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Blog Have The Relationship You Want – Hello, this is Rory Rae, and if you can feel – for a moment, or a combination of time, day and year – the combination of “therapist” in you, coach me in any form of communication. Write (there’s one at the bottom of this post!) to talk to Rori Raye Method™/RRCT Director, Master Coach Teacher, and Superstar Coach Naomi Thompson about how we can help you do it – actually – for you.

And if you are already a healer, coach, healer who uses your magic and knowledge as well as healing methods – and you want to help your clients out of problems in their love and work life and into a happy and committed transformation. Emotional relationships. (And do it in a whole new, dramatic and effective way)…

Blog Have The Relationship You Want

Blog Have The Relationship You Want

On Sunday, in the “How to be a Successful Women’s Strength Coach” live mini-workshop, we’ll share how the Rory Ray Method™/RRCT coach training works and works with you to empower your women. Help stay in the area. The ability to do any “work”!

Break Up Or Make Up? How To Know When It’s Time To Call It Quits — Integrative Psychotherapy Mental Health Blog

Being a successful trainer means being in a state of “feel and precision”, and plenty of “technique” and the daily demands of promotion and business structure can be achieved at an old-fashioned pace if you’re in your male power. .

Everyone forcing “success” on you “…if you only do ‘it’…” can be overwhelming and make you want to literally stop and sit in the corner.

To go to a small workshop, stay! – (Also download the “Fall in Love with Chaos” worksheet!) – Go to:

And while it might seem like I should be talking about “training methods” – I’m actually talking about a new, completely original (if there is such a thing) treatment method.

How To Get What You Want From A Man

The approach requires your creativity, drama and a willingness to be transparent and see your customers as colleagues rather than superiors.

This is the end of the revolution as you are trained – however, the Rory Ray method is not about “knowledge” at all.

In 11 years of training “coaches” in the Rori Raye Method™/RRCT, Rori Raye Coach Training, I have found that therapists have a very difficult time learning the Rori Raye Method™, and actors not so easy.

Blog Have The Relationship You Want

It focuses on crisis intervention, prevention of neurological disorders, depression and anxiety, and uncovering the deeper structures of trauma.

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And, all women have endured and endured, as we eventually see on the news, the holy hell of great abuse, misjudgment, injustice and sexism based on everything from religion to male power around the world. And our natural God-given sexual desire.

That chaotic person, to begin with, is a woman in her emotional breakdown and growth – and what you see before you in a client session is so powerful that I don’t know what she’s capable of.

He sees a woman as she has been taught and allowed to think, feel, do and want.

New psychological techniques that focus on emotion and “getting it out”—from Richtian therapy (and “Rebirth,” a New Age review of I Was Your Doctor), The Journey, multiple plate breaking, screaming into torn cells, bataka. -The concept of leaning is now often rejected and proven ineffective, in favor of new methods of “understanding” that rely on creating new attitudes, “self-reinforcement,” “awareness” and premeditation techniques… all work for people. .

Monster Writing Month 1

Then there are the relationship experts: Herville Hendricks, John Gottman, and lots of weird books (Lew Epstein’s “Believing You’re Loved” is one of my favorites).

That festival features more single women, ending with the great Pat Allen, who talks about the dynamic between men and women, between the “power” of men and women.

The Raye Method™ is how to “heal” – and it uses the tools and techniques of my Modern Siren programs

Blog Have The Relationship You Want

The work you get as an RRCT graduate is vast, multi-disciplinary, and more specific to the woman you work with in teaching than in my experience.

Relationship Marketing: 5 Ways To Create Lifelong Customers

In the books alone, The Relationship You Want, Surrendered Love, The Wandering of Love, Make Her Fall for It and the Complete RRCT Manual, plus hundreds of hours of video demonstrations.

If I were to put the Raye Method™ into a sound bite, it would be: “cinema therapy”: using imagination, role playing, psychodrama juggling, and hallucinations in the client to bring about immediate and lasting change.

Maybe you’ve seen for yourself how they can work for you in your life and you’ve started sharing them with friends, even if you’re already a medical professional.

A woman can use the tools in my video program – on her own – to make changes in her life and love life.

The Art Of Mothering And The Art Of Creating Anything: How I Live From Moment To Moment And Still Get Things Done

And – the only thing missing was living with someone in his real life and helping him use the tools and training in my plans. I was alone there.

This is where it is clear that I need to develop more trainers to work with the latest Siren tools – with my blessing and full support – because the latest Siren tools are not fully productive. It goes against what every woman is taught from birth.

* Telling someone what they can do to feel better, make better decisions, and get better results… these rarely work.

Blog Have The Relationship You Want

* Sex therapy has its place, but based on the energy of the inner world, most therapies cannot have it.

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When you talk to people who have experienced real conversion, they are often in a 12-step program, or have been touched strongly and personally by something someone said or did to them. And got caught.

When you punish yourself, or are punished by others, in reality, the unconscious reward does not affect the attractive world.

So, how can you – a coach trained in the Rori Raye Method™ from first to just 22 weeks – change a client in their first month of training?

Because, in addition to using the latest Siren equipment to help women, I’ve developed a new, exciting and incredibly effective training method.

Blog: What To Do When Your Relationship Is Struggling

The Raye Method™ is completely different from anything out there, or anything I’ve ever read or heard anywhere, anytime.

And I’ve tried all the therapies I’ve heard of – from crying in a swimming pool, to stripping, to “rebirth” to Reichian, Rogerian, Gestalt, new movements that appear every year. , EST and all of them. Later – including Freudian work, basic talk therapy, psychotherapy, physical therapy – you name it, I tried it.

And it wasn’t because I was completely unhappy or unemployed. I want to stop feeling like a “make-up person”.

Blog Have The Relationship You Want

My heart and my body were covered in shiny, heavy silver clothing—and nothing, no love. I want to get married. I want a family. I want a “white striped fence”.

Scarcity Mindset Relationships — Next Level Trainings

And I want romance, thrill, juice and fun. But I want a “relationship”.

The Rori Raye Method™ of training not only honors and borrows from all the therapies I know – it adds entirely new elements: theatrics; practical innovation and insight; Excellent “Creation of Scenes;” Your client’s visceral experience; A quick line of action to your client, completely non-judgmental to get away from the “conversation”; Telling the truth is daring, fun (yes!); complete, fundamental self-acceptance; sudden loss; The wonderful experience of “writing with passion” and “love” – ​​whatever it “feels like”.

Shirley Lathman, Shakti Gwynn, Meryl Sheen, Thich Nhat Hanh, Elizabeth Vermelia, Peter Levine…everything I’ve read (and learned in my 30-plus-year psychotherapy journey) – as you have in your training.

And, mostly from my training as an actor and my years as a live stage director, I work a lot with young people.

One Sided Relationship: Signs & How To Fix It — Talkspace

I thought that if a coach/therapist could interact with a client the way a good actor interacts with another even better actor – more knowledge would come from a “talk” session – or even one. About “battaca-bashing”, EFT, or anything else I’ve tried myself.

In my days as a psychotherapist (one of the most amazing experiences of my life), I saw this happen.

In no time, they were all around us – players playing every word in their heads, every influencer that crossed their minds.

Blog Have The Relationship You Want

We put their voices on stage and the people who touched their lives – and we connected with them in a way that was so quick, so powerful that there was real change – right there.

My Partner And I Never Want To Have Sex At The Same Time. What Do We Do?” — Chadley Zobolas Therapy Group

The Doctor leading the troops was amazing. He could always hear what the audience members (now “clients”) needed and we, as a team, were so trained and rehearsed that none of us could play mother, father, love, child, boss. … Anyone..

There I was, on stage, one of the many people there playing, “In the mind of the client, their happiness and the life and the love they wanted.”

We can do it

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