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5 Best Way To Clean Engineered Hardwood Floors



5 Best Way To Clean Engineered Hardwood Floors – Last weekend I shared my story on Instagram about how I clean hardwood floors with just a microfiber cloth, water, and dishwashing detergent. I was so surprised to see how many questions I got about this, so I thought I’d share the simple process here!

First of all, I want to say that I am definitely not a flooring expert. But after living in a high-rise, remodeling Jeff’s apartment, and now living in our current home, I’ve had honest conversations with builders and contractors and researched strategies for new homes. In all these cases, we have always been advised not to use harsh chemicals or steam cleaners/mops on our floors as they can cause irreparable damage.

5 Best Way To Clean Engineered Hardwood Floors

5 Best Way To Clean Engineered Hardwood Floors

Since there is a lot of disagreement about whether or not you can use a steam cleaner/mop online, we prefer not to use one, so we just stick with a microfiber mop, water, and dish detergent as recommended by the manufacturers. and contractors. It’s environmentally friendly, safe for children and pets, and who doesn’t have water and dishwashing detergent at home?! hehe You can also use other cleaners that are safe for designer parquet, for example the Bona parquet cleaner, which we only use once (eg twice a year). Here’s how I clean hardwood floors with a microfiber cloth, water, and dish soap!

Differences Between Engineered Hardwood Floors And Solid Hardwood Floors

Look how dirty my microfiber cloth was from cleaning the floor! Now slide the removable microfiber pad into the washing machine and enjoy your beautifully cleaned floors free of dirt and grime! How do you clean wooden floors? Are you for or against using a steam sauna?

PS, if you’re interested in the steam mop discussion, I’ll link to some articles that argue against using a steam mop to clean hardwood floors. Let me know your thoughts! Homeowners appreciate hardwood flooring for its ease of installation, years of durability, and—of course—the elegance and style it adds to a space. However, there is no such thing as a mess-proof floor. Even your brand new hardwood floors show signs of life: pet hair, scratches, dirt and more. Fortunately, keeping your floors looking good doesn’t require professional cleaning services. Once you know what to do, what tools to use, and how to minimize mess and damage, you can adjust to a care and maintenance routine that works for your life and your home. Here’s our parquet care and maintenance guide to help you achieve this routine.

Every floor collects clutter – it’s just a part of the lived-in home. Unfortunately, hardwood floors that are made of wood tend to see more dust and dirt than others. With no crevices or fibers to hide debris in, it’s obvious when your pet spills or your kids track dirt from playing outside. While this can certainly get messy, it also makes it easier to know when it’s time to clean the floor. Instead of letting dust, hair and dirt linger on your carpet or tiles for weeks, you can take care of the mess quickly. Not only will your home look cleaner, but it will also contain fewer allergens and other irritants that can cause health problems. Your cleaning routine doesn’t have to be difficult either. Once you know the steps and get into the habit, it’s easy to deal with the mess and keep your floors looking as good as the day they were installed.

Fortunately, the most common step in cleaning hardwood floors is also the simplest: get to know your brush. Sweep regularly to prevent dirt, dust, pet hair and other debris. You can also use a light vacuum cleaner, but avoid using a rotary wand as it can damage the floor. If your vacuum has a beater, set it to the floor setting or use a floor brush instead. The frequency of sweeping or vacuuming will vary depending on the amount of traffic on your floor. More active areas, such as hallways or halls, may require sweeping every day or every other day. Areas with less traffic may only need attention once a week.

Common Floor Sanding Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

Regular drying of the floor is also important. Again, how often you do this depends on how much activity your floor sees. Areas with more people can use a cloth about once a week, and less used areas only once a month. Also, if the hardwood floors you’re planning on starting to look dull, it’s time to grab a mop. The mop or cloth should always be slightly damp and not wet. Although hardwood floors are more waterproof than solid wood, you still need to be careful that moisture does not penetrate the wood. Avoid standing water and instead use just enough to evaporate within a few minutes. After drying, check the floor and wipe off any remaining moisture.

Even with regular cleaning, dirt and grime can build up over time – it’s just part of using your floor. There are several deep cleaning products and techniques that can be used on randomly patterned parquet floors. Make sure the cleaner you use is designed specifically for hardwood floors – such as From the Forest Hardwood Floor Cleaner. Avoid cleaners with harsh chemicals as they can damage the floor finish. Use the cleaner with a cloth, cloth or sponge. As with normal drying, it is important that the mop or cloth is damp, but not wet. After applying the cleaner, rinse the floor with water and then dry it with a clean, dry towel to remove excess moisture.

In addition to cleaning routines, you also need to protect your floors from bumps and scratches. While it’s impossible to have a truly scratch-free hardwood floor, there are some tricks and solutions you can use to keep damage to a minimum. If your hardwood floors are scratched, there are several ways to make the damage less noticeable—and less likely to cause further problems. Use a scratch concealer to remove obvious white lines from scratches. This also seals the area, preventing scratches and moisture from penetrating the wood.

5 Best Way To Clean Engineered Hardwood Floors

Part of proper wood floor care and maintenance is simply knowing what not to do. As mentioned above, it is important to avoid cleaning products with harsh chemicals such as ammonia. Also avoid wax-based cleaners and oil-based soaps. Use only soft materials to apply cleaners – never use a steel wool brush or scouring pad to clean stains or scratches. A microfiber cloth or mop works great for picking up dust and debris without damaging the floor. Because excess moisture can damage your floors, avoid using floor steamers, mops, or other cleaning methods that can lead to seepage between the boards and cause warping or other damage.

Tips On How To Clean Engineered Hardwoods Floors

Dirt, scratches and other minor damage are an inevitable part of living with wooden floors. However, a few tricks and tips can help you prevent potential damage – no matter how many pets, children or unexpected events happen on your floor. Do your best to stay on top of the chaos. Wipe up spills immediately before moisture can penetrate the wood and cause damage. Floor mats near doors are a great way to catch dirt, sand, and other outside debris that may find its way inside. We can also provide you with a carpet or a running track for the entrance hall, hall and other areas with a lot of traffic. Avoid using latex or rubber carpets as they can damage the floor finish. You can also place protective mats under chairs or tables with wheels to prevent scratches. Also, make sure that all furniture in your house has pads on the underside of the legs. This way you will avoid damage to the floor every time you move or rearrange the furniture.

Maintaining hardwood floors can seem like a chore at first, but once you establish a routine, you’ll be rewarded with sparkling floors and rooms. From the Forest is here to help by providing you with quality national maple, walnut, hickory and oak hardwood floors, along with the cleaning products and information you need to make them last. With a little care and effort, you can maintain the luxurious and traditional style that drew you to this land. Since the floors at home are rarely changed, it is important to take good care of your floors so that they last a long time and look their best! After considering Avalon Flooring’s wide selection of flooring, I decided on a custom hardwood (7″ Charlemagne Oak from the Verissimo Series). Once I installed them, I knew it was important to understand how to maintain them so I wouldn’t unknowingly ruin them. .

That’s why I’ve teamed up with Avalon Flooring to bring you these 5 tips for cleaning hardwood floors:

By considering these

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