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Convert Feet To Sq Ft Calculator



Convert Feet To Sq Ft Calculator – Our square footage calculator helps you find your home, building, construction site and garden in square feet, square meters and square footage. You can find the cost of the area by using the cost per square meter of building materials needed for landscaping or other work. To determine the square footage of the area, first you need to find the necessary measurements for the right shape. For example, for a studio that needs a new floor, you must increase the length and width. If the shape of your room is unusual, it is better to divide the area into small parts and add each part.

To use this square feet calculator, you must first select the shape of the area you are trying to calculate. It may be a room in your house or a part of your garden that you are measuring. For more complex shapes, such as irregular balls, you must divide them into different shapes, calculate the area of ​​each shape, and then add them.

Convert Feet To Sq Ft Calculator

Convert Feet To Sq Ft Calculator

To calculate the square footage of a square room or square footage, you need to know the length and width of the room. This calculator also gives you the option to calculate the area of ​​an L-shaped space, or calculate it as an area. For example, if you are measuring the square footage of the garden at your home you can choose the option to count as a border. The interior will be your house, which means that the calculator will be able to access the outside of the house needed for the map.

Board Feet Chart And Calculator

With this calculator, you can also find the total area of ​​circles, triangles, trapezoids, quadrilaterals and spheres. You also have the option to set a price per square meter, which calculates the total price of the area.

If you have different lengths for each part, the total area and the short bottom, the total can be divided into 3 sides. First, the area of ​​the rectangle will be S2 * S3

Again, we can find the area of ​​the triangle using the height of the triangle because it is also the base of the triangle, so the area of ​​the triangle will be S3 * S1/2. Finally, the area of ​​the trapezoid can be found in the formula (S5 + S3) / 2 * S4 Dividing this area by each shape is an easy way to find the entire area of ​​any irregular shape, if you have the right formula.

Converting between functional units For example, to convert from feet to yards, you divide ft by 3, but to convert from square feet to square meters, you divide by 3 and then divide by 3 again. This is the same as dividing by 3

Cubic Feet Calculator

Pi, also written “pi”, is a number (equal to 3.14) used to calculate the shape of a circular curve.

Finding the area of ​​a quadrilateral with 4 angles is very easy, so we recommend the method shown below.

If there is only one angle (angle A), you can calculate the other angle and then use the formula above to find the total area.

Convert Feet To Sq Ft Calculator

To find the square footage of a home, you first need to have a way to measure the size of each room in your home. Standard metal tape measures can be used, but laser measuring devices are often used by professional home inspectors. Laser scales are easy to use, can measure long distances without needing help, and are more accurate than a standard level. Also, laser tape measures are much cheaper than tape measures

Simple Calculation For How Many Bricks In A Square Foot

When trying to figure out how to calculate the square footage of a home, the calculation will vary depending on the complexity of the home. For example, if your home is a studio, you can easily calculate the square footage by dividing the length by the width in feet. For homes with more complex floor plans, you may need to break the home down into easily measurable parts.

When calculating the square footage of a home, you will include all open and attached spaces such as kitchens, living areas, bathrooms, bedrooms, closets and hallways. The size of the balcony or terrace is not included in the square footage, because it does not count as a living area.

Depending on your situation, the square footage of a house or apartment can include everything inside your home, right down to the exterior walls. With this equation, you can multiply 25 feet by 26.63 feet, to get 665 square feet.

To exclude walls, you can also measure the size of each room to get the total living square footage of the condo.

Land Area Calculation

The total living square footage of this home is approximately 662 square meters, which is slightly less than 665 square meters if the exterior walls are included.

Streets can take up a lot of valuable space, and can be a problem especially in expensive cities. Streets often consist of square footage of apartments and condos. See an example below. Go below to learn how to calculate the square footage of a house with a driveway.

The total square footage of this 2 bedroom house is 673 square feet, of which 45 square feet is the hallway. Considering that condos can cost as much as $1,792 per square meter in Manhattan or $1,126 in San Francisco, it’s possible to see an opportunity for a way that doesn’t use up space in expensive neighborhoods. Based on the average price per square meter in Manhattan, this block on the top floor plan is more than $80,000!

Convert Feet To Sq Ft Calculator

Did you know you can use the square footage calculator on this page to find the floor space of an L-shaped room? For example, let’s look at this L-shaped living room

How To Calculate Construction Cost Per Square Feet

To use this calculator to calculate the square footage of a room, you first enter the dimensions of the room as a perfect rectangle: 15 feet by 22.83 feet. Then enter the second width and the second length, the width and length of the small piece that needs to be removed to create the L shape of the room. This area is 9.03 feet by 8.96 feet

Using the calculator, the square footage of this house is 261.54 square meters. To calculate manually:

You can also divide the area into two rectangles, then add them to get a total area of ​​the shape (13.74 x 15) + (9.03 x 5.91).

This calculation can be used to measure the square footage of the house and the closet by dividing the rooms into different zones. After measuring the size of the main room, you then add the total area of ​​the room

Steps To Calculate How Much Tile You Need

When measuring rooms with different shapes, perhaps U-shaped rooms or rooms with nooks and crannies, you must divide the rooms into different dimensions to determine the total floor space of the room. In the example below, there is a trapezoidal area around the dining table.

To determine the floor space, first find the area of ​​the main living area, which is 18.68 feet by 15 feet, or 280 square feet. To calculate the area of ​​the trapezoid, we need to know the length and height of the trapezoid. In this case, the length is 11.43 feet by 6.11 feet and the height is 2.66 feet.

Entering the square footage calculator above, we can find that the area of ​​the trapezoid is 23 square feet. In addition to the main living area, the kitchen, living and dining areas are 303 square feet.

Convert Feet To Sq Ft Calculator

For semi-circular rooms, or U-shaped living rooms, you need to know the width of the room or space. Sometimes you can measure the diameter of the circle, such as semicircular areas that extend further or spread out from the center of the housing. In this case, you double the width, this is the width. This gives you breadth. After entering the width in the above calculator, you must divide the square footage into two parts. This is because the calculator gives you the total area of ​​. circular room For a semicircular room, you divide it in half to get the total area

Square Feet To Cubic Yards Calculator

When measuring a house with more than one floor, you cannot measure only the first floor and then add the floor area of ​​the house. This is because other floors may have less space than the first. For buildings that have more than one floor, you must include the stairs in the calculation of square footage. If your yard is finished, it will also include the opportunity to live in a finished garden in the garden. home part.

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