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Blue Paint Colors For Outside Of House



Blue Paint Colors For Outside Of House – When buying a house, we cannot always choose the color of the first house we buy – especially if we buy it blindly! Cathy Peshek of Poor Little It Girl shared how The Home Depot’s ProjectColor app transformed the exterior of her home to her dream color!

I can’t believe it’s been almost a full year since we appeared on BRAVO’s “Buying It Blind”! People always ask about our home buying experience, unseen and honestly great fun. We still love our home and plan to spend as many years there as possible. Although our first house was small (about 1,650 square feet), it gave us all the space we needed and a yard for Bowie. Our neighbors are great and there is so much going on in our neighborhood that I can’t wait to see how things change in the coming years.

Blue Paint Colors For Outside Of House

Blue Paint Colors For Outside Of House

But there was something about this house that really drove me crazy. And this is the color of the exterior paint. As soon as we set foot in our yard, I knew this paint color situation needed to be fixed. Due to the large tree in the front and center of our property, the house behind it almost disappeared. The day we moved in, I told Adam, “We have to paint this house!” finally, a year later, it worked!

Tips For Choosing Exterior Paint Colors

The original beige color of our house was so pale and, as I said, lost behind the big tree. It took a whole year, but we were finally able to paint the exterior of our house with the help of Home Depot. What seemed like a difficult task turned out to be easier than I thought! So let’s get started.

Before partnering with The Home Depot on this project, Adam and I spent countless hours researching potential paint colors for our home. As you might guess, there are literally a million options. Because this is such an important decision (hello, we’re painting the entire house!), we want to make sure we choose the best color for us and our home.

I ended up using the ProjectColor app provided by Home Depot to finalize the exterior paint color. In the app, you can take a photo of your home and “test” colors to see what the final product will look like. Seriously, so cute! After trying many different shades (from blue, gray and even green), we chose Behr Cold Steel (MQ5-20). I liked how the blue-gray shade contrasted with the large green tree, white trim, and peach-pink doors.

Once we finished coloring, we had to find painters! We scoured the internet to find the perfect company in our area to help us with our project. We spent the first day washing the house and preparing it for painting. Day two was the big day with the entire body painted. Just a few hours and the effect will be immediate!

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Not to brag, but my blue house is so cute?! The attractive appearance has improved by 100% and my home looks much happier. I love how the green tree leaves really contrast against the blue. Honestly, I’m obsessed!

But let’s be honest, a house is never “finished.” There is room on my wish list for a few more things to do to complete the exterior of our house. We definitely want to renovate our back porch/deck. We also want to buy a new door and add some plants. As the years go by, I hope to have all the additional projects completed this time next year.

If you’re thinking about painting the exterior (or interior) of your home, start with The Home Depot! Their ProjectColor app really gives us confidence that we have found the best color for our home. It’s nice to be able to imagine what the final product will look like.

Blue Paint Colors For Outside Of House

This post was created in partnership with The Home Depot. The author may have received compensation for this article and associated images or videos, possibly in the form of products and/or services. All opinions and experiences expressed are the author’s own words. Blue home exterior colors run the gamut from near-black sea depths to subdued, muted shades. Whether you want a bold and moody vibe or a fresh and refreshing look, our designers will help you find the perfect shade of blue.

Exterior Paint Color Navy Blue House Color Benjamin Moore

While we like to explore every point on the color wheel for all exterior textures, our designers often use blue paint on vertical panels, horizontal/laptop panels, or wavy siding.

Our experienced brick and batten designers will help you find the right paint color and visualize it in your home before you commit and make that important design choice. We will work with you every step of the way to help you achieve a design that meets all of your goals. Find out more about what we do.

If you’re looking for a lighter jacket, Sherwin Williams’ Needlepoint Jacket should be on your radar. With an LRV of 13, the shade has all the boldness of blue without being too intense or too saturated. It is a good companion to natural elements such as wood and stone.

Our designers love using Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy shoes to make a statement. It is a refined and classy shade in a true, deep navy blue color. Hale Navy is versatile and looks especially great in classic home styles like the historic home above and at the beginning of this post. It looks great with brass, wood and stone accents, and we’ve paired it with dark and light colors. Pairing it with white finishes is one of our most reliable palettes to create contrast and increase curb appeal.

Is Blue For You? How To Choose A Paint Color For Your House

If you’re looking for a deeper color than Hale Navy, Sherwin Williams’s Naval is one of our favorite near-black marine paint colors. It has LRV 4, so it’s very dark. With its stunning shades of purple, Naval looks amazing with natural stones and plants with purple hues. Its depth also allows for bolder colors to be introduced into the design, such as Benjamin Moore’s Wasabi, which we used for the front door in this rendering.

Are you interested in James Hardie clothes? Great choice. Their dark blue color on the upper side adds a bit of drama to this split-level home. You can pair this stunning navy blue with wood and copper accents for a bold, rustic vibe, or opt for light gray and white pairs like this to accentuate the contrast and create an elegant aesthetic.

When it comes to blue body colors, our designers did not limit themselves to navy blue. Bravo Blue by Sherwin Williams is an attractive pastel shade that complements a light exterior color that is bolder than white or gray. Due to how light this blue is, pairing it with white creates a clean, fresh atmosphere that highlights the home’s impressive architectural style and beachy aesthetic.

Blue Paint Colors For Outside Of House

Sticking with the beach vibe: what better to base your seaside home on than the shades of the beach itself? Benjamin Moore’s Palladian Blue is the perfect shade of sky blue for this seaside home. With light gray stones and white accents, this color scheme is bright and refreshing.

Exterior House Colors & Inspiration

Benjamin Moore’s Westcott Navy is slightly darker than navy, but it’s still one of our favorite blue exterior paint colors. Combined with darker colors, it gives a moody atmosphere and leans more towards deep gray. However, when combined with lighter tones (as in this design), its rich teal color is more intense.

We always recommend sampling and testing paint colors before making a decision. Factors such as natural light, shades and furnishings in your property will have a major impact on how the color will appear outdoors. Our friends at Samplize offer large 9″ x 14.75″ stick-on and stick-on paint samples in colors we love for outdoor use. Order “Real Ink, No Mess” samples from Samplize here.

There are plenty of shades of blue to explore, but don’t skip gray in your search for the perfect match. You can find a variety of shades of gray with light blue undertones, and Benjamin Moore’s steel wool is one of our favorites. In this layout, our designers combined it with wood and stone accents for a modern rustic look.

Aleutian by Sherwin Williams is an attractive, cool blue that works well for traditional homeowners who want a pop of color. The medium LRV value (39) makes it an excellent pair for dark and light accents. Above, our designers chose a dark entrance door and grille with white trim.

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Blue exterior paint colors can be used in any home style, including contemporary designs. This rendering is architecturally stunning and features dynamic and powerful landscapes,

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