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Build Your Own Net Dream



Build Your Own Net Dream – 100 Life Goals – How much time have you spent planning your life? Many people spend a lot of time planning birthday or holiday events. Where do you think you’ll end up if you don’t plan properly? Why leave your future open? Life is short.

Why not decide to live a richer life by creating a personalized list of 100 life goals to achieve in the next 10, 20, 30 years? Why not plan your life so you can look back?

Build Your Own Net Dream

Build Your Own Net Dream

What does a good life look like to you? Let me help you paint a picture of what real life can look like.

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The good news is that you plan your life and no two lives are alike. Your dream life will be like any other you know.

Some are lucky enough to be born into families in very prosperous countries.

For some, these lives seem unattainable. For others, you may be living a dream that many others may aspire to.

The point of the 100 Goals Club is to inspire you to create an extraordinary life instead of letting it happen to you. When you plan your life, why not plan life in WOV? Create your own awesome life by writing well-protected life goals!

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The main idea of ​​this club is to organize your life so well that you end up regretting not living your life in a certain way.

Most of them live in our comfort zone. If you live in your comfort zone all your life, there is a high possibility that you will have a lot of regrets in your life.

When asked about the parting regrets behind, there are many people who answer as I would. . .

Build Your Own Net Dream

In fact, it is nurses in hospitals or hospices who hear the cries of the dying:

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Among these, the first thing people regret when they die is that they did not fulfill their dreams and goals in life.

When your health and youth are over, you will think about the important things in life and understand what is truly valuable. . . Your friends and family. That’s why the book 100 Life Goals has an entire section about goals for friends and family.

There is no point in developing a high net worth by working hard in your career or business, achieving all your goals in life, getting grades and your family. The most important people are your friends and family. Live your life so that they are there for you when you need them the most.

Accomplishing some of these 100 life goals or changing these 100 goals is something you can do. You can go live the life you plan.

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The goal areas above are listed in order of importance (in my opinion) to your life situation. You can re-rate them or revise them. It’s your life.

Success in our lives starts with our commitment to personal development, which is why I started it.

The other is your own health. Without good health, purpose in our lives the rest of us suffer.

Build Your Own Net Dream

Others are family and friends. There is no point in achieving your career and life goals without a strong foundation of family and friends.

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Then there are your hobbies and passions, which are things you like to do. They must be the most important thing in your life or they will suffer in your work, which is the other most important part of purpose in life.

Out of the 10 types of life goals, goals 7, 8 and 9 are the icing on the cake leading to life success. . . Travel, Travel, Lifestyle,

These goals, such as hobbies and passions, help create a life of excitement, courage and adventure. The challenge is that they often need money. When you are good at achieving your financial and career goals, you will be able to fully enjoy the fruits of your labor.

The challenge with listing these goals in a preferred order is that this is just my opinion and you may have a different opinion. It’s no use. The important thing is to set the right goals in this list of 10 life goal areas and achieve them.

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Most of the goal setting self-help books and programs I listened to early on seemed to focus on more traditional goals related to fun, lifestyle, travel, and adventure goals.

These are goals that are easy to write down and that you may be interested in. These life goals are also important for a good life. They are usually goals that give me a “reason” to try and improve and grow.

Why should I grow up and have a big job besides supporting my family? Living a good life, traveling the world, living in a beautiful house, without worrying about money all the time!

Build Your Own Net Dream

100 Life Goals is a modified goal from my original list of 100 goals I created when I was 30 years old to make them more realistic for most people in the developed world.

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These are the goals that I think are important to you, some of them may seem trivial to you. If you do, it’s not a problem to change any or all of them.

My hope is that they will give you ideas and inspire you to create your own list of 100 life goals.

Unlike most content on the web that comes from the desire to make money (not a bad thing), I have nothing but books to sell on this site. My advice is based on practical experience and first-hand knowledge and is not an attempt to direct you to financial results.

Many websites and social media will focus on the best way to make money, whether it’s just real estate, investing in the market, or any other type. There are often financial incentives to “guide” the purchase. Based on all the principles described on this site, my wife and I have all the money we need to live an amazing life without a job in our lives.

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This site is an unbiased look at how to create a better life when you look at your whole life, not just through a narrow lens. I will update this site as my thoughts on success, happiness and achieving life goals come from first hand experience.

, Below is a summary of each goal in the 10 areas of life. These are the goals I have set for myself and represent the most important life goals that I believe lead to living well.

Choose some or all of these goals for yourself! We all come from different backgrounds and have different ideas about what is important in our lives.

Build Your Own Net Dream

This list will inspire you to write down a list of your life goals, be it 1, 10, 50, 100 or more.

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These 10 goals are for you to choose your hobbies and passions. Here is a list of common hobbies to get you thinking about these opportunities:

There are some amazing testimonies and testimonies that support setting goals and life goals. Check out my goals quotes page for famous quotes about the importance of goals.

A great introduction of all time talks about the importance of setting goals and goals in life. Click here to see Denzel Washington’s amazing story. The part of his speech that focuses on the goal begins at the 2 minute mark.

After reviewing this list, what would you remove, replace, or change? What would your list of 100 life goals look like?

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There is no fee to join. You will receive a free goal setting worksheet (directly from me) and a journal.

There is nothing more important than a timely reminder of important topics to remind you of the importance of key areas of your life.

I am proof that focusing on life goals can lead to a great life. Check out my “About” page for some of the great things my family and I have accomplished in life. We travel all over the world, have our own Monopoly track, drive the car of our dreams and have great kids with lots of success of their own.

Build Your Own Net Dream

It started 25 years ago when I wrote 100 Life Goals when I was 30 years old!

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Become a Goals Club member and get your free goal setting worksheets as bonus, and hundreds more

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