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Dark Brown Exterior House Colors



Dark Brown Exterior House Colors – Here you go folks. Here’s our definitive list of the best exterior colors for 2022. We weighed in on the 2021 trends, pored over samples and catalogs from our favorite vendors, and talked about the looks we’re loving right now and what we see on the horizon. And we’re excited to share our favorite paint colors of the year.

At Brick&batten we are leaders in the design of virtual exteriors. (That’s right! We were the first to do this work.) We’re not just here to be your exterior paint color consultants, we’re committed to working with you to improve your overall curb appeal. Paint colors are an important part of exterior design, but we also offer expert advice on everything from front doors to shutters and house numbers. Find out more about our virtual design services.

Dark Brown Exterior House Colors

Dark Brown Exterior House Colors

Benjamin Moore is our exterior paint supplier. We’ve narrowed down the following key trending shades to our favorites from the 2022 collection.

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Earth tones and nature-inspired color palettes are trending in 2022. Aegean Olive is a warm, rich brown-green color that we love for customers who want an earthy lifestyle. It’s a great accent color, but our designers also recommend it as a base color, like the monochromatic brick house above.

Benjamin Moore’s Black Forest Green is one of our favorite dark shades for exteriors in 2022. It’s green with a black undertone, LRV 2.72, which means it’s uncomfortably dark (learn all about LRV and what it means here). We love the weight, warmth and complexity of Black Forest Green.

On the lighter side of greens and earth tones is one of our 2022 favorites, Benjamin Moore’s Sussex Green. It’s still pretty dark, at just 20 LRV, but it’s crisp and warm, especially in areas with lots of natural light (like the desert, above). We love pairing Sussex Green with brass accents.

Far from green, but still in the realm of dark and subtle neutrals, Deep River. This dark gray color has blue undertones. Increasingly, our designers are turning to Deep River for clients who need a modern farmhouse look with a little edge.

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Ocean Floor is another deep gray from Benjamin Moore, but its blue tones are more pronounced than Deep River. It has an LRV of 12.5, so it’s still dark. If you’re looking for blue home colors in 2022, Ocean Floor should be on your radar.

Love a soft gray-blue for your exterior color palette, but want to go a little bolder? Our planners are excavating Stonecutter right now. It is deeply saturated and can work well when combined with natural stone in all kinds of colors, as shown in the home design above.

Midsummer Night is our co-founder Alison’s favorite color right now. (Will it be named best exterior color of 2022? Stay tuned.) It’s a complex, dark and dramatic neutral, LRV 5.8. We imagine a summer night as a rich, moody black-brown color. It is great for the exterior of vacation and lake homes or for your residence year round. (Note: This is also the color used in the image at the top of this post.)

Dark Brown Exterior House Colors

Even deeper is our next best home exterior color for 2022, the beauty of black. Black home exteriors will continue to be a trend in 2022, and we expect more homeowners to turn to Black Beauty as a near-black shade.

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Classic Gray is actually whiter and is the lightest exterior paint on our list. It has a passive purple hue that you should be aware of, but we find that it doesn’t often show its face on the outside of homes. Classic gray is a constant neutral and constant force.

While Benjamin Moore is often our first choice for exterior paint, Sherwin Williams comes in second place. And some of their paint color options are popular with homeowners looking for an exterior color palette. From our 13 favorite Sherwin Williams of the year, we’ve narrowed the list down to the following top 8 contenders.

Anonymous is a complex, thin, medium to dark neutral paint. It is brown-green-grey. He is a complete chameleon, meaning that accents and surroundings play a big role in how he is read. Because of the lush surroundings and the wooden and almost black accents of the home’s design above, we see it first green, then brown, with touches of gray. (Note how it reads differently in the description at the end of this post.)

Sherwin Williams Iron Ore has been in physical service for some time and we expect to use it in 2022. The color of this paint is a rich charcoal with some softness and warmth. Its lack of coloration makes it easy to combine with a wide variety of other paint colors and materials.

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Staying in the world of gray but moving lighter, Dorian Gray is the next Sherwin Williams paint color to make our list. With an LRV of 39, Dorian Gray is medium gray and full of warmth. We recommend this paint color to customers looking for a comfortable, traditional or transitional design.

We always recommend evaluating and testing paint colors before committing. Factors such as natural light, shades and fixtures on your property will have a significant impact on the appearance of color on the exterior. Our friends at Samplize offer 9 x 14.75 inch peel-and-stick paint samples of the colors we love for exteriors. Order your Real Paint, No Mess samples from Samplize here.

Next, dried thyme is our answer to the Benjamin Moore green tones above, but outside of the Sherwin Williams palette. It has a khaki green color and looks great as a complement to medium and dark wood stain.

Dark Brown Exterior House Colors

Black Fox is a bold, deep and sophisticated neutral that we strive to use in modern and contemporary home and commercial projects. This is another black-brown shade similar to Summer Night (above), but slightly brighter on the LRV scale.

Dark Exterior Paint Colors We’re Loving In Action!

Caviar is an almost black shade that we are using more and more often. It brings the drama and depth that many of our customers ask for.

Beige is back, and Gray Area is our pick for beige 2022. It looks phenomenal with whites, blacks, and wood stains, plus a range of colors. The Gray Area gives the rear exterior a modern ski lift that looks more sophisticated than it is. We’re big fans.

Finally, we come to the fun paint color that always makes us question our knowledge of marine biology: porpoise. True guinea pigs are actually dark gray. And how do they differ from dolphins? That’s why we are painting specialists. Regardless, Porpoise is a complex, mid-range, versatile neutral that we’ll all be seeing more of. It’s basically the same color as Deep Creek aka LRV by Benjamin Moore. The porpoise has the youngest, slightly blue in the mix, but it would be difficult to tell the difference between these colors at a glance.

And here are our favorite exterior paint colors from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams for 2022. From whites to sophisticated mid-range neutrals, earthy greens, blue-grays and near-blacks, the best tones of the year make the difference. Rich and warm. We look forward to helping many of you choose the right paint color for the exterior of your property in 2022.

Exterior House Colors & Inspiration

If you want to see any of the above colors on your forehead, you are in the right place. Our expert designers recommend paint colors and use them to create the virtual images presented in this article. We’re here to help you see before you make costly changes and ultimately create sustainable value for your largest investment. Get started today! Brown exterior siding has proven to be a fantastic choice for millions of homes. Regardless of the style, brown can enhance a home’s curb appeal and increase its resale value.

A brown color scheme makes an immediate impression, especially when paired correctly with some accent colors that really make the home stand out. There are many ways to effectively incorporate dark brown into your home’s exterior, whether it’s a brown roof, brown trim, or brown exterior paint. But when brown is combined with fiber cement siding, the benefits are even greater.

Zillow compiled a list of all homes sold in the United States in 2018 and filtered them by color. On average, Zillow found that dark-colored homes sold for up to $10,000 more than their lighter-colored counterparts.

Dark Brown Exterior House Colors

Brown probably isn’t the first color idea that comes to mind when you imagine your perfect home or think about home improvements or renovations. However, it is a proven winner that stands the test of time. When choosing exterior paint colors and considering finish options, brown may be the way to go.

The 13 Best Sherwin Williams Exterior Paint Colors For 2022

That’s because moderation is everything.

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