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5 Bedroom Modern House Plans



5 Bedroom Modern House Plans – All designs are copyright of our designers. The homes in the photos may include modifications the homeowner has made to their building.

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5 Bedroom Modern House Plans

5 Bedroom Modern House Plans

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House Plan 52961

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Most concrete (CMU) houses have 2 x 4 or 2 x 6 exterior walls on the 2nd floor.

Luxury 5 Bedroom Modern Style House Plan 5074

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The bonus floor plan gives you an additional 1,300 square feet. It can accommodate at least one additional bedroom/guest room, full bathroom, family entertainment room and large storage or laundry room.

We design this modern minimalist home with simple concept and minimal modern touch. The architectural design has modern and minimal details, using natural materials from the outside such as stone, glass, concrete and wood. We aim to maintain a small, simple and airy appearance without maintenance and easy maintenance, providing the comfort of modern life. We install floor to ceiling glass doors and side and rear windows. The sides have movable wood for heat and visual barriers. Therefore, the skin of the house can create a transparent and seamless connection between an indoor and outdoor space without interfering with privacy.

5 Bedroom Modern House Plans

On the first floor there are common areas and service rooms (garage, storage, workshop). To the rear of the home is a great room with an open kitchen and dining area that overlooks the landscape. This open concept interior living space connects directly to the covered outdoor patio and patio/backyard.

Marvelous 5 Bedroom Modern Home House Plans

The bedrooms are located on the second floor and are completely private. All upper rooms have excellent views of the surrounding landscape. The master suite overlooks the main landscape behind the viewing deck. There is another small room with access to this viewing deck. You can use this space to study/work at home, yoga/work, or part of the nursery masters if you have a small child.

The other three rooms are for children or guests. Two of them share the bathroom with Jack and Jill, the other has direct access to the public bathroom. Since these bedrooms are located at the other end of the hall, they have their own privacy and do not interfere with the room above.

The starter kit is a basic schematic/conceptual design kit in PDF file format (non-vector files). This kit includes floor plans, roof plans, 4-sided elevations, and small (A3 or ANSI B paper size) building blocks of the original design (no plan changes). This blueprint model includes measurements/dimensions, room notes, base area calculations, and more. it will come with it, so it will be useful if you want to know more about the design before you buy the house plans (especially if you want to make changes). . If you would like to purchase a schematic/concept package before ordering the house plan package, please order the starter package using this link:

House plans/plans can be purchased as original design or in modified form. We can modify building plans and drawings to suit your needs. For example: remodel and remodel your home to suit your area, rearrange the rooms and interior design to suit your family’s needs and desires, or change the design of the facade, windows and roof.

The Ezzie Contemporary 5 Bedroom Bungalow

The basic design package is available in vector PDF and DWG/CAD format and comes with the following items:

Additional drawings and other architectural design services are available if needed; for example. Ground plan, electrical plan, roof plan, site plan, etc. further explanation as

The cost of building a house per square meter varies depending on several factors. You can usually use our house plans or drawings to get a basic cost estimate from a builder in your city/country. If you buy house plans, you can always customize the original design and plans to suit your preferences and budget (for example, change the shape and square footage, change the types and sizes of windows-doors, change the building materials, etc.).

5 Bedroom Modern House Plans

If you are interested in purchasing a home plan and would like a quote/price quote from us, please fill out our order form using the link:

Custom Duplex House Home Building 5 Bedroom 3 Bathroom Plans With Garage Cad

We also offer architectural services to create custom/custom designs. If you would like to receive quotes/estimates from us, please use this link to order:

For more information about our packages and overall project workflow, please read our how it works page. Also visit the services and products page to see the details and quality of our structural displays. If you would like to estimate the cost of our plan, please see our current price list.

Answers to many common questions can be found on our FAQ page. If you have any other questions about the information that has not yet been submitted, please feel free to contact us here:

All images and graphics are copyright and may not be reproduced, copied or published in any form without written permission from ANK Studio. A stunning home with so much to offer, this contemporary three-storey design will capture your attention. The neighborhood. Designed for the new or growing family that values ​​comfort and style. The 3-story, 688-square-foot floor plan is open and includes

Bedroom House Plans In Ghana

On the first floor there is an entrance hall with a waiting area, a living area (common areas) and two bedrooms with walk-in closets. There is a double sitting room and a separate study. The beautifully designed kitchen caters well for breakfast and dinner for 10 people. A small bar is well placed on the curved stairs of this plan. The washing machine is conveniently located outside the common areas and is easily accessible, making it a quick job on a Saturday.

The second floor offers three bedrooms, each with its own bath and walk-in closet! Game room and family room benefit from kitchen.

… On those special days and nights, the upper level offers a wonderful surprise. There is a large cinema hall and a gym. It also includes a wonderful outdoor patio with a pergola for barbecues and rooftop parties. Talk about something unique and ready for anything!

5 Bedroom Modern House Plans

This plan can be customized according to your preferences and specifications. Tell us the changes you want and we will prepare an estimate for the design service. This minimalist modern house plan has only 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. It is a two-story structure consisting of two simple vertical buildings with an area of ​​about 100 square feet.

House Plan 82609

The plan is divided into 2 areas. The left area (two story layout) is the main house with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The south area (one story style) is an ASU building with 1 room and an additional bathroom. The south side can function as a guest house or office or gym.

This modern minimalist house plan features a seamless indoor-outdoor living concept with a pool view. The pool is optional though. Its setting is a large, vertical plot of land in a city or a large plot of land with a large garden or surrounded by nature.

Physically, the combination of indoor and outdoor creates a sense of calm, openness and spaciousness. The facade is covered with natural stone, concrete and white stucco, but you can add sides or other wooden elements.

The house plan can be built with a simple concrete slab suitable for flat land. The garage and basement are optional (there is currently an open front parking lot with no basement).

Modern 5 Bedroom Villa House Plan

The starting material is the original layout/format of the .PDF file

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