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Can I Draw My Own House Plans



Can I Draw My Own House Plans – Branding and Marketing.

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Can I Draw My Own House Plans

Can I Draw My Own House Plans

In this post I’ll share what I had to change from what I thought was our final design, as well as the final version I worked on this week – which I’m very happy with in the end.

Designing A Functional House: The Thought Process Behind Our Floor Plan

I want to blog about my full renovation journey, so this is one of those posts that is more for my own selfish reasons – but if you like studying floor plans as a hobby (like me!), you might like it too. I still find it interesting 🙂

Earlier this week, I met with a builder – someone who helps with basement renovations and subflooring. We set up a meeting to discuss the logistics and potential costs of building our own internal access/stairs from our garage to the house.

In previous posts about our renovation (which you can read here ), you may recall that one of the things we were looking forward to was digging up part of the area in front of our existing garage to create a mudroom, gym, and internal stairs. . Build inside the garage. main

So we had a meeting about it and I honestly thought it would be relatively easy because there’s a lot of space and it was very capable of me – so it was just a case of what it might be worth.

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After meeting the founder, I now realize that it is much more complicated than I thought and as he said to me, “If you go for it, it will be the most expensive piece of dirt in history”… Nice way to talk to you. You are unemployed yourself LOL!

Anyway – the yard he gave me on the spot was about $100,000 – $150,000 just for the basement work, but even if we went ahead, there wouldn’t be enough room for a gym because the piers are in the way. . – So that’s just for the mud room (smaller than I’d like) and the stairs.

And that means I’m now back to tweaking the floor plan, which I’ve been doing for the past few days while I’ve been sick (!) with COVID.

Can I Draw My Own House Plans

If you want to see the original/existing floor plan and previous version, you can check here.

How Can I Design My Own Home?

✅ Instead of internal stairs, we are redecorating the existing separate toilet (next to the floor plan in front of the men’s dormitory). At least an extra bathroom for the boys wouldn’t be a bad thing, as we often complain about the state of the shared bathroom!

✅ New living, dining, entertainment areas – now everything is open to the garden and I think this flow works better. The size is a bit compromised, but it’s not too bad. For the kitchen, I move the window/bench seat a bit, which gives an extra 500mm (necessary!)

✅ The stairs to the upstairs master bedroom open to a hallway instead of a formal living room. This will be a little expensive to fix, but it makes the formal living room a much better space – while also making it feel a little awkward to walk around and arrange the furniture. It also gives me room to walk under the stairs with the location of the new kitchen.

✅ Changing the formal living room – this is now a special room – in other versions there were so many rooms and stairs, etc. that it became an unusual place to relax. I’ve also decided to remove some of the existing fireplace mantels and upgrade the existing wood fire with a gas outlet, since we’re more likely to use it that way (we love wood fires, but not the cleanup, smoke smell, and smoke. On the furniture!). The room is also now better oriented towards the doors and thus more spacious – plus it makes it easier to roll Hugo’s wheelchair into the room to sit with the family.

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✅ Better study arrangement for me and my wife – now they are closer together and have a shared bathroom in the middle (can be used as a guest bathroom). These are ultimately better for sale as they can be sold as a single room if required – or simply as flexible spaces – e.g. Cabinet, nanny’s area, children’s bedroom, library/sitting room – unpurposed

✅ A much better sized laundry room as I no longer have to squeeze into the guest bathroom as I now have a new bathroom across the hall giving us a larger laundry room (which is definitely needed in a house this size!)

✅ Added an outdoor shower – this is a curved white wall in front of the pool equipment and washing line

Can I Draw My Own House Plans

✅ Changes to the outside area including built in curved seating which I think will look really good and be very functional when the family comes over (if they all come at the same time it could be over 12 people!)

Finally Moving Forward With My Own Design. Sunken Foyer, Yes That’s A Sauna, And It’s 1600 Sqft.

I have two bedroom options. First, the following is what we will do if we update an existing space. We’re going to expand the suite and move it to the roofline to make it a little bigger, but other than that it’s already there.

But I also made a second version because I realized that now I can’t get my gym in the basement that I wanted, I have no place to put my peloton – crisis!!!

So now I’ve built an entire space just for riding the peloton and also for stretching and meditation, which my husband and I do on the floor in our bedroom. My husband’s rollers and long straps are always all over our bedroom floor and it drives me crazy!

This space won’t be a waste for others who will be in the house in the future (unless they’re health nuts like us!) – it can be used as a nursery, living room, study, library – anything. So I think it’s worth adding. Having flexible spaces in our homes is not a bad idea these days as we all spend a lot of time at home these days.

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✅ Separate area with clothes and bathroom – maybe a very good place for them, because it faces north, so it will have good lighting

✅ A new balcony that faces North/East – this means we can watch the sunrise from here 🙂

✅ I wish the steel doors opened onto the balcony – see if the budget can stretch that far 🙂

Can I Draw My Own House Plans

✅ I also marked where I want to place the blinds for automatic blinds and transparent blinds. Behind the curtain on the left hand side I hide the door to the roof where we can store suitcases and stuff – but I don’t need to see it because it sits where the curtains hang – win!

How To Design And Build Your Own House Lupe, Sperling, Phyllis Di 9780394734163

Now it’s scaled down and basically updates what’s there – nothing we can do here. I’m updating the garage door to give it a boost and we need to put in a sump pump as the area keeps flooding – spending money is annoying! Besides, this track of ours is already done there.

✅ We have a contract with a pool company – they start in June or July and they have to have a pool in my summer – yes! Putting in a concrete pool is very expensive – a deal around $130,000…

✅ Our boring plumbing/drainage works are still ongoing but they have made progress as Sydney has had almost a month of constant rain and that has stopped what they could. At one point we thought maybe we shouldn’t bother putting in the pool at all – look down, it’s all a mess! 🙂

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