufacturing and painting our Urestone panels here in St.

Working With Manufactured Stone

The URESTONE system provides unlimited customization and customization. Check out our project profiles to see some of the past projects we’ve worked on!

All our products strive to be easy to install and cost effective. Let Urestone help you achieve your project goals faster while staying under budget.

Urestone panels are the next step that our competitors are not taking. We use a layer of Durathane High Impact Plastic that adds strength and durability you won’t find anywhere else. Plus, we have one of the most decent faux stone, brick, and bark textures in the business! Available in many natural-looking shades, Regal Chiseled exterior stone panels can complement many decors and styles – each panel costs less than dinner!

Cover a damaged cement base to add much-needed curb appeal to your home, or give your patio, living room or kitchen an elegant relaxed feel with outdoor panels – even a finished basement.

Cultured Stone Veneer, Ledgestone Veneer

Regal Chiseled panels are incredibly light and can be easily handled by one person, allowing for efficient and easy installation. You can literally install them in one day, saving you thousands of dollars that you might have spent on hiring a mason.

A high-density, closed-cell polyurethane compound offers strength against the elements. You don’t have to worry about the panels leaking, breaking, rotting or bending – even when used outdoors.

Aspen offers a warm palette of browns, reds and colors that soften any space and invite people inside.

Faux Stone For Exterior Walls

Ponderosa’s mottled peach, beige and sandy brown tones will bring the look of tropical stone walls to your home. 3d Brick Wall Panels Faux Stone Tiles Vintage Brick Stone Look For Outdoor/indoor Wall, Tv Background Wall (num: L004s, Matte White)

Tudor’s dark brown tones add style and warmth to any scene, indoors or outdoors. No more bare, white walls for your kingdom Our gray stone mix panels are a great choice for both interiors and exteriors. Multi-colored gray creates a natural finish that matches any color palette.

Whether your walls are bare or wallpapered, quality faux stone panels in Blend Gray will instantly add style and personality to your atmosphere. Each quality faux stone slab is hand painted to ensure the process is not repeated. They are built to last and won’t crack, tear or fade in the elements.

**Note: Images shown are the most accurate colors possible. However, due to differences in computer monitors, there may be color differences between the actual product and your screen. It is always recommended to order a sample to confirm the exact color.

Quality engineered stone countertops are the most affordable engineered stone countertops on the market. Each panel is designed from real laid stone and then hand painted for a beautiful finish. The panels are tongue and groove to ensure a good fit and easy installation.

Carlton Fieldstone Faux Panels & Fake Timber Beams

Cast from real stone, the panels are made of closed-cell polyurethane and weigh 1 lb. only per square meter.

Each panel has a tongue and groove system to lock the panel. The panels are simply cut with a regular saw blade and processed on the wall. Corner panels come in all styles. Who doesn’t love the beauty of natural stone? Did you know that you can more easily and cheaply achieve the look of natural stone with manufactured stone veneer?

Artificial stone is often just as striking and beautiful as the natural stone it imitates. Faux stone veneer, also known as faux stone, is a man-made material designed to reproduce the look of natural stone in a variety of architectural applications, from exterior facades to unique accent walls. Some stone veneer products offer such a wide range of shapes, sizes and color transitions that even a trained eye can hardly tell the difference between artificial and natural stone without close examination.

Faux Stone For Exterior Walls

However, it has a surprisingly long history. The first stone, originally built at the end of the 19th century, is natural stone. Foundation manufacturers cut natural stone into thick slabs. It first appeared at the end of the 19th century and was made of thick slabs of natural stone. Cement became part of its composition only in the 1950s. And although cement is what gives architectural stone its stability, unlike thick-cut natural stone, it cannot be used in construction.

What Is Stone Veneer? A Quick Guide To Faux Stone

At Cultured Stone, our products are cast into shapes taken from carefully selected natural stone using a technique that captures the finest details from the surface of the original stone. Artificial stone even copies the rough and unique texture of natural stone.

Architects and builders are taking advantage of the flexibility and light weight of manufactured stone to use it in many unique ways that go beyond foundations and chimneys. Stone veneer can be installed on metal and wooden walls and on CMU block or brick masonry substrates, as well as cast concrete, with the appropriate installation instructions.

For builders looking to install manufactured stone veneer on mantels and walls behind live stoves, they can be assured of zero fire spread and zero fire growth grade installed fire stone. Zero smoke — all properties that make artificial stone comparable to natural stone in terms of fire resistance. .

If architectural plans call for stone to be installed in moisture-prone areas such as pool or hot tub walls, it’s a good idea to treat the manufactured stone with a film-free, breathable silane-based wall sealant. increase its strength. . When it comes to exposure to chemicals such as chlorine, artificial stone performs similarly to other types of base materials. Long-term exposure to chemicals may cause discoloration or fading. So if you are using manufactured stone near a pool or spa, be careful not to pour chemicals or other water treatments on the stone. If you do, make sure you kill them immediately.

Boton Stone Outdoor Artificial Slate Cladding Cultural Decorative Stones Veneer Faux Stone Wall Panels|

Engineered stone products typically range from 8 to 12 pounds per square foot, making the product much lighter than natural stone. And unlike natural stone, artificial stone can be installed without additional footings, foundations or wall fasteners. This can significantly reduce installation time.

In addition to design flexibility, manufactured stone veneer often costs one-third to one-half of what natural stone does for the same project. In the case of cultured stone, each part is colored with metal oxide pigments that help the stone nozzle retain the colors and shades of natural stone for decades. With thousands of individual patterns and a commitment to ensuring that no two pieces of manufactured stone are the same color, faux stone veneer can exhibit many of the same variations in shape, size, texture and color as natural stone.

Like natural stone, stone veneer is almost maintenance-free. Homes and homeowners only need to clean the floor occasionally to remove dust or dirt.

Faux Stone For Exterior Walls

At one-third to one-half the installed cost of natural stone, stone veneer can help architects and builders achieve savings without sacrificing style details. Industrial stone also has a waste ratio of 2 percent compared to a waste ratio of 10 percent or more for natural stone.

Canyon Ridge Stacked Stone, Stonewall Faux Stone Siding Panel

The market share of manufactured stone in the masonry industry is growing due to the simplicity of design, speed of installation and affordability. However, it is important to understand that not all architectural stone products are of equal quality. Before buying, do not forget to check the manufacturer, pay attention to the thickness, repetition of the recipe and color.

The production of stone veneer can be significantly easier and

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