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Bungalow House With Floor Plan In The Philippines



Bungalow House With Floor Plan In The Philippines – Download the little house design above in philippines background image and use it as your wallpaper, poster and banner design. You can also click on the relevant instructions to see more wallpapers in our large database.

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Bungalow House With Floor Plan In The Philippines

Bungalow House With Floor Plan In The Philippines

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Sq.m. Modern Bungalow House Design With Roof Deck

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Congratulations on the 7th anniversary! Congratulations on the 7th anniversary! Best offer on a lifetime plan! Best offer on a lifetime plan! Only $ ?? 9 $ ?? 9 Attractive Now this three bedroom bungalow design has a total land area of ​​140 square meters. This includes the porch and the lanai in the back. Designed as a single block, it can be installed in multiple locations with a facade of 16.1 m and a depth of 18.3 m. The minimum required land area is 295 square meters.

Up to 4 levels, the balcony measures 4.3m x 2.4m and can easily accommodate a full bed for informal seating and a reception area. The main entrance to this 3 bedroom wooden house design is wooden doors and metal windows. The reception area is 4.3m x 5.5m or 24m2. Rooms can accommodate 6 to 10 guests in this area.

Modern Bungalow House With 3d Floor Plans And Firewall

To the right of this bungalow is the master bedroom and the second bedroom. The master bedroom has its own bathroom and closet. The 2 bedrooms are also suitable for couples as the double bed and wardrobe come with it.

To the left of this room is a shared bathroom and shower that separates 2 bedrooms from 3 bedrooms. The 3 bedrooms are probably similar to the 2 bedrooms in size and layout. The right side includes the playroom, dining room, kitchen and terrace or service area. There is also a small storage room and a laundry and drying area in the kitchen. How important is it for a family to have a place to live? Giving home to our family is a wonderful experience because it brings security, safety and peace of mind, which are essential for a happy life. Wealth is an exciting achievement and a reward for people. This determines our value in providing housing for our family.

However, no matter how much we want it, the answer still depends on our funding capabilities. So your choice must be in line with your plan. What kind of house suits your needs? There are many options to choose from, each with its own advantages. However, it must be remembered that everything depends on the budget. If possible, this modern bungalow with 3D floor plan and firewall may be the best choice for you.

Bungalow House With Floor Plan In The Philippines

Maximum magnification is an optimization to make the best use of available space. In fact, the result is a larger floor area that can accommodate more space. For this reason, Pinoy House Designs presents attractive designs with modern wooden houses with 3D floor plans and firewalls. The shape itself indicates the class and style.

Small Real Estate House Plan

The whole look of this house layout is very clean and modern. For further review, this is a feature that this package includes.

This modern wooden house has a 3D layout and a firewall covering an area of ​​about 95 square meters. The design opens onto a balcony in the right corner that leads to a living room with tables and chairs and a lounge area. The dining room is located to the right of the living room at a 45 degree angle. The kitchen is located in front of the dining room and next to the service area.

This acts as an extension of the kitchen, food and health services to the family. The design puts two bedrooms in the corner opposite the firewall that occupies the left side of the house, and the third bedroom next to the second bedroom. One bedroom is next to the master bedroom and the other is next to the kitchen to serve everyone. All bedrooms are decorated in the same style as the living room.

The attractive front porch is supported by impressive columns and one-meter-high clusters of stone. Exterior details are taken into account with refinements, material choices and color schemes. Because the bedroom is close to the wall, it has larger windows for ventilation and ventilation. An elliptical roof filled with two small sections secured the structure. The light brown color matches the clusters that create a harmonious combination. The attractive yellow color enhances the facade but harmonizes with the appearance of the building.

Small Two Bedroom House

This 3 bedroom house is the definition of modernity that most people want to own. The floor plan may be simple, but it creates a strong connection in each room. The firewall allows maximum use of space, which makes the space more useful. Do you dream of having a 3 bedroom wooden house? The answer is here, the floor plan has 3 bedrooms and the main part of the house is 73 m2. Land area can be placed at least 179 m2. If you want your home to be unique. Backwards requirements to create a special house are 2 meters on each side, 2 meters behind and 3 meters in front. There must also be a minimum width of 13m to ensure a two-sided plan to be 2m from the border fence. Logically, it should be at least 13.6 meters long.

The roof design is very simple, two roofs tilted together without the use of complicated steel wires. The roofing material is a long pre-painted roofing sheet to ensure durability. Below is a steel frame made of steel and angle iron for the roof.

The outer wall is a 6-inch concrete floor finished with painted concrete and the inner wall is a 4-inch concrete floor. Accent brick walls or crazy decorative areas are available in the porch area. The doors are panel doors and the windows have aluminum sliding windows with a choice of 6mm clear or colored glass. The floor is made of ceramic tiles.

Bungalow House With Floor Plan In The Philippines

Take a look at the layout of this wooden house, the front porch in the middle before entering the living room has a large wooden door. The living room and dining room are spacious areas that aim to provide more space for the occupants. With 3m x 3.8m for the living room and 3m x 2.6m for the dining room, these areas bring comfort to the space. The kitchen is located to the left of the dining room, with an L-shaped counter and a convenient cupboard area.

Small House Design Idea 10.60m X 13.30m

The bedroom surrounds the living room and dining room. To the right are two standard bedrooms with a wardrobe that comes with a shared toilet and a bathtub in the center to serve these two rooms. Instead, the master bedroom on the left has a toilet and a bathtub for the owner’s comfort. Make your dreams come true This 3 bedroom wooden house has a compact layout as all the features of the house fully fit on 73 m2. Surface.

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