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4000 Sq Ft Duplex House Plans India



4000 Sq Ft Duplex House Plans India – HOUSE PLANS 30×40 in Bangalore for Apartment G+1 G+2 G+3 G+4 Duplex House Plans 30×40/House Design Plans in Bangalore

In developing countries like India, where there is a constant and constant demand for housing. In these growing markets, the mid-segment market always needs a consistent land/plot size; They are neither too big nor too small.

4000 Sq Ft Duplex House Plans India

4000 Sq Ft Duplex House Plans India

Therefore, the demand for 30×40 sites is constant and the average cost of purchasing a 30×40 site is Rs 2,500 per square meter, about 30 lacs. If anyone is looking for details for 2400 sq ft site then visit 40×60 house plans in bangalore link for duplex houses here; We share the same type of details that you see on this page.

Cost Of Building A House In Bangalore? Read About Cost To Build A House In Bangalore On 20×30 30×40 40×60 50×80 Sites

The cost of buying a 30×40 plot of land varies depending on the locality, such as the distance of the land from the city infrastructure, such as schools, colleges, hospitals, general stores, shopping malls, cinemas, metro stations, bus stops, public transport , etc. .

There may be a 10-20% cost variation depending on the orientation of the site, whether north, west, south, east, corner or center of the plot.

Consider that you already have a 30*40 site; so visit this page to design your 30×40 house. Because you may have spent money/invested to buy your 30×40 land and the next step is to decide what you need to build or construct, such as a duplex house, a rental house or a combination of duplex and rental. department.

It is always advisable to get a basic 2D floor plan/house design prepared by an architect for all your options. Knowing what you should build on site that fits your budget and requirements will help you decide wisely.

X 42 Ft 5 Bhk Duplex House Plan Under 4500 Sq Ft

The floor plan will show the exact square footage for each concept you need, so understand the construction costs for a 30×40 build. Following these steps will ensure you don’t go over budget.

Suppose you have a sufficient budget and plan to build a house for your own use without commercial results, such as building rental units to earn your investment. This will be your choice, details like how many floors and buildings will be mentioned later in reading your page.

This option is recommended if you think of the property as an investment and return. In this one can easily build G + 1 G + 2 G + 3 flats with some units having 1bhks and 2bhks of different combinations on each floor. This can simply be considered as a return on investment and in some cases the owner can also make available 2 bhk for himself and others for rental purposes.

4000 Sq Ft Duplex House Plans India

In this option, you can take advantage of the Architect’s property so that two floors of the building can rent a duplex and reamed house, which can be one or two floors.

Indian Home Design: Duplex House Elevation

This is recommended for owners who are not willing to commit to the duplex concept or who do not build an overly commercially planned home as a complete rental unit on all floors, as described above.

Different options on a 30 * 40 / 1200 square foot lot. Building G+1 G+2 G+3 G+4 floor for duplex house plan or rental house plan.

Far: 1.75 for Site 30 × 40 if the site has a road width less than 12 meters, that 1.75 is considered far.


Design House Plan

If you plan to build your house gradually, this will be the first option to build only the Ground Floor, and the rest of the upper floors can be built if there is enough budget to build.

If you are building a house in stages, you must ensure that the house plan, floor plan and house layout are ready for all floors and that the structural plans are prepared by the hired architect or structural engineer. This helps the client prepare to start phase 2 of the upper floor construction without any problems.

Note: Before planning what to build below, be sure to sit down and discuss with your family members what you need to build and when to start.

4000 Sq Ft Duplex House Plans India

See also 30×40 north facing house plans | Duplex house plan 30×40 with north orientation | 30×40 north facing house plan example on a 30×40 1200 sq ft lot

Bedroom Duplex House Plan Instant Download 1 Bed Duplex

This helps architects plan a better floor layout so that the upper floors can then be built without much trouble. Creating detailed working drawings will help the hired contractor provide the best quote for your project.

I recommend it for clients who are building duplex houses on the first and second floor because there will be enough parking spaces for tenants and owners. Make sure that the exterior staircase is done at the initial stage of floor construction, as construction may increase the cost and take more time.

Floor: 1BHK 600 sqft: 2 parking spaces + 1 living room in 120 sqft + small dining room in 100 sqft + Kitchen and outside utility in 80 sqft + bedroom 12×10 or 120 sqft + common bathroom.

This would be a better option if the building owner wants to build a 2BHK for own use with 1 parking space. Next, build the previous floor; A duplex or rental is required on each floor.

P203 Mr. Nand Kishor Ji Soni House 34′ X 69′ 2346 Sqft Floor Plan And 3d Elavation

The client should discuss in detail with the Architect and confirm the choice whether he wants a 30×40 duplex floor plan or an upper floor rental plan. This will help prepare the structural plans so that the column does not become an obstacle when building the upper floor.

Ground Floor: 2BHK 800 sq ft: 1 car + parking for 2-3 two wheelers + 16 x 13 living room + 100 sq ft dining room + kitchen and laundry room + common laundry room + 1 large bedroom 125 sq ft square with attached bathroom + 1 small bedroom of 110 square meters.


4000 Sq Ft Duplex House Plans India

This option gets 30*40 duplex house designs in Bangalore where the owner wants to build only one until he is on a 30*40/1200 sq ft site with no rental units. This is the preferred option if you are not looking for any ads.

Mr.abhay Kumar Singh Azamgarh Up Ground Floor Plan 3d Cut Section View 01

The main advantage is that the entire Duplex house will be a single place, which means that the interior will have greater privacy for the inhabitants, since no rental units will be built.

There are different possibilities to get a 30×40 duplex floor plan designed by an Architect. The budget and requirements should be discussed in detail with the Architect, as changes or alternatives to the plan may increase the cost of construction and delay the completion of the project.

Ground floor: 800 m²: 1 parking space for sedans + 8×8 lobby + living room + 17×12 dining room with capacity for 8 people + 8×5 common bathroom + 25 m² Puja Room + open concept kitchen 115 square meters + Storage room + 13 × 12 guest bedroom with attached bathroom + internal staircase.

First Floor: 1000 sq ft: Family room 150 sq ft + Balcony 60 sq ft facing street + 1 master bedroom 160 sq ft with attached bathroom + Kid’s bedroom 135 sq ft + 1 bedroom 145 sq ft with bathroom attached + Staircase to the upper floor.

Modern 2400 Sq Ft Farm House Plan

In this option, customers can opt for a spacious 30×40 3BHK duplex house plan in Bangalore, where the ground floor can be left for parking. There will be an additional cost of 10-15 lacs compared to the previous concept.

The main advantage of this option is that the client/owner can have enough parking space on the G floor and internally will have more space in the upper room where the duplex will be built on the 1st and 2nd floor.

One can visit the link on cost of building a house in Bangalore which explains in detail the current construction cost of building a house on a plot of 30 × 40 g + 1 g + 2 g + 3 or g + 4 floors in Bengaluru.

4000 Sq Ft Duplex House Plans India

The steps taken when designing this type of floor plan by the Architect, where the ground floor is left for parking, this floor can also be called “Stilt Floor / Stilt Parking”. The client must ensure that the construction of the rental house or the utility room on the ground floor is informed in advance.

House Plans Of Two Units 1500 To 2000 Sq Ft

Because the “ground on stilts” may only have 8 feet of clear height, which is not suitable for building any type of house. In some cases, the stilt floor will remain “+/-3 feet” relative to the median grade.

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